Wife doesn't want to be "shared"….. Part II

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As she was beginning to feel a bit confined, I returned my fingers to her now aching little snatch and gently guided her head back down with the other hand. She knew I was eventually going to coat her tonsils in cum….. an experience she’d never had…… and wanted to talk about it. I let her raise up enough to look at me and ask if I’d not cum in her mouth. I told her she was about to learn to love the cock and all that goes along….err, cums with it, and reminded her that “no” wasn’t to be part of her vocabulary since her “whatever it takes” speech to me. After reminding her of this, she willingly returned to the mouth fucking she was putting on my swollen, thick, long, throbbing cock. As she glided her lips and wet mouth up and down my shaft, I told her I had a surprise in store and to just be willing and compliant and it would go well for her. About that time, she caught John’s shadow as he moved towards us. She immediately tried to lift up as I knew she would but my legs are very stong, and I held her there. As she begged me “please, no”, I quietly reminded her again of her “whatever it takes” speech and told her my cock was needing her soft mouth again and guided her sweet lips to my cock. Her crying eyes, for some inexplicable reason, made me want her fucked like a whore all the more.

John slide in right behind her on his knees. She was bent over, knees together, and her snatch must have looked incredible as John began to move the head of his fat cock just between the inside edges of her little tight pussy lips. When his cock first touched the lips of her little pussy she jumped and tried to squirm a little, but it was no use. She resigned the resistance and continued to cry as she sucked my cock with loving care. With her a bit more compliant, I took my leg from her back and again to the floor to free her up to move a bit as John eased a bit more of his thick cock into her quivering snatch. I reached down under her and fondled one of her perfect tits as John had a hand on the other. Hotter and wetter and more willing she got and John put both hands on her hips and slammed the rest of his cock into her. She groaned loudly with her lips just off my cock as she took him in full bore over and over and over as he slammed his long, fat cock into her tight little un-abused pussy. As she was about to cum herself, I pushed her head down onto my cock and deeply into her mouth and throat. She moaned and groaned and was on the very edge of explosion and I ran my hand down her back to wet a finger just a bit at the edges of her soaking wet and cock filled pussy. As I buried my slick wetted finger into her deeply to her virgin asshole, she exploded in orgasm as she’d never before experienced. She came two or three times as she got cock fucked in her mouth and pussy, ass fingered, and tits fondled all the while. The more she came, the more she moaned and groaned and cried. The more she cried the longer and harder we fucked her pausing at various times so not to cum yet ourselves.

I wanted this fucking to last a long, long time, but John could take no more. He was about to explode. I told her it was time to turn around and suck him dry, but she begged no. I told him to just keep on fucking her and fill her up. I knew her concerns with this, but I really just didn’t care. She finally agreed to let him cum in her mouth. We traded places while having her turn over to a sitting position on the edge of the couch. I slammed my own cock into her snatch as John stood at the edge of the couch where she leaned over a bit to receive another mouthful of cock. The sight of the tears on her face was too much for John as she took his cock into her hot mouth between her lips. He exploded all over the inside of her mouth and tonsils and it was dripping out as she tried to swallow it down. As he pulled his cock out, his cum came with it. He wiped it off on her face and long dark hair. My cock hard harder than ever at the sight of all this while I fucked her and fucked her. Once finished, John sat to watch the rest of the show as I continued. Admittedly his cock is thicker than mine though mine is longer. I was just aching to finish her off as she started to cum again from the constant rhythm of my cock in her pussy. I looked over and John was looking like he felt left out, so I told her “back the way we started on all fours, I want you from behind”. As she turned over, I guided her head toward John’s cock. She knew what was expected and she took his soft cock in her mouth and worked it like a pro until it was fully hard and she could fit it all in there. She bobbed up and down, and took my cock slamming her snatch, and I knew she’d explode if I fingered her asshole, but I just had to have it. As I eased my dick out of her pussy, she tried to back into me. I told her finger her clit, and I rubbed the end of my hard, pussy wetted dick on her asshole. She started to squirm, but it was too late. I reached around a grabbed two handfuls of firm tits and pushed my cock all the way in her ass. It’s a good thing I don’t have neighbors. The scream she let out as I fucked her tight little asshole would’ve been heard a block away.

She continued to moan and cry as I fucked her ass from behind. John fucked her mouth while she fingered her pussy to orgasm again just as I exploded a massive load in the depths of her providing some additional, much needed lubrication.

I was exhausted. My wife had been thoroughly fucked like a first rate whore. And, my friend John exploded a second load of cum into her sweet little mouth. When it was all over, I sent her to shower and clean up. John went home. And, I joined her in the shower where after a good cleaning, I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth as well. With an exhausted smile, presumably because the lesson was over, she said, “whatever it takes”.

The whole affair has never been mentioned outloud since that night, but “no” for me, doesn’t exist in her vocabulary anymore.

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  1. blowhard

    I think she needs 3 dicks at once, mouth pussy and asshole.

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  2. blowsoft

    Nice story

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