What My First Kiss Turned Into

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My first “boyfriend” was someone I pecked chastely on the lips when I was 8 years old. His name was Joey, and he was only 5 then – he was the cutest boy I had ever seen. Not long after our big kiss, my family moved far away. We came back to visit my grandparents on occasion, but I didn’t run into Joey again until I was 21. I still had cousins who lived in the small town, and one night when we were visiting, they took me with them to a house party that one of the local kids was throwing.
I still knew many of the people in town and was having a great time, drinking, dancing and playing games. At some point during the night, an absolutely gorgeous guy walked in the door. I had a boyfriend back home, but I was bored and not really thinking of him while here, in the small town of about 600 people. I asked my cousin who this guy was, and when she said that it was Joey, I was in a state of shock. He had grown up to be over 6 feet tall, shaggy brown hair, beautiful eyes, and the face of a god. But Joey was one of those types that are completely unaware of their effect on the female species…..at least, he was at age 18. I decided Joey and I would have to get reacquainted.
I approached joey pretty quickly and we laughed over our memories together. He was incredibly sexy with his hot 18 year old body…..mmmm, I was getting horny, and wanted to teach Joey some things. During our conversation, which had turned to our sexual likes and dislikes, Joey asked if I wanted to go into a room and watch a movie, talk in private. I jumped at the invitation and we were soon curled up cozily on a bed with a movie droning in the background, and to this day, I don’t know what it was. I asked Joey how many women he had slept with, and wasn’t surprised when he said only 1 – it’s a small town, and most people grow up feeling like a family.
I leaned over to take a drink of my beer when Joey made his move – he slipped his big hand across my ass and pulled me closer to him. I immediately kissed him passionately, probing with my tongue, biting and teasing his lips. Joey was a good kisser, and I crawled onto his lap to straddle him, so I could ride his cock through his pants. It was so hard, and bigger than I thought it would be! I could feel my pussy getting wet, and as I kissed and nibbled Joey’s neck and throat, I asked him what he wanted. I like a man to get exactly what he wants, and Joey knew what he wanted, but was a little shy to say so. After I coaxed it out of him, I quickly got his pants and boxers off of him. The sight took my breath away……his dick was huge, bigger than I had ever seen. I was so horny, and and dying to get his cock into my mouth. I started slow, teasing and licking the head of his cock, flicking my tongue against it. Joey’s breathing was getting rapid, and suddenly I took his whole cock into my mouth, nearly gagging. I got used to it and began to suck him off slowly and firmly, so he could feel my tongue rounding the head of his cock with each thrust. I was surprised when Joey pushed me away and tore at my shirt and skirt, but when I was naked his face lit up, and he pushed me back onto the bed. He buried his face in my pussy like he had done it ALL his life, and swung his body round so I could finish sucking his cock while he licked and sucked my clit. He was so good, teasing my clit with his tongue, his hands under my ass, fingering my asshole. I started sucking his cock harder and harder to match his pace and I could feel his balls tighten as he exploded into my mouth. I hungrily swallowed each drop as he brought me to the edge of orgasm with his quick, long tongue. I finally exploded in an incredible orgasm that left me shaking.
Joey collapsed next to me on the bed, and I wasted no time climbing back on top of him to taste my pussy in his mouth. We kissed hungrily, greedy for more of each other. Joey’s dick hadn’t got soft at all, and I guided it into my wet hole as I straddled him. He filled my pussy all the way, and I was in absolute heaven with his huge cock inside me. I began to rock on top of him, my head thrown back and his hands guiding my hips. He sat up and sucked my nipples, one of his hands rubbing my ass. With his huge cock in my pussy, his mouth on my nipple, biting, Joey stuck two fingers in my asshole and I immediately had another orgasm. I began to fuck him harder, bouncing up and down on his length of cock while he lifted my ass with his strong arms. I grabbed Joey’s arms and pinned them on the bed, so my feet were holding his b iceps down and I was fucking him. Joeys face was absolutely perfect, awash in ecstaty, and I began to squeeze his cock with my pussy each time I slid up his dick. It wasn’t long before my tactics made him shoot another hot load, this time deep into my pussy. I collapsed on his chest and continued squeezing his cock with my pussy, milking all of his sweet cum out. We kissed again, passionately, and after a while, we both dressed to return to the party. When we got out into the main room, though, we couldn’t keep our eyes off one another, and it was only about 10 minutes before we returned to that bedroom……
I haven’t seen Joey since that trip back, almost 4 years ago. I’m married now, but if I saw him again, I don’t know if I could control myself.

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  1. i just wanted to thank you for an in depth story i like to read the long stories that paint pictures in your mind good job!!

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