Virgin…till That Day

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I’m 18 and up till early this year… I was still a virgin. Being a virgin all these years wasn’t easy. Having to control my hormones everytime I see a sexy guy. The feeling was unbearable. I had to masturbate at least 3 times a day to relieve my need.
However, the day to pop my cherry came when I went out with my closest guy friend. We had gone to the movies a lot of times and thinking of him turned me on. Although we have not done anything much together other than passionate kissing, I could not control my urge anymore on that particular day. We caught a movie together and as usual kissed.. man he tasted good… I suggested I return to his house and wait for my parents.. something other than just plainly waiting devilishly entered my mind. I badly wanted him in me…

When we got to his house we immediately entered his room as he only rented the room and he’s forbidden to stay in the other rooms. Once inside his room, I locked the door and off the light. Startled he turned to me as I grabbed him and gave him my most passionate kiss.. Learning fast.. he slipped his hand under my blouse and began unbuckling my bra.. He removed my blouse and started sucking on my tits.. Being new to this, I wet my panties straightaway. My fingers quickly unbuttoned his shirt as he began to sucking faster and nibbling on my nipples. He laid me on the bed and asked if I was sure I wanted to do that.. “Of course” I replied.

He started licking my body as he slowly unbuckled my jeans and slipped off my jeans and lacy panties ( I was prepared ). Spreading my legs apart he began licking the sides of my thighs and when he started licking my pussy I let out a load moan. Licking my pre-cum I shoved his head into my pussy begging for more.. I almost cummed when he stopped, smiled at me and dropped his pants revealing his huge 8 inch cock.. “it’s your turn to return the favour” he said as he pulled me to my knees and shoved his cock into my mouth.. I licked, licked and bit on his cock.. Playing with his balls I licked the tip of his cock before deep throating his cock.. He started moving to the rhythm and we both got pretty high juz sucking his cock.. pumping in and out..

He laid me down again and with his hands on my tits squeezing and pinching, he shoved his cock deep into me.. I screamed in pain as he popped my cherry. Ignoring me he pumped in and out increasing his speed with every shove. We moaned and I started loving it even more as we moved in and out of each other..”fuck me harder” i screamed..”mmm…OOoooOOhhhh..!!” It didn’t take long before we cummed and pulling out his dick he licked up the cum and cleaned out my pussy.. He said ” next time we’ll try anal, shall we?” I nodded.. tired from our hot sex and collapsed in his arms while waiting for my parents..I cant wait for our next “date..”

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