The Kitchen Experience

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I Come home from work. Im in a sun-dress you are horny as hell. You surprise me in the kitchen you have this sex wax jelly and you put it on your hands and bring it to my thighs. You ask me if I want you I say yes more then ever as the hot sex wax goes on to my body up into the pussy and around it you pick me up holding my butt cheeks slamming me up against the refrigerator turning me on then you put me down and take my panties off and pull my sun-dress up to my waste. (Your Naked Already) You slam me up against the refrigerator again and put your dick inside my pussy pushing hard in.

I yell “Don’t Stop Oh Bobby give me more” you say the same, pushing your dick inside holding my butt squeezing until you cum inside, you pick me up put me on the sink you still pushing in and out making me scream our bodies are getting hotter n’ hotter I ran the water splashing onto us and in between your dick and my pussy, as I pore bubbles in the water clung to the sink have it run on to the floor we are soak’n’ wet, my hair is wet and your chin is dripping water as I suck it. You lay me down onto the floor which is wet and full of bubbles, making love to me I get on top and ride you while splashing bubbles and water this goes on all day long as you keep cummin inside. You pick me up and take me to the bedroom put in our porno tapes and you made love to me all night long.

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