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Ring……i pushed the doorbell, Wut the hell was i doing i didnteven kno if this was the right house and even if it was wut as i doing here i mean i had gone out with this gurk but that was ahwile ago but we hadnt realy talked in awhile and the all of a sudden she called and here i am.”Hi sexy” Her voice snaped me out of my trance and as soon as i saw her looking at me her smile her voice her body i knew y i was here.”are u gonna come or stand there like and idoit”I just laughed at her and walked in.We talked for awhile about old times and the stuff friends talk about the entire time i >ws admiring her body im pretty sure she noticed beause once in awhile shed move so i could get a better look at her legs or her ass or wut ever i would b looking at at that time. it was getting late i figured it was probly around ten.Sudenly as if she sudenly had the best idea of her life she smiled it was probably the sexiest almost inocnt smile i had ever seen.Imediatly i new somthing was goin to happpen and all i had to do was wait.She asked if i wanted to go in her new hottub i laughed and said id dint bring my swim shorts but then again i didnt want pass up seeing her in her i decided wut the hell ill go in my boxers i jumped in and got used to the water as she was inside changing. “so wutcha think”i turned around in the water to see her standing thre in her almost non existant bikini she got in the hotub and asked me again “well” i said “i have seen better”she laughed and jumped on me splashing me and just jokingly trying to >beat me up.she stoped and there she was this beautiful goddes sitting on my lap her face only inches away fom me. i kissed her our lips met i wasnt sure what she do i was half expecting her to pull away, intsead she kissed me back our tounges dancing together her lips so soft her senct filling my nostrils exiting all my sences.Icould feel her arms around my neck pulling us closer together my hands tracing down her back one stoping to untie the her top the other resting upon her ass i piked her up my hands slightly squeezing her ass as i lifted her up further onto my lap. her top long since gone i made my way kissing down her neck and chest i found one of her niples already hard from the cool nite air i took it in my mouth playing with the hardend nub with my tounge and gently nibling and sucking onher delicate niples. i could hear her soft moans escaping her lips this was just to much for me my hands raced to find the strings that kept the bottoms of her bikini on ass soon i had found the her bottoms where floating away.i leant her back along one of the sides and brought her hips above the water and >there it was her legs slightly spread giving me a good view of her smooth pussy i kissed my way up one leg just missing her outer lips then kissing my way down her other thigh she moaned in anticipation and i couldnt take it any longer i gently liked her outer lips only ocasionly letting it dip down and taste her deeper and depper i went with my tounge until i found her clit i licked and suked and teased her clit like my life depended on it. the silience of the night was now pierced by her almost non stop moans now this just drove me further wanting to make her scream,i inserted a finger into her already wet pussy soon with me licking and suking her clit combined with my finger working its way in and out of her tight pussy she was soon bucking her hips agaisnt my face and her walls tightend around my finger i felt her shudder and then i was lapping up all the juices i could manage she was gasping for air as i let her hips float back down into the water.”Holy shit nic”she said as she caught her breath i just smiled as i drifted towards her removing my boxers as i swam closer and closer,she reached out and wrapped her hands around my neck and brought her lis to mine again we kissed for wut seemed like eternity and honestly i couldve stayed like that fo ever.i noticed her legs now wrapping around me and my cock now rock hard and just rubbing up against her tight vrgin pussy.her head bent over and she whisperd in my ear”i want u to be my first please just take me now” i didnt say nething i jus slowly triead to push my dick into her i was pushing and pushing then i felt her virgin barrier i new she was ready by the look in her eye so i put one more thrust into her and ripped past her hyman i stayed in her letting her adjust i looked up and saw tears running down her cheek all i could do was kiss away her tears and slowly start moving in and out hoping it would get better for her soon slowly but surely i could hear her whimpering turn to maoning very quietly at first then louder and louder as i quikend the pace before long i was holding her hips driving her onto my cock her moans getiin louder with each thrust, i would pull out until only the head of my cock would be in her then thrust back in soon we were meating each others thursts and pumping faster than i ever thought posible. then i heard and felt it a low almost non human sound escaped her lips and her muscles contracted grabing my dik she was cuming her pussy was squeezing my cok i couldnt take it ne more i explaoded in her shooting my cum inside her sending her into another orgasm.we coloapsed together both breathing heavily i raised my head and kissed her as if to say thank you.”she just said smiling”we arnt done mr.” i laughed and piked her up me still inside her and her legs wraped around me as we made our way to the bedroom… If u want the next part let me kno

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