Vegas Makes You Crazy

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Last year, three couples travelled to Las Vegas for the weekend. All of us girls are pretty hot, and so were the guys.

We dressed in super short party dresses and heels. Real trampy stuff.

One of the guys, not by boyfriend, would not leave me alone and his girlfriend was starting to get pissed. The club that we were in was in our hotel and after awhile we got seperated. I left the club to return to my room to freshen up and that guy followed me.

I then did something I thought I would never do in a million years. I hear a knock at the door and I let this guy in. I guess with the booze, Vegas and feeling super sexy I decide to blow him. I think it surprised him. I just squatted there and blew him and swallowed.

We left my room and entered the club at different times. I found my boyfriend and my stomach was in knots from the fear of him knowing. Later we all partied together upstairs and people kept asking why my face was so red. Crazy Vegas.

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