The sweet youn neighbor

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The party started around 8:30 Dec 23. As the guest came in I didn’t know who all was there after the first half hour there must have been 50 – 60 people there. As the music played and people where dancing and drinking every one was having a good time. I went in the kitchen to get more drinks ( coke, beer, Liqueur ) that’s when I noticed my young neighbor was there. She’s very sexy and quite a looker with very big breast. I asked her if she was having a good time and she told me not as good as she would like. I asked her what would make it better for her and that’s when she told me to have me for her self to do what ever she wanted.
I told her that I would do my best to give her the best time I could. I asked her what she wanted to do. She said to dance and drink all night with just me. I told her I couldn’t just forget the rest of the guest. She said she understood but wanted to show me what was in store for the after party fun. She got as close as she could and kissed me hard and inserted her tongue and danced it around with my tongue. Then she stepped back and said she was hot and wet. She also whispered she wasn’t wearing any panties for this occasion.
It was around 1:00 am when the last of the guest left except Christina and the few guest that was passed out drunk in the living room. Christina was half drunk herself but she was ready for her wish to come true. After we went to the bedroom she couldn’t wait she pushed me down on the bed and started undressing me. She pulled my pants and boxers off in one swift motion. She started using her hands to get my 9 inch cock to attention then she swallowed it in her mouth and sucked till I blew a load down her throat. It was the most amazing blow job I had in a while rolled her over on her back and started licking and sucking her sweet pussy it want long before her clit was hard and juices where shooting out like old faithful.
She was moaning and hollering so loud that I was sure some of the drunk guest would wake up. After she got her breath back she said she wanted me to give her a fucking she wouldn’t forget. I told her it was her wish I would do my best. She told me she was still a virgin but knew what was in store. I told her I would be very gentile with her and take my time at first till she was ready to get hard and wild. I started inserting my cock in her sweet young virgin pussy slowly so she could get used to it as we went. She was screaming in pain and excited all at the same time. When I reached her hymen I stopped and told her what was fixing to happen. She said she was ready to fuck like a pro do it. I thrust my cock in her fast and hard she almost past out but I just held it there before I moved it any more. After a few minuted of crying she stopped and started feeling excited and said fuck me like never before. After a few minutes of fucking she was moaning and screaming fuck me fuck me ooooohhhhh fuck me. We fucked for several hours cummin multiple times. We slept for a few hours then woke up and she said she wanted to fuck more and could I teach her how to fuck me.
To be continued.

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