the women have fun

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dumbo was naked on the floor, jilianne said dumbo come here now, dumbo crawled to her, she started pulling his ears harder a harder, everyone was laughing, jillianne said right dumbo, i want you at my house 3 times a week to do my cleaning, and i am going to pull your ears like this before you start and when you finish, and i want all my boots and shoes cleaned, lynsay came over, and said let me take over, jillianne said all yours, lynsay started pulling dumbo,s ears and spitting in his face, then she turned round and said kiss my ass tiny dick as dumbo kissed she farted, 4 times, sniff sniff pin dick. claire said look his shrimp dick has gone hard, what a wimp, suzanne,s phone rang, it was steven, yes come round, see you soon, dumbo steven is coming round, he asked if his cock sucker was here, ha ha everyone who wants to see dickless suck a big cock, everyone said yes

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