You just never know

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This happened this summer. Ten years ago, I had major reconstuctive neck surgery, and I see him every three months for pain management and followupS. He hires alot of nurse practitioners, this is about one of them. I’m a 41 year old single man from Boston.
Last year he hired an NP named Jen, an attractive 29 year old woman, about 5’5″ black hair, nice body with average size breasts. She became the person I saw regularly and we became freindly, we talked alot, she told me that she came here from Ohio and was a huge sports fan like me. In May I asked her if she’d ever been to a Reds game, she told me that she’d never been to a professional baseball game, so I asked her if she would like to accompany me to a Red Sox game. She was a bit apprehensive, worried about professional ethics. I told her to think about it and send me an email. A week later she messaged me saying she’d go, but we needed to keep it quiet, and just as two fans, not a date. I said “OK fine”
I got 2 tickets to a Sunday day game in June against Toronto. On game day I picked her up, we drove to park. As she entered Fenway her eyes lit up, the grass, the crowd, the players on the field. So, we settled in to watch game, she was really enjoying herself, she told me more than once how much fun she was having. In the 7th inning she began to notice that I was in a bit of pain, I cant sit for long periods, she asked if I was OK and wanted to leave, I said “No, enjoy, I’ll be OK”. Well, the Sox won 14-1.
After the game we found a nice little Italian restaraunt near Fenway and she bought dinner, we engaged in very freindly small talk, it was a good time. OK here’s where it gets interesting. On the ride home she asked in i was getting massages, Itold her that I looked at massages like i look at chiropractic and acupuncture, just scams that don’t work, and, at $60-70 a pop, theyre expensive. She said “No, they really do work” she explained to me how muscles nd tendons work, and what massages do, then she said “Look, when we get to my apartment, I’ll give you a therapeudic massage, try it”.
Her apartment was smaller than I thought it was but nice, clean, well furnished. She made coffee, we talked a bit and the said “OK, ready”. She went to a closet, pulled out a massage table and set it up, she told me to srip down to everything except my underpants,lay face down on table, and she’d be back in about 5 minutes. She returned, dimmed lights, lit candles and put on relaxing music, then she began, man…it was heaven, using deep pressure she did everything, my arms, legs, feet, even my butt. Then she asked my to roll over, draped a towel over my mid section and continued. As I turned I noticed her hair was up, she was barefoot wearing sweat pants with a belt with lotion bottles on it. She also had on a dark blue T shirt and though, not revealing, It was noticable that she didn’t have a bra on . Her boobs would rub against me on occasion and I was getting aroused. While she was doing my thighs I noticed that her nipple were hard, Suddenly, she noticed, through the towel, that I had a hard on. She said “Hmm what’s this?”. I was so embarrassed, apologized and said “I’m so sorry” as i was getting up, she pushed me back on table and said “Relax, this isn’t the first time I,ve done this”,and began rubbing my cock through my underwear, about 30 seconds later she said “Let’s get rid of these” pulled off my underwear, climbed on table, straddled my legs, took her top off and began giving me a hand job. Switching back and forth between hands, going fast and slow, she was very experienced.She said that I could touch her if I wanted. She explained to me that I was under stress and orgasms are, physically, a great stress relief, but she was enjoying it. About 5 min later, she rammed it up, she poured oil on my cock and using both hands, used very fast strokes. ” Oooh, you like this, i can tell” she said as my cock began to throb. Her nipples were rock hard. “Cum for me” she said “C’mon, do it, let me see it”. I was getting close “I can feel that cock filling up” she said ” Tell me” she said “Tell me when” I sat up, grabbed her right breast, looked her right in the eyes and said it “, I’m gonna cum” and shot a huge load all over my stomach, as I did, she had this sex crazed look on her face “Yeah, thats it, nice” she said.
She got up. cleaned me off, I got dressed. She handed me a card with her name, phone number and the words Licensed Massage Therapist on it. She said “Now, you cant mention this at the office, but I do this for extra money, this ones free, i normally charge $50, but won’t charge you. Ok”
So, I still see her in office its strictly professional, Doctor-patient, but in her apartment, it isn’t. I see her every 2 weeks, we’re getting close and now its elevated to blowjobs, we’ve even gone on a few dates, I think it’s just a matter of time before we, well….you know. Hope you’ve enjoyed this.

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