Wife's lover

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This story was sheepishly told to me by my wife after we’d been married several years and is one of my favorites! Is it true? You be the judge.

My finace (now wife) was visiting her grandmother in FL for a month during the summer. Her condo community is small with few people around during the hot summer months, so there was always a lot of privacy. Since its beach front, the weather is always nice with a good ocean breeze. There is a nice in-ground pool that is protected and mostly private.

After being with Grandma for a couple weeks, my girl started to get bored and needed to get out of the house. She took long beach walks that frequently involved a stop at a popular ice cream shop for a scoop to eat on the return trip.

After stopping there several times, the owners son, we’ll call Jason, began to chat her up and always paid a lot of attention to her when she stopped in. I mean, whats no to like? She’s 5-8″, 110lbs and perfectly pert little boobs with wonderful nipples that always seem to poke out at just the right time. She’s very cute and had long brown hair at the time. Her legs are to die for! She’s always turned heads when we go out.

Soon, the infrequent ice cream shop visits became every night visits that became hanging around until the shop closed every night visits. She liked Jason and was attracted to him but totally committed to me as well. She and Jason spend hours flirting and talking and just hanging out. Every now and then Jason would tell he how attracted he was to her but respected the ring on her finger.

Well, one night her Grandmother went to visit a friend of hers and planned to stay overnight to avoid a late night drive home. So my girl was all alone for that evening. As per usual she took her beach walk and stopped at the ice cream shop. During her visit that night, she and Jason flirted and she told me that on two occasions, he ‘accidentally’ brushed up against her boobs and his hand brushed her butt. She told him to knock it off but later admitted it turned her on.

After closing the shop around midnight, Jason, my fiance and a friend of his decided to get a late night breakfast. They went to a local Denny’s or Perkins and had some food and enjoyed each others company. After the meal, my finace invited them over to the condo for a swim and a drink which they immediately accepted.

Once at the condo and poolside they chatted for a few minutes. Jason finally stood up and started peeling off his clothes to my girls surprise. He didn’t have swim trunks so he planned on going skinny dipping. She turned her back to him as he stripped naked and jumped in the water. Jason’s friend had decided to take the car and go buy some beers so he left but would only be gone a short while.

After some cajolling by Jason, he talked her into stripping down to bra and panties and getting in the pool. She had no intention of getting naked in front of this guy although she admitted that she was very turned on and her sweet little pussy was hot and wet (and not from the pool water!). After getting in the water, she and Jason began playing tag and chase and generally goofing around. While playing, Jasons hand brushed her pert boobs and backside and he managed to grab her a few times from behind. She could feel his hard cock nestle into her back and against her butt every time his did this. Since her bra and panties are poor substitutes for a bikini, she took them off but cautioned Jason to keep his hands off of her.

After tiring of playing they stood in the shallower end and just talked. Finally Jason’s hand slowly and tenderly began to run up and down her flat tummy and slowly caressed her boobs with much attention to her very sensitive nipples. She in turn played her fingers and hands across his chest and eventually worked down to his rock hard cock . She slowly started jacking his cock and gently squeezing his balls. He moaned with great pleasure and closed his eyes as her tender fingers stroked his cock and balls. She was incredibly turned on and her pussy ached for cock.

She finally let Jason touch her and fondle her ass, her legs and finally her pussy. She was hot as hell and his fingers playing with her clit and finally darting deep inside her was too much for her and she started feeling guilty. She told him so and turned to the swim ladder just behind her to climb out.

Jason quickly swam over to her and wrapped his arms around her from behind and held her close. His cock was nestled firmly between her legs now, its head brushing up aginst the soft folds of her pussy. It was all too much for her now!

Jason worked his cock gently back and forth between her legs and she arched her back to give him a better angle. Slowly the head of his cock parted the folds of her pussy and entered her. She thrust her butt toward him and arched her back, giving him a perfect angle to enter her.

With one big push he buried his cock all the way to the balls inside her hot and slippery pussy. He gasped as his cock found its depth. He held her close and tight for several seconds before pulling almost all the way out and driving into her again. (My fiance got very wet and very slippery when she was turned on so I know Jason had no difficulty burying his cock inside her and then taking long deep strokes.)

After only a few stroks she began to cum herself which is not unusual. She pushed herself hard onto his hard cock wanting him as deep as possible inside her. Jason’s breathing quickened now and she could feel him nearing climax.

She’s always loved having cum inside her and she hates condoms. The thought of having another mans cock inside her was a major turn on, and especially so since she wasnt’ on the pill.

She followed one orgasm with another and just then Jason leaned close into her and whispered in her right ear, “Can I cum inside you?” She enthusiastically said “Yes!”

He was only able to take one more stroke inside her before he drove deep and hard into her and unleashed a huge cumshot! She could feel his cock spurt again and again inside her, filling her pussy with his hot cum. She loved it when he finally emptied his balls inside her and she loved the very thought of another mans cum drenching her unprotected pussy and womb! (And I do too!)

Jason was what you call a ‘heavy cummer’. My cock is thicker that his but his is longer and he cums a lot every time. Just the ticket for her!

Thus spent, his withering cock finally slid from her drenched pussy. Only then did they look up and realize that Jason’s friend had returned from the beer run and was watching them fuck in the pool. He said, ‘Wow! You two look like you’ve been doing this a while!’

Over the next couple of weeks, they fucked and sucked many times. She sucked his cock and swallowed his load and he licked her clit and pussy before, during and after fucking her. He fucked her once in the ice cream shop and they spent the night together alone in his parents house the night before she came to visit me.

The above story from her is my favorite and I hope I did it justice with this writing!

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  1. wardroom

    Great story, very hot.

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  2. Ducky

    Funny how she waited until it was to late, you married her, to learn the truth. How often does she go to visit her grandmother by her self?

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