A foursome that turned into a sixsome

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I had just come home to my husband from picking up my friend; Liz, and her boyfriend; Mitch, and the table was beautifully set with salads in a salad bowel above each of the four plates. My husband had made dinner. We ate our salads first, then our stakes and potatoes, and then our fruit salad and pie. There were strawberries in the fruit salad, and Liz began to perform a sex food type thing. Then she started making out with her boy-friend, and they were drunk from the champagne we had given them. Part of the strawberry she was chewing had dropped into her lap. She said “Oops, um can I use your shower?” Of course we said yes. Her