The Surprise

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The Surprise

My wife Marie and I are very adventurous when it comes to our sexuality and we are not above trying things that most people would likely find disgusting or deviant like. Now I need you to understand a few things before I continue. The first is that before my wife and I met we were both very conservative and looked on people who do the things we do now with disgust. So yes we are a bit hypocritical, but in our opinion when you find the person you are meant to be with things can change very quickly. Acts such as oral and anal sex are looked down on in our families and so we were raised the same way, keeping in mind that these acts are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

The second thing you need to understand is that we love each other with such a passion that no subject is taboo, of course it may catch the other off guard when brought up. We do not care what others think of our relationship in the least, or of what they think of us. So now that we have that out of the way lets continue.

It had been a couple of weeks since my wife and I moved into our new home with our five month old after having to live with my folks for a few months because of some financial problems but we finally had our first home together. The first night after the move had been more then memorable as we left the kid with the grandparents for the night and had proceeded to “christen” the place by getting really drunk and more then a little high, upon which we proceeded to fuck and suck our way through every room in our house.

The memory fresh in my mind, even after two or three weeks, I was sitting on our computer in the office when Marie came in looking rather frumpy after cleaning the house and taking care of the baby as it was her turn since I do it all week long. Her hair was a little frizzy and she did not have any makeup on and while another may not have found her attractive at the moment I knew what she really looked like.

At a perfect 5’4″ my Marie has beautifully supple, yet strong shoulders, which lead down into a very tiny waist before flaring back out into her awesomely curvy hips that are just right for bearing children. Her slender back curves down into her nice tight ass, which, despite the pregnancy, was perfectly toned, and firm. The birth had also done wonders for her tits, where she used to be a perfect C cup she was now a D. Despite the increase in size her breasts managed to retain most of their perkiness, with the added benefit of being extremely soft and luxurious. The tit fucks are awesome. With her gorgeous red hair (she is actually a brunette but I have a thing for red heads so…) and jade eyes she can drive me wild or make me do anything with just a look.

It was this look she used on my now.

“Ian my love,” she cooed as she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around me, “could you run out and grab some beer?”

I grabbed her hands and pulled her tighter around me, despite the fact that I was now getting my ass kicked on my game. “Sure thing babe, I could use a good buzz.”

I stood up and went to the door grabbed my shoes and turned back to my hottie. “What do you want hon.?” I asked as I put on my shoes.

“Just some beer, oh and grab a thing of whisky or rum” she replied.

“Will do love” I replied as I walked out the door.

As I walked past the window I smirked as I saw her go back to work on the living room. I was not smirking because I am one of those guys who think that a woman should do all the housework. On the contrary, I stay home and take care of the baby while my wife goes out and work. Yet despite this on her days off she insists on giving me at least one day off and she takes over doing everything.

I walked the four or five blocks to the liquor store slowly to enjoy the day. It was slightly overcast and gray. The leaves changing color contrasted this. The chilly air was just cool enough that I could see my breath as I walked, the perfect autumn day.

I took my time picking out the booze as my wife and I like to try new things and by the time I went to the register a good half hour had passed. At the till was a young blond who kept looking at me out of the corner of her eyes. I had seen this before and so had my wife. As I began to pay the clerk began to flirt and giggle as she tried to be funny and get my attention.

This is not uncommon, well I used to think it was but Marie trained me to notice the signs. I have been told by many women, some older some younger, that I am very attractive, even down right hot. At an even 6′ with my dark brown hair, natural copper highlights in both my hair and beard, I can turn many a woman’s head. Add to this I have an impressive build despite the fact that I don’t work out much and striking hazel eyes which, I have been told, seem to peer into a persons soul I could have any girl, young or old, I wanted.

Of course if these women knew I had a 10″ long cock, and that is when it is only partially erect, that averages out at around 2″ thick I would be fending them off with a stick.

When it came to these women my wife and I had created a fun little way to know that we are not interested. So as I was handing the cashier my money I made sure she saw my wedding band. She instantly clamed up and gave a barely audible goodbye as I grabbed my bag and started home.

The walk home was fairly uneventful and I relished what I thought was going to be fun drunken night with Marie, despite the fact that it was only two thirty in the afternoon. I figured that we would spend the rest of the day teasing each other with suggestive words and actions before getting down and dirty later that night…boy was I wrong.

