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Elizabeth was cute. She had been aggresively tryiong to get my business on a commodity that we buy annually. last year she was turned down and while we met, Liz told me that her company was going to make some changes if their salespeople did not get some new business. Liz was about 5’7″ tall, definitely thin and had fake blonde hair. You could tell she was the cutie they sent out and hoped buyers would place orders because of her looks and appeal. Liz had breats that were almost odd for her size because they were big and she was so thin that they stood out as the first thing you saaw. i oftned wondered if they were real when we were negotiating.

On this day, Liz seemed distracted, I asked why she was so out of it and she explained that they were meeting this afternoon and canning some sales people that had not been performing. I asked if she had been doing well and she said that all her leads turned up very small orders and she was hoping that my $500,000.00 potential order was at the least positive for her firm. I looked at her and I told her anything is possible.

I told Liz to close the door that was behind her and just relax. Little did she know that I had already decided to give her the business anad I had a purchase order already typed and under my notebook I always took to meetings.

As she closed the door I smiled at her and she smiled back a bit weary of why the door was being closed. I stood up and asked her if she would be willing to do whatever it took to get this order. She nodded yes and still had wonder in her face. I walked over to her and gave her a small hug. I felt those tits bounce off me and it made me a bit horny. I stepped back and grabbed both tits very gently and stared into her eyes. She was real cute and I could tell she was not goodat this.

Liz let me fondle her tits for a bit and then asked me what I wanted her to do. i told he to get on her knees. She knelt down and I took out my cock. It had a little wetnes at the tip from squeezing her tits, and it was starting to get hard. I squeezedit and a bit more pre-cum came to the surface. I moved the cock towards her face and she put her tongue on the tip and licked the cum drop off. I had her. i knew I could do anything I wanted and she was going to get it good. welcome to business little girl. I had 500,000.00 to play with and she had to have it. I stuck my cock in her mouth and grabbed her head. i was humping her mouth slowly taunting her to eat my cock. She was using her mouth like a pussy and every once in a while, she would gulp like to swallow saliva and that turned me on. I took it out and told her to reach under and lick my asshole. She looked and me like she rather not but i placed her head under my balls, squatted a boit and felt the tongue search for my hole.

She licked it and as I instructed her do do things, she listened and did it. i had her kiss my asshole loud so I could hear her, then tongue fuck it. She was busy down there and I was in heaven. I stood her up and looked at her. She asked if she was getting theorder now and I told her she wa far from done. I pulled at her skirt and unhooked it. No panties! I was shocked because I didnt notice. There was a bald little pussy on a tall girl. It looked like she was a teenager but at 5″6″, that pussy could hold my meat.

I turned her around and leaned down. I started to suck her cunt lips and she started to wiggle a bit. I ate her slowly at first and then I just opened my mouth and put as much of her cunt in it as I could. I sucked her whole pussy and at this point, she was forgot what we were and who we were and it was all sex.

She humped my face and I ate her like a steak. I leaned back and started on her asshole. I could tell this hole had never been fucked and wondere for a sec if I should leave it alone. NO, HELL NO ! I ate it and she jerked when I went a bit far.

It was time to fuck this little bitch so I stuck it in her and started workjing her in small circles and straight humps. Slow Slow Slow and then Bam. I got her to follow the ryhtem and felt her cum with my dick in her. She didnt screm, or yell, she just grinded and I saw her fingers dig in, a sure sign the pussy is cumming.

I took out my cock, and took another look. “Timem to get that order baby,” I told her as I moved forward and slipped it in her asshole. She looked like she was just stabbed but held her ground. Little by little I un virginized her asshole until it was wet, and open enough for us to fuck. I was fucking her in a nice pace and starting to get that feeling when she told me she had to go. I didn’t reallly get it until I saw a stream start down her pussy and here was this littler girl pissing while I fucked her ass. I never thought about it but damn it made me cum.

I took out my cock and sat her in her own pee. I held it at her mouth and as she opened, I saw the first squirt ride the throat. No way to spit that squirtt out and little by little I dropped it all over her face, hair, and in her mouth.

We cleaned her up, and went to my desk. I told her to get on her knees and as I called her boss, I better feel her mouth cleaning my cock. I called her boss and told him he obtained the order asnd thanks to the aggressive salesgirl he had, they would contuinue to get business a slong as she handle my account. He was happy.

I hung up and told Liz to jsut keep handling my account down there and about two minutes later I gave her more cum to take hiome in her stomach.

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