The mother n law, the relationship

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Let me explain my mother-n-laws and my relationship before you read the stories of where her and I are now. When we first met one another she was under the assumption that her daughter and I were only friends so, when Jasmine and I moved in together she never said anything about it. Jasmine thought it was strange that her mother (Mrs Brown) liked me because, she really does’nt like many people and on top of that, I was white! It was’nt long after Jasmine and I moved in together that we decided to get married but, we did’nt want any kinds of wedding, just a nice honeymoon. We got married at the courthouse, just Jasmine and I. It was simple and that is all we wanted. Jasmine being afraind of her mother did’nt tell her til the next day after we had already left for our honeymoon and Mrs Brown was furious! She went off on Jasmine over the phone, hung up and did’nt call Jasmine the whole time we were on our honeymoon and, those two talk daily a few times a day!

Over a month being back from the honeymoon and we had heard not a peep from Mrs Brown then she calls out of the blue and, invites us over for a cookout. It did NOT go well. She set it all up so she could pretty much cuss the wife and I out! She went off BIG TIME! “Jasmines my only daughter, I wanted a big wedding for her, I thought you two were just friends, this is so wrong, blah blah blah blah! Well we left, that happend in July and I never showed my face back at that house til thanksgiving!

To make a long story short, my mother-n-law and I had this love hate relationship. I don’t think we liked each other but, we did at the same time. I am a good ol country boy, biker, bad boy type and she is the “I am better then all, louis vuitton purse carrying, get my hair done everyday, black and proud, (though all her friends are white)
business suit wearing, sophisticated high society type! I am a very (and not to brag) smart, very knowledgeable person and I am always right…lol Well, Mrs Brown is the same way so, we get along in that way yet we clash. I think all of this is what started my obssesion over her. I found myself BADLY wanting her. fantasizing about her and so on.

Let me now describe Mrs Brown and the wife so I can better explain my weird obssesion with her. First the wife… the wife is 25, 5’9″ 140lbs 38d26-40, hot as hell, african dark skin, smoking body, just flat out perfect and on top of all that, she is 10 years younger then me! So there you can see why I am attracted to my wife… I mean that’s not the only reason but you get my point. Now, the mother-n-law, Mrs Brown…. she is 45, 5’6″ 160lbs 36c30-42, very light skinned (redbone), not much to look at but by no means ugly, just nothing special besides her sexy ass lips, which the wife has also but I think Mrs Brown has Jasmine beat there. She is not fat but she is a little thick which I do love. What I am trying to say I guess is, if I did not know her, seen her out at a bar, I would not be physically attracted to her. I would do her but would’nt be physically attracted to her in the way of looks and body.

Now you know a little bit of my situation and have a little understanding of my obssesion with the mother-n-law. I hope you enjoy the stories, I did’nt jazz any of them up, they are as how they really happend. Please understand I am not a writer and grammar was not one of my strong suits in school but, I hope you enjoy and would love to hear any feed back. I will be placing this before each story just incase you have’nt followed the stories in order.

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