I walked in the door and dropped the bags in the kitchen before I grabbed a couple beers and called for Marie.

“Hey honey, where are you?” I asked loud enough that she would be able to here me in any part of the house.

“I’m in the living room sexy” came the reply.

So I grabbed the beers and went through the dining room into the sofa area. Boy let me tell you, what I saw made my jaw hit the floor. There, spread across the couch was my wife. She was wearing cute white stockings with garter belt, a slinky white bustier that barely covered her supple tits with tiny holes through which her nipples pocked out and white strapy six-inch spikes. Now the holes through which her nipples pocked were actually slightly to small for her large nips, add to this the cold metal ring that is designed to keep the nipples erect, and her nipples were at least twice the size and slightly tinted red. This only meant that they were extra sensitive at this point, and considering that her tits in general are very, and I do mean very sensitive, her nipples would respond to the slightest touch.

But there were a few things that really stood out. The first was the fact that her hair was put up in a tight ponytail, which she had curled into cute rings. A few stray strands of her hair were hanging down the sides of her head and face, these where also curled into cute ringlets. Combined with the white outfit she was a vision of innocence, yet this too was set off.

Her finger nails where painted black, as where her toenails just barely visible threw her stockings. Her lips where slathered with black lipstick and her makeup was also completely black with a few reds and blues thrown in.

The result looked like a some gothic slut had been crossed with a young girl. Damn it was hot and my cock was instantly raging to be freed. But the biggest surprise was between her legs. Strapped around her sexy waist and hips was a fair sized strap on dildo.

There my sluttish wife sat, playing with her tits and tweaking her nipples with one hand, while the other stroked the dildo as if it was an actual penis, which was actually hers. I could not believe it, she was masturbating the dildo.

“What’s wrong slave?” she asked, “have
you never seen your mistress stroking a strap on before?”

She slowly stood and ran her hands up her bo
dy as she flaunted her perfect hourglass figure. She slide gracefully over to me, took the beers and then began to tear my clothes off as she said “My slave does not deserve clothes”

Next she reached down behind the DVD case and pulled out a collar, leash and whip. She placed the collar and leash on me and ordered me to my knees.

“Well slave, do I turn you on?” she asked.

“Yes my goddess” I replied meekly. We had played this game before, just minus this certain outfit and defiantly without the strap on.

“Good…NOW SUCK MY COCK SLAVE” she yelled and whipped my ass as I bowed to my wife turned dominatrix.

Slowly I reached up and grabbed the dildo and tentatively began to suck it like it was a real penis. That’s when I noticed that the strap also had a smaller dildo, which went into her tight pussy. She had also placed a small vibrator in her hot ass.

I slowly began to go up and down her “cock” as I sucked. I did not really have any idea what I was doing so I tried to copy what she did to my massive cock when she sucked it. I flicked my tongue on the tip and licked up and down the sides. It was when I began to go down the sleek cock that she acted. She grabbed the sides of my head and shoved the strap down my throat causing me to gag.

“That’s right slave, gag on my massive cock” she giggled like a little schoolgirl as she said this, which totally psyched me out. “Now slave finish sucking” she demanded back in her dominatrix attitude.

For another few minutes I continued to suck the fake dick before she grabbed my hair and forced me to look at her in the eyes. “Now slave, stand up” she said as she yanked the leash, pulling me to my feet.

Marie grabbed my head forcefully and rammed her tongue down my throat. As she continued to “force” herself on me she ordered me to stroke the strap. She surprised me by reaching down and began to play with her own clit. Combined with the dildo in her pussy and the heat of the erotic moment she came quickly screeching at the top of her lungs as her orgasm tore through her body.

“Alright slave lay down on the couch, NOW!” she yelled once she had recovered.

I sat on the couch with my ass hanging slightly over the edge and spread my legs. Marie knelt down between my legs on a few pillows and slowly began to caress my hard cock.

“So slave,” she paused and smiled wickedly before continuing,” do you think you deserve a good suck?”

“Yes mistress, I have been good” I said softly. Suddenly she leaned forward and smacked my hard enough to leave a red mark.

“WRONG SLAVE” she screamed, “this is for my pleasure, not yours.”

As she said this she grabbed my cock forcefully and squeezed until it hurt. Of course with all the hormones raging it felt incredible. Next she placed the strap at my asshole and pressed slightly causing my body to be raked with pain. She smiled innocently and reached under the couch.

