What I Miss About You

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I miss thrusting in you, or laying as still as i can while you move onto me.

Miss your small hot hand gripping my cock, stroking, squeezing..

Miss you firmly taking control of me, pushing me back onto the bed as you move down to my cock and balls..

I miss you sliding your skillful mouth onto me, engulfing, sucking nibbling and making me hard and begging to thrust, so good i don’t want to come..

I am definitely badly missing getting the chance to use my tongue to take my time returning the favour, to tease taste and explore every inch of your perfect and delicious slippery cunt, long wet licks, circling your sensitive clit,

I miss using my fingers to slip inside your now boiling hot cunt, miss using my other hand to simultaneously touch your arse, probing and penetrating gently, using even gentle strokes of my tongue , and the fingers of both hands to push you closer and closer to the edge,

I miss moving down and using my mouth on your arsehole, pushing my tongue firmly into you, licking around your hole, holding your cheeks as i explore every bit of you, feeling you squirm at my touch but wanting more.

Miss you playing with yourself at the same time, your cunt as wet, swollen and senstive as it can be, just as i get your arse wet and willing enough that you’ll need more than my tongue in it,

Miss you taking just the head into you, and teasing me by sliding your bum backwards and forwards onto my twitching cock, slowly, while you finger yourself fast and hard, rubbing your clit, gasping, legs shaking, orgasm building in you..

I miss you letting me free, to grab your hair as i can’t help but fuck your arse hard and come forcefully deep inside you..

I miss feeling you tense up, orgasm releasing rippling inside as you come on my hardness. :)

I hope you get a massive squirm out of this just like I did ;)


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