Wife did not want to be

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I hear stories all the time about husbands and wives “swapping” and “sharing” willingly. Well, my wife didn’t want to be “shared”. At the time, she thought she was so pretty and had such a hot body that I should just be happy to get some when she decided to give it up to me. Granted, she’s a good looking woman with long, dark hair, she’s about 5’6″ and she does have a really nice firm body with nice, shapely firm tits, not too big not too small just your average firm C variety, and an ass to match. Problem to me was she wanted to fuck on her terms and sucking was completely out of the question. She thought she was too good for that.

A friend of mine since childhood, John, came to hang out at the house a lot. We ran around, drank beer, and work some together. One of the things he always thought was the Laura was the complete bitch that she truly was. He called a spade a spade. She was a bitch and he told me so on occasion when she’d go off on a rant about something. From time to time, she’d try to get me to run him by saying she thought he “wanted” her. Nothing could have been further from the truth. He pretty much disliked everything about her beyond her looks. Meanwhile, I just resented her all the more for her behavior. Eventually she moved out and went home to Mama. After some time, she decided she’d made a mistake. She didn’t like life on her own, trying to pay her own bills and the responsibilities that I’d always taken care of for her. She asked if I’d accept her back. I told her I would, but she’d have to leave her prudish ways at home with her Mama.

She came back, and I must admit, she did put a good fucking on me, but she could tell it wasn’t enough. She could tell that I still resented the fact she left in the first place. She also made the mistake of telling me whatever it took, she’d do it. A night not long afterwards, John came over and we’d all been sitting around the back porch at the house. We’d all been knocking back a few beers for a while when I got thinking about teaching her a lesson. She’d been sitting there flirting and teasing in a little pair of shorts and a tank top. She’d put on two tanks so she would have to wear a bra. This made her figure look even more desirable… even accessible.

Somewhere around the way, I just matter of factly told her I was ready to enjoy the pleasures of her body and to go inside, sit in front of the couch, and wait for me. She gave me a puzzled look but said she’d be waiting and went inside. John got up and was about to leave thinking it time to go home. I told him to wait twenty minutes, have another beer, and then come inside too. He asked, are you going to be finished in twenty minutes? My response was nope, but I’m about to teach her a lesson and you my friend can benefit if you like. Of course we had to have a short talk about “are you sure”, but it didn’t last long.

Upon entering the house, she was sitting in front of the couch as I’d asked. I sat on the couch right behind her but left her on the floor while turning her around to face me. As she was asking what I’d like for her to do, I was reaching down and pulling her tank tops up and off to leave her nice firm tits bare and ready for my hands. I stood up to unbutton and remove my jeans when she said “you know I don’t do that”. I told her she does now and that “no” had better not be part of her vocabulary. My dick was just throbbing hard already at the notion of dominating and having my way with such a complete stuck up bitch despite the fact I was married to her. I told her to take her time and get used to the feel of my cock stretching her lips as she took it in her mouth for the first time since before we were married. When I sat back down it required her on bent over on her knees to continue. I rubbed and stroked her firm full tits and little nipples as she bobbed up and down obediently. She was doing a great job. With one hand I reached down her back and slide my hand inside the back of her shorts and stroked her asscrack and moist mound below. Sliding two fingers just inside her now wet little snatch, she began to moan softly as she fucked my hard cock with her wet mouth.

This went on for about ten minutes when I noticed John had slipped in and been watching. The sight of her performance had him hard as a rock. With my hand still inside the back of her shorts, I slid them down around her knees exposing her ass and wet pussy to John. I knew she wasn’t going to like what was about to come, but I knew because her legs were still inside a pair of half off shorts that she would be able to go far either. I placed one hand gently on the back of her neck and put the lower part of my leg across her back so she could not really stop the coming fuck she was about to take………

To be continued…..

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