Visit from a freind

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So I get out of the shower, dripping wet in more ways than one, and I walk into my room to find an old freind sat on my bed. There’s always been an intense amount of sexual tension between the two of us. I was suprised to see him in my room but it was exciting. I was covered only by a towel and I wanted him to see more. My pussy was already tight and wet, I was desperate to be fucked my him and he’d not even touched me. I walked over to him and he pulled me so I had mounted him. I could feel his hard cock rubbing through his trousers on my wet pussy. He carresed my thighs getnly getting closer to my wet throbbing clit I was desperate for him to touch me, who knew it and he wouldnt. I stood him up and unbottoned his trousers, to reveal his huge cock – my prize. I gently teased the head of his cock with the tip of my tongue, before I slid his whole cock into my hot wet mouth, his hips buckled as i rocked my mouth back and forward on his hard cock, teasing his balls as I did. I love sucking his cock, my pussy was getting wetter, glistening with my pearly juices. I needed his cock, I begged him to give me his cock. He pushed me onto the bed. He pushed my head down and my ass up and climbed behind me. Ready to fuck me doggy style. He teased me with his cock around my clit, I needed him inside me I begged and pleaded, the teasing bringing me closer to an orgasm. Then he gave in, He wanted to fell my wet orgasiming pussy spasm on his huge dick. He rammed his cock hard inside me deeper and faster with every thrust I begged him to keep going harder and faster. I was loving every second, and then a huge wave of pleasure shook my whole body, my pussy spasmed annd gripped his cock hard, I felt him explode inside of me.

I enjoyed that visit….

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