Wife's cousin

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it was a long week my wifes cousin was sent to our home from the hospital from surgery. her husband was being a jerk and wasnt coming to town for another serveral weeks, we had been watching and taking care of Janice for several weeks already, when my wife told me she would have to go out of town for several weeks i helped her pack and kissed her goodbye. after dinner that night i cleaned the house while janice talked to her hubby at the end of the call she was clearly upset and desturbed with him she grabbed som liquor and drank then she took some of her pain pills and went to sleep on the couch. Now my wifes cousin is faily well built with double D breasts hips for loving and a really tight ass about 5 4 and 130 lbs. As she laid there on the couch with her shorts and tank top on all i could think was the last 9 weeks without sex i watched her from across the room and began top jerk off about her infront of her. i concentrated on her pussy imagining my dick in her. i then did something i thought i would never do i approached her and slowly moved my hand up and down her thighsi slowly worked my way up to her moundher wet moist mound i slowly massaged around it and as her juices let go she moved i thought she had awkened but she was quickly asleep i slowly spread her legs and slid my dick in slowly she felt so wet and tight i nearly cummed right there i shoved all 8 inches in her and slowly moved out then back in and out i lifted her tank top and exposed her breasts as i stroked her pussy with my dick i sucked on her breasts i picked up the pace A I drew near to cumming i held her tight as i loosed my sperm deep inside her i cleaned her up and then myself and went to sleep knowing i had raped my wife’s cousin and filled her with my sperm for the purpose of inpregnating her. i fell asleep thinking this was the only time but i would soon learn that it was not to be

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