Why I Got Divorced

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My wife and I had been married for about 4 years. Our sex life was pretty tame due to the fact that we had a 6 month old baby,(our second child), and the fact that my wife had gained alot of weight and said she just didn’t feel sexy anymore. I tried to be patient but the truth is that we never did have much of a sex life. Jill, my wife, had allways been very conservitive and was never really into sex as much as I was. At best we would do it once, mabye twice a week and after the second child was born we could go weeks without any. Stephanie, Jill’s younger sister had just graduated highschool and stayed with us for a couple of days after a trip to Hawaii. We lived fairly close to the airport and after a couple of days we would give her a ride home (about 3 hours away). Stephanie is a free spirit and much more fun loving than Jill. She talked about her trip and how she went to a nude beach when she was there.”You didn’t walk around naked did you?” Jill asked with a look of disapproval. “Of course not,” Stephanie said. Jill looked relieved. “I just went topless!”, she said. I laughed and Jill shot me a look, “Don’t encourage her!” she chastised me. “Oh quit being such a prude Jill,” Stephanie teased,”It was mostly old people anyway. It was kind of cute to see all the old men come up and look at my boobs and pretend like they weren’t.” “Allright, enough about the nude beach.” Jill said, “What else did you do?” She told us about her trip and we talked a little bit more before we went to bed. It had been three weeks since we had sex and I was feeling horny so I made a move on Jill. “You’re thinking about my sister aren’t you!”,she whispered angrily. “No, I’m thinking that I wan’t to make love to my wife, whom I haven’t slept with in three weeks.”, I said back to her.”I don’t want to do it with her in the other room, she might hear us.” She said. ” We’ll be quiet. Anyway, she’s an adult now so I’m sure she’ll understand if she hears us.” I was tired of begging my wife for sex. I was really getting old and I was kind of pissed off.” Glen, I’m just not in the mood. Maybe after we take Steph home we can come back here and I’ll let you have your way with me.” Oh, LET me! Like sex was a gift that she doled out as she saw fit and not something that a married couple shared with each other. ” I’m not going to hold my breath on that one!”, I shot at her and turned over and went to sleep. The next morning Jill took the kids and went grocery shopping. I was having coffee and reading the paper when Stephanie came out of her room. She was wearing a skimpy half shirt and panties. She smiled and said good morning and poured herself a cup of coffee. “Boy Jill got bent out of shape over the nude beach didn’t she.” she said. “Yeah, and I’m sure she would not approve of you walking around the house like that.”, I said pointing at her. “Well my bossy big sister isn’t here right now is she.” she saidyawning and stretching so her tits poped out of her shirt. “The question is, do you approve?” she said, seductively. “As long as you change before Jill gets back.” I said thinking about what my wife would say if she knew her sister was standing around like that. She took her half shirt off. “How’s this!” she said. “Hey, the drapes are open! What if the neighbors see?” “I’m proud of my body,and I don’t care who sees it. It’s natural and besides, it’s obvious that you enjoy looking at me.”, she said pointing to my erection that was making a tell tale bulge in my sweats.” What’s a matter Glen, tired of that fat bitch? I know that she can’t look this good!” She took off her panties and dropped them on the floor. She was hot! about 5’6″ tall and nice firm 36c tits and a hard athletic body.” You better better put some clothes on!”, I said, “There is now way I can do anything with you. your my sister-in-law for God’s sake!” She was fingering her nicly cropped pussy and I thought about Jill nasty twat with it’s huge forrest of pubes and big flappy lips. I thought about the three weeks with out sex and being turned down again the previous night and I stood up and dropped my sweats. “MMM you have a nice cock.” stephanie said as she stared sucking it. “It took all of 15 second and I came in her mouth. She swallowed every drop and said “That was fast, I thought only highschool boys came that quick.” I explained about the lack of sex and how I had been rejected last night. “What a bitch!” she said as she hopped up on the table and dangled her legs over the side. I spread her little pussy apart and started to eat her out. It was sweet and had a nice light musky smell, not like the sharp stinky oder that came out of Jills crotch.” Oh yeah Glen eat my pussy!” she said as I went to town on her clit. “Fuck yeah baby I’m going to cum!” I tasted a sweeter juice dribble out of her pussy as she came. ” Oh Glen, you sure know how to eat pussy. Lets see how you fuck!” I slid my cock into her pussy and started to fuck my wife’s little sister. She was very vocal and liked to talk while being fucked. “How does my pussy feel?” she asked. I told her how much tighter it was than Jill’s and how sweet it tasted and how Jill’s loose flappy pussy stunk. We were really getting into it and I was fucking her hard when the front dor opened. It was Jill! I was just about to cum and pulled out and Stephanie grabbed my cock. “Oh yeah baby shott your cum all over me! yeah just like that!” She said as I shot my load on her face and tits. Jill stood at the door with the kids and was too shocked to speak. I couldn’t say anything either and for a few seconds Jill just stared at her sister, on the floor with her husband’s cum on her face.”Well maybe if you fucked your husband once in a while he wouldn’t have to get it somewhere else!” Stephanie broke the silence.”I don’t see what he sees in a fat bitch like you anyway! I mean your fat, and have a loose stinky hairy pussy and I’m cute in shape and have a nice tight sweet little pussy. Any man would take me over you in a second!” I sensed that there was something more to this, that I was being used by Stephanie to get back at Jill for something or other. Jill started crying and screamed,” Get out, both of you! I never want to see either of you again. Stephanie got up and said” Just let me clean Glen’s cum off of my face and get my stuff togeth and I’ll leave.” ” Take this asshole with you!”, Jill yelled and Stephanie replied,” Oh I will, after getting a taste of me, I’m sure he wants more.” She got her things together and I packed a bag and we left without another word to Jill. I called my wife about a week later and told her I wanted to get the rest of my stuff and I would be out of her hair forever. When I showed up at the house, she was naked in the bedroom. “Oh Glen, I forgive you! I want you back and I’ll do any thing you want. I must admit I got a little turned on watching you cum on Steph’s face. I want you to do that to me!” She said when I walked in. Two weeks ago I would have been overjoyed, but now it was to late. I looked at her naked body, big saggy tits and fat gut and ass and huge hairy pussy and thought about the hot young babe with the tight pussy and hard body that I had been fucking for the last week and said to myself that there was no way I would go back to this bitch. She had treated me like shit every since we got married and trapped me into having our second child after I told her I absolutely did not want another kid(she said she was on the pill but she told her mom she wasn’t and I found out). There were alot of other reasons I was glad to be out of this relationship but here she was offering herself to me and saying I could cum in her face! She had always acted like cum was something like battery acid and NEVER wanted any on her. I thought, what the hell, I’ll fuck her one last time and get out. The only problem was that I had been fucking Stephanie every day and had spent all that morning fucking her too. I must have cum twenty times in the last week, four times that morning alone. My cock was sore and tired but I tried to get it up. Jill tried sucking my cock and it got a little puffy but didn’t get hard. Sh
laid on her back and suggested a 69. I place my limp dick in her mouth and proceded to spread her gaping hole and lick her clit. It stunk worse than I remember and had little cottage cheese like white curds on her floppy inner lips. “You know what, this isn’t going to work.” I said. “Look you can’t even get me hard any more. You have always been a bitch and I’m glad Stephanie opened my eyes to the fact that pussy can be sweet and not nasty like your vile cunt!” Tears were in her eyes as I got dressed and got the hell out of there. As I got in my car one thought kept going thruogh my head……Free at last….Free at last ….Thank God Allmighty I’m Free at last!!!!!!!!!!!

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