The Niece and the Blue Pill

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I knew that Alex, my wife’s slutty niece would be over soon along with a couple of her friends. She normally stays in the week to attend the local college but her and her friends were staying over tonight as they were all heading off to Gatwick airport early in the morning for a couple of weeks in the sun.
Now I have to make it clear that I have never had the need for Viagra, my cock works just fine but I bought some purely to see if it made any difference.
I had already prepared some chicken salad, it was a beautiful hot April evening. Some white wine and beers were in the fridge, so knowing that the girls would be here soon, I popped the Viagra in my mouth and washed it down with a pint of cold water, as recommended.
No sooner had I done this and the doorbell went. It was Alex and two truly stunning girls, one black and one Asian, possibly Thai. They came in and sat down on the sofa while I fetched some drinks. They were all extremely excited and clearly in holiday mode.
We took our drinks up the garden where it was still hot but with a nice breeze. As usual with Alex, we soon started talking about sex. The black girl was called Alesha and the girl who I thought was Thai but was in fact from Vietnam was called Lucy. They kept giggling amongst themselves and when I asked what they were laughing at, they pointed to my shorts. Clearly the Viagra had kicked in and my erect cock was protruding out of my shorts. I hadn’t even realised he was hard! Lucy came over and knelt on the grass. She pulled him out a bit more and began to lick the fat helmet with her pointy tongue. Mmmmmm it felt so nice. She even tried to tongue inside my slit. Alex came behind me and pulled her top up revealing her massive milky tits. She rubbed my head between them, clearly making herself horny. Alesha parted her legs to reveal a very hairy bush, and pulled her lips apart to reveal a beautiful pink pussy, oh so very moist, it was glistening. She began to rub her clitty, making it swell. I eased away from Alex and Lucy lay on the grass. Lucy took my shorts off and my cock was rigid. She too took her shorts off and eased herself onto my cock. She was very tight but also soaking wet. My cock slid in all the way, which surprised me as Lucy was quite young and petite and my penis was very thick and about seven inches long. Alex offered her nipple to Lucy who sucked it as she rode me. Alesha was clearly getting close now and began to get vocal. I was lifting myself up at each thrust to make sure the whole length was fucking her. Without warning Lucy cum, very hard and very noisily. I felt a flood of her cummy juice gush out of her cunt and all over me. God I wanted to squirt inside her but tried hard to hold back. Lucy slowed down and eased off of him. Alesha wanted a fuck now as she hadn’t orgasmed yet and said she needed me inside her to finish her off. She pulled up her top to reveal two massive tits and without warning, jumped on my cock and buried it in her cunt with one push. Fuck I nearly shot inside her! She began to ride me furiously and I just couldn’t hold back any more. I began to unload my spunk in her very wet cunt. I felt it splashing and squirting against her cervix but she was not ready to stop yet. She rode and rode harder and harder. I couldn’t stand it. I knew I had come copious amounts of sperm inside her but still my cock was solid. The Viagra was working then! By now, the feelings had calmed in my cock and as long as she was riding me, I was happy to stay inside her. I had never gone through an orgasm and continued before. A strange yet horny feeling though. I wondered how many times this could happen with that little blue pill. I felt Aleshas pussy tighten and her cunt was gripping my shaft like hell and suddenly she exploded into a tremendous shuddering orgasm. She came and came and torrents of her love juice run onto my shaft. I too was approaching my second coming and started to bang into her love tube really hard. My cock was truly so solid it was aching but I had to spurt again. Alesha was just about to cum again when I pulled her down onto me and emptied my balls inside her again. I pumped away until I knew I was dry. It really was a strange experience. Alesha eased herself off my rather sore cock, our mixed juices pouring out of her pink cunt hole. The sweat was pouring out of me and without me really noticing, Alex sat astride me and pushed my sticky red knob straight into her cunt. I begged her not to as I was drained of sperm and energy but as my cock was still very much solid she refused and started to ride me. My helmet was so swollen and sensitive I could barely take it. Her cunt was so tight but luckily moist. She rode me like it was her last fuck. She cum hard quite quickly, excited I guess by all the fucking. My cock was really very sore now and I was begging her to stop. Again she refused but beckoned Lucy to lay between my legs and lick my shaft and balls as I fucked her little cunt. Her warm tongue eased my pain slightly but I knew there was no spunk left inside me to squirt. Alex began to cum again and banged down hard as she orgasmed. I felt her flood of love juice run out of her. This was too much for me and I began to feel a stirring in my balls. My cock helmet swelled and my balls tightened and once again I began to empty some of my salty liquid into Alex’s tight little pussy. I couldn’t stop it flowing, God knows where it was coming from, but suddenly my cock was copious with its seed again. Once I knew I had finished pumping it out, Alex got off and all three girls licked my aching red sore shaft clean of all juices. Strangely, it was still erect but I could take no more. Not until I had rested a while!
We all sat talking and eating and drinking for ages, each one of us occasionally drifting off for a few moments. By now, the sun had almost disappeared and it was quite cool now. We cleared up the glasses and plates and went inside. I sat on the sofa with the girls on each side. Alesha began stroking my thighs which was very pleasant. Too pleasant really as yes, my cock began to rise again. In seconds it was back to its swollen solid sore state and Alesha began to suck me, engulfing the whole cock in her warm mouth. This felt like heaven. Lucy began to suck my very loose balls and Alex began to finger herself. Her fingers were coated in spunk and each thrust made a loud slurping noise. Lucy darted her tongue in and out of my ass and this was something I had never experienced before. Despite only being sucked for five or six minutes, I could not back. I was going to orgasm. I didn’t know if it would be a dry cum and not actually squirt anything out as I had cum many times already but in true spirit, a nice thick salty fountain of cream leapt out of my cock and all over Aleshas face. It looked very horny, a pretty black girl with white sperm laid over her face like a piece of thick string. Lucy licked it off her and gulped it down like a good girl should. I begged her not to, but Lucy ignored me bent on all fours. Alesha and Alex pushed me towards her and I had no choice but to enter her cunt from behind. My solid rod almost fell inside her. She was like a velvet stream inside. I pushed my cock really deep up inside her and she yelped a bit in pain. After a few deep thrusts she began to relax and after no more than a minute cum all over my shaft with her cunny juice. She stayed with that orgasm for what seemed to be an eternity. Again, I felt I was coming but this time I wanted to see how much I cum. I pulled out of Lucy and made all three girls lay on the floor. I stood over them and made them finger fuck each other. The scene was amazing as was the smell of my sperm and their love juices. I began to wank over them, my shaft still very very solid but almost red raw now. I pulled the foreskin back and forth really hard over the purple helmet. Harder and harder I wanked until I felt myself coming. It was so strong, I thought I was going to explode. I actually cum so hard but nothing came out of my cock. It ached, it hurt but still I knew there was something to squirt inside me. I wanked and wanked, the feeling immense. Suddenly, thick lumps of spermy spunk shot out of my cock. The liquid was no more; it was actually lumps of jelly-like spunk. I dropped them onto wanting tongues, making sure Alex, Alesha and Lucy all got some. Each girl sucked me to make sure all the chunks of spunk had gone, and chewed it down in front of me.
Eventually, the Viagra wore off and my red cock became flaccid. The girls got a bowl of cold water and some baby bath and washed it and soothed it with some baby cream. Fuck her had worked hard tonight.
I don’t know what time I fell into a deep sleep but when I woke in the morning, the girls had gone off for the holidays. The only things they left behind were spermy love puddles on the sofa and a very sore penis!

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