When the rain comes

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I had just drove to up the road for a few beers with my buddy at his place and was on my way back home. It was sunny, hot and humid. I had the top down on my convertible. My buddies place was only about ten minutes away but it was looking more and more like rain coming. The wind picked up suddenly and then a few large drops started coming down. There was an overpass up ahead that thought I should be able to make it to and raise the top. I hate getting rained on with the top down, since the car was only a year old. All of a sudden, BOOM, it was like someone had turned a fire hose on. I speeded up and got under the overpass none too soon. Whew, I pushed the button to start raising the roof, hoping the wind wouldn’t do any damage to the top as it unfolded. The next thing I knew, I heard a voice saying how it came down pretty quickly. I turned and saw a woman running from across the road towards me. The roof fell into place.
“Yes it did” I told her.
I wasn’t expecting it this soon, this hard” she said.
I asked her what she was doing out here.
“I live over there” she said pointing at an old farm house up long lane way.
“Need a lift back home” I asked her, “It might be while”.
“Are you kidding, I’d love one in this car” and she opened the door.
I hated driving through mud and potholes, but did my best to avoid them.
I kept thinking to myself I had seen this girl before, but where I thought to myself. Finally I asked her if we’ve ever met before. She explained that she jogs a lot along the road in the summer. Keeps her fit she said.
“That’s what I was doing just now and got caught in the rain”. “I was thinking it would come later”.
It was then that looked down at her thighs.
“Your in great shape” I sort of blurted out, but it was all I could think of to say.
“Thanks, your just saying that” she replied, catching me looking at her.
I drove her up the driveway to her house, where she asked me in to dry off. I excepted of course. I wasn’t really all that wet, but couldn’t resist an invitation like that.
I couldn’t help but notice her jogging bra was very visible through her soaked top, and so were her nipples.
She told me to park under the carport beside her car and I did.
We ran for the house where she had hidden a key under an old rock. She hurriedly opened the back door.
The thunder and lightning was getting more intense now as we made our way inside. She told me to wait and she’d get me a towel. I took my shoes off and stood there until she brought it. She had two and was by now drying her long brown hair. I started to dry off and she quickly disappeared again.
“Come in and I’ll fix us a drink ” she yelled.”You do drink don’t you?”
I’d love one” I said back to her.
The drinks were the perfect way to dry out.
“I’m Liz, whats your name” she had asked me.
It turns out that Liz has seen me driving my car around town and just loved it. She was always wondering what it was like to ride in, since she’d never been in a convertible before.
The length of her robe came about half way between her knees and waist with a low cut neckline. It was black with red trim and made of some kind of a silky material. She told me to take off my shirt and she’d put it in the dryer. Next came my pants, to which I resisted taking off at first, yes actually I did. But she threw me a blanket and told me to put it around myself. Two drinks later and we were sitting very close to each other. The tie on her robe was quickly loosening more and more each time she made me a drink. Whenever she stood up, I could see her nipples peeking out from underneath. These were breasts of a woman younger than Liz was. I guessed her age to be about 40 or so. Liz would cross her legs and her panties would show. At least they did until suddenly they were there no more. She must have taken them off while in the kitchen making the drinks. Finally I could stand it no more, I leaned over and kissed her. She put her drink down and put her hand under the blanket I had forgotten I was covered with. I felt her hand on my cock. I kissed her again and she let her robe fall off her shoulders. Her nipples were like bullet casings now and I couldn’t resist leaning over to suck on them. They were hard indeed. I had never had such hard nipples in my mouth before. I wanted my mouth to stay there forever. She moaned a little and threw her head back as if to say lick my neck, I did. The robe was slowly and methodically coming off, showing me all her naked curves. My hand searched for and found her thigh. I pulled her towards me. Those thighs were of a joggers for sure. Firm and muscular. Liz was solid all over. And oh so smooth. I leaned down and kissed her thigh. Rubbing my cheeks along them, she parted her knees. I kissed her freshly shaven mound and I was in heaven. It wasn’t long before we were on the floor. Her hands had made their way to my hard cock again and was stroking me. She squeezed it ever so gently.
“Is this what you like” she said.
I just sort of moaned “uh huh”, as if I were a boy of twelve.
“Would you like my lips to kiss you there?” she asked me.
By now Liz had positioned herself on her knees and in between my legs and I certainly wasn’t in the frame of mind to play twenty questions, but quickly nodded my approval. And with that she placed her lips on the head of my cock. Kissing me very softly at first, then using her tongue gave my cock a thorough cleansing.
It was obvious Liz had done this once or twice before. She was very good at it. Very, VERY good! Slowly and deliberately she started to take my cock deep into her mouth.
“This is how I thank somebody who stops and helps me” Liz explained in between times when her mouth was being filled.
“I guess I’ll have to stop for you more often then” I grunted. Again, too much conversation I thought.
Liz giggled some and carried on.
I wasn’t sure how long I could last, but knew it wasn’t going to be long. I hadn’t had sex in a couple of weeks except by my own hand and some porno flicks. This was just what the doctor had ordered. I gave her a sign that I was about to cum and she brought her head up and looked me in the eyes as if to say, not quite yet my friend. Those following seconds that passed seemed like hours and she then resumed sucking my hard on again and looked up to watch my face. Her eyes were now large and deep. Obviously Liz loved giving head. My cocks head was down her throat now and she had gagged once or twice. I tried to pull her up thinking she had enough, but she resisted my efforts. My fingers pinched at her nipples and squeezed them softly at first then harder. Liz moaned loudly still bobbing on my member. She was now sucking my penis faster and deeper not pausing for a moment.
My fingers were tweeking her harder and I could tell she was enjoying it. Her nipples were swollen huge now and so, so extremely hard. Her face was burying itself against my pelvis and with that I knew I would cum, I HAD to cum.I did. squeezed her shoulder to let her know and Liz took all my spunk right on her breasts. Her hand had replaced her mouth and the more she jerked it, the more I came. Liz grinned at me and asked “where did all that come from, have you been saving it up for me?” I was spent, totally. Then realized it was my turn to please her.
I pushed her onto her back onto the floor as she wiped my cum with the blanket. I told her to just lie there and close her eyes. I placed my mouth on the smooth, wet lips of her mound. Liz tasted great. It drove me wild. If there’s one thing I love, its going down on a pair of two moist and inviting lips. My tongue was going to get a workout. And so was her clit. I lapped at her, first with little flicks until neither her nor I could stand it any longer. Liz was truly in heat. Her juices were flowing heavily and I wasn’t going to miss a drop. Liz moaned and rolled with each wave of passion. Her fingertips played with her nipples and I knew she had cum more than once. One hand pulled my head harder and harder onto her cunt lips with each climax. It felt like each one was never going to end, which would have been perfectly all right with me. Her hips thrust against my head over and over again. Liz laid on the floor and grinned at me.
We hadn’t noticed the storm was over. We laid there in each others arms.
Afterwards, we cleaned up and said goodbye.
Liz and I got together twice more after that time. I still see her jogging, but now there is a man jogging along side her. I just honk when I see them now.

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