Tired of large dicks

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I’m 45 years old and married, I’ve always heard “Happiness is a Large Johnson” well While growing up I’ve tried many a large Johnsons, I’ve had Black cocks, white cocks, Japaneese, 1 Indian cock, and then I met my Husband, his cock was about 12 Inches long and I ended up marring him! All I was use to was large cocks, I never told him I fucked so many guys! Infact I fucked him the 1St Time when I was on my Period and told him he broke my Hymen! To this dy, 20 Years, he believes it!
We live in Tempe and have a Pool and a Hot tub, We invited a Neighbor couple over to swim and hot tob, She’s built like a Brick Shit house and so is he! She shows up with a String bikini and him a Tight pair of Speedos, You could see the Outline of his cock thru the Material! I had a 2 Piece on and of course he had to wear his long shorts because of his long cock! The husband mentioned “why don’t you evetr wear a Bikini, so I surprised him and went into the house and came out with a Skimpy String Bikini on, i tied at the ides and barely covered my Puss and very little ass!
We wer in the hot tub and My hubby kept on eying her bikini, so I Stood up and said lets get this party going an undid my Stings and my bottom fell to reveal my Nice trimmed Red Bush! I asked the neighbor’s Wife if she minded me taking care of her husbands needs and she said no a long as she can take care of my husbands needs, well she pulled down his trunks and Engulfed his long cock in her mouth!
Thee neighbors Husband pulled his shorts down and revealed his rather short 6 inch HARD cock, we hi slid it in me and started to pump in me,at 1St I could hardly feel it, then My Pussy wrapped around it and it felt so warm, hard and GREAT, he fucked me for 1/2 Hour and finally filed mu pussy with more cum then Large Cock could in a week!
NOW I never want a large cock again, I’m looking for more 6 inch WHITE cocks!
When he was done fucking me, he licked my pussy for 10 Minutes and I creamed all over his face, He loved that!
I will be having him over more often, I did se where his wife didn’t like the large cock, she quit after 5 Minutes ad sat in the hot tub watching me and her Husband enjoying each other!
I told her “WOW your Husband is fantastic” she told me I could Fuck him anytime, she’s tired of sex!

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