The Soldier and The Seaman

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The day began as any other day for a deployed soldier in Iraq. Wake up take a shower in the dingy trailers provided and make your way to work. But on this day for JoLynn this day would be different. After her 15 hour shift she headed over to her best friend Regan’s trailer. She talked about her crappy day. Regan could sense her friends dismay and told her that a few new navy special forces had moved into the pad and everyone was going to have a get together and play rockband. At the party Jolynn met a handsome seaman by the name of Denny. He was tall, and muscular and quite handsome. They talked and laughed through out the night and Jolynn could feel the sexual energy between them. Only problem was through out their conversation they both learned they were both married. JoLynn wasn’t happy at all in her marriage and based on their conversation she really couldn’t tell if he was. Just as everyone was headed back to their trailers Denny invited Jo to his room to see some pictures of his son. She was so excited to be invited into his room, she could feel her clit pulsating. They talked a little more and then Denny presented her with a coin. In the military being presented with a coin means you have done something good to deserve it. He playfully waved it in front of her and she managed to swipe it from him. He in turn began playfully tickling her to get in back. Then the moment came when he held her in one arm and her hand with the coin in the other. His strong arms held her so tight, the smell of his cologne and the look on his face were all she needed to melt into his kiss. Slowly they moved toward the bed. He began to undress JoLynn’s tender frame. Her soft supple breasts exposed and as he sucked on he perky nipples. She let out a soft moan. She pushed him back almost hesitant for what they were about to do, but she couldn’t resist him. He removed his shirt showing his strong chiseled physique. She caressed his cheek and began to kiss his neck making small circles with her tongue as she worked her way down to his hard shaft. She began with a few licks up and down then took his manliness with her mouth working her way up and down his 8 in dick. Up and down up and down, one hand working with her mouth on his shaft and the other cupping and massaging his balls. He almost couldn’t resist cumming, but he pulled her away and lay her down. He removed her we panties and began to lick the most beautiful looking pussy imagineable. Licking little circles around her clit while he gently inserted one finger then two into her tight wet pussy. MMMMmm…she said and she slightly thrusted her hips to his fingers. Then the time came. He was over her now as they both looked into each others eyes they knew they were going to go all the way. He took his hard cock and gently inserted it into her eagerly awaiting pussy. Slowly they thrusted together kissing so passionately all that was around them dissappeared. Only the now was what mattered. Little by little each thrust came harder and harder…then faster and faster…their bodies so in sync with each other. More she screamed deeper oh Denny go deeper. I’m cumming Denny go faster or fuck me Denny oh yes oh yes!!! Then with all his might he pulled out and let his hot juices pour all over her belly. He kissed her cheek and wiped her belly with a towel.

To Be Continued…..
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