“I suppose you deserve this,” she said as she applied a generous layer of lube to the dildo and a good-sized blob to my hole. She suddenly rammed her finger all the way into my ass, curled it into a knuckle and twisted before she pulled out. Next she again placed the tip of the dildo at my entrance and began to push.

“Relax slave, it will be easier if you don’t fight it” she said in a soft, yet firm voice.

Doing as she said the dildo slowly made its way into my ass. It took some getting used to as the biggest thing she had ever placed in there was a small 4″ finger dildo. After a minute it began to feel incredible and she began to speed up her pumping until we were both pushing into the other at full speed. Suddenly she slowed down and bent over. Next she placed her mouth on my hard cock and began to suck as she continued to pound my ass. Then it happened, I came, and I came long and hard filling up her tiny mouth with my hot spunk.

There was so much of it that she could not swallow it all and loads of it leaked out of the corners of her mouth and dripped down onto my balls and her legs. As she sat up it dripped down onto her tits and she giggled as she began to lick it off of my cock, balls and her own tits.

Slowly she stood up and began to pull off the strap and I watched as the dildo in her pussy slide out dripping with her juices. Then she removed the vibrator from her ass and threw both to the ground.

“Now slave, stand up and bend over.”

I complied and bent over the arm of the couch so she had easy access to my raped ass.

“Don’t look now my little plaything” she cooed seductively.

Complying with her orders I was wondering what she was going to do next, when suddenly she rammed a pump up plug up my ass. She inflated the plug a little before getting down onto her hands and knees.

“Now slave, fuck me like the bitch I am” she ordered.

Getting into place behind her I placed the tip of my huge cock at the entrance to her tight, little snatch. Now my wife’s pussy is incredibly tight and she has trouble taking me in. In fact on more then one occasion we have gotten so vigorous that I actually bring tears to her eyes as I tear her tight little cunty apart. However my Marie is addicted to my massive cock and me and despite the fact that I offer to stop she says, “no just keep going, its ok”. God I married the perfect women, a body that just will not quit and add to this the fact that she can be a real slut sometimes and she knows just what to do, and when to do it.
“Hurry slave, fuck me, fuck me now” she moaned as I slide my cock slowly into her pussy, ” FASTER” she yelled.

Not wanting to be punished I rammed the full length of my dick into her cunt. The thrust caused her to squeal slightly and I noticed a tear form in the corner of her eye. Yet she moaned and ordered me to pound her tight pussy, so I complied. Grunting like a caveman I thrust in and out of her at full speed. Every once in a while she would shift in such a way that I would actually pump her cervix causing her to squeal yet again as tears ran down her cheeks. I didn’t like the fact that I was hurting her so I slowed down.

The second she noticed the plug suddenly grew bigger in my ass as she squeezed the pump. She pumped it up so quickly I had no time to adjust. The plug was blown up so large it hurt.

“Did I say you could slow down?” she asked angrily as she turned her head to look at me.

“No goddess” I replied as I sped back up.

For another ten minutes we continued and I was starting to tire. Then just as I was about to collapse I felt her cunt muscles contract and a blast of wetness hit my crotch as she came. The tightness of her cookie caused me to go over the edge and I filled her up with my hot cum.

Marie slide forward off my cock and sat spread eagle in front of me staring at her pussy in horror.


I quickly recoiled and tried to look meek. “No goddess, I am sorry, please don’t punish me” I whispered.

“That’s it slave, first you will come here” she said. As I moved between her legs she grabbed my head and pushed it down into her snatch.

“Now clean my slit, lick up all your hot spunk”

Obeying I began to lick her warm nethers clean. Before I could finish she stopped me. “Slave do not swallow your cum, come kiss me” she said seductively.

I moved forward and she slid her tongue into my mouth and we shared my hot cum in a deep passionate kiss. As we embraced the world seemed to slide away and there was only our lust.

After what seemed like an eternity we lay on the floor together. I was holding my love and caressing her hair as we cuddled. Next to us lay our toys and the floor, couch and…well the whole room really, was covered in a combination of my cum and her pussy juices.

“Ian, I love you,” said Marie as she craned her head upward so she could look me in the ey

“I love you to Marie” I replied as I leaned down to kiss her again.

Next Episode: Innocence Lost

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