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my friends rung me and asked me if i wanted to go camping with them during the weekend ,one of my mates has a girlfriend and she was bringing all of her friends aswell as we were setting up ourtents the 4 girls arrived ,one in everlast pants and a thin strapped singlet,another in three quarter pants and a tight top ,one in short shorts and a thin strapped singlet and my friends girlfriend in jeans and a top.
when we were setting up tents the girl in short shorts and a thin strapped singlet came up to me and said
“hey my names amanda”
i said
“hey im kyle”
she said
“umm i forgott my tent ,do u mind if i share with you?”
i said
then she got her bag of clothes and sleeping bag and put them in my tent.
then i set up the double blow up mattress she helped me then it was dinner and we had a few beers and toasted marshmallows then went to bed she said
“do u mind if i sleep naked?”
i said
“no its fine”
then she got undressed and said to me
“you know what i want”
so i took off my clothes and she sucked my cock ,it was really dark but we had a torch on the whole
time ,then i started licking her pussy and finger fucked her then i sucked on her titties and played with them then i fucked her titties.
then after that she played with my cock and played then i fucked her from behind and in front then we started kissing and playing with each others body now every month my mates and the girls go camping there and me and that cutie always share a tent and fuck each other all the time!(:

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