why my girlfriend is away her mom will play

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my girlfriend was going out of town for the weekend so i would be home with her mom me and my girlfriend fuck before she left for chicago for two days after she was gone i took a shower and got ready for bed it was about 11 that night when i felt something warm on me

i was thinkng that it was a dream but then i feel someone on top me i open my eyes and i see her mom riding my cock she was going to town on it i couldn’t stop her damn it felt good so i sat up grab her tits and suck on them as she pound away on my cock

she said sweetie my old man don’t have a cock like your when i seen you fucking my daugther i knew when she left i was going to get your big cock in me i say to her let me on top so she get up and i get behind her and i look down at her pussy and damn this woman has more hair on her cunt then her daugther did on her head so i put my cock back in her cunt and i pound her hard she screams as i hammer her pussy hard my balls clap her pussy lips you could hear them in the frontroom i was slapping them hard as she lets out a loud sound as she cum all over my cock now her mom is’nt to bad looking as im fucking her i see her ass go up in the air i knew i was going to pound it to so after she cum again i grab the back of her head and say now honey her ass is going to get open up she look around at me as im fucking her pussy then i pull out like im giong to shoot my cum on her back as i stand up her ass lift up i shove my cock in her asshole she screams as my cock open up her asshole she said noone has ever fuck her asshole before i say now your getting it honey as her ass clamps down on my cock i pound her ass real good i could see blood on my cock as i ram deeper into her asshole she screams louder after a hour i fill her asholes full of my cum then when i pull out of her ass i grab her head again she screams as i shove my cock down her throat and shoot some cum in her belly then i tell her to clean my cock with her sweet mouth we fuck ten more time that weekend she was good and her asshole was score as hell she sad i kiss her before her daugther get home and i till her wait till she leave again im going to face fuck her mouth and she going to deep throat my cock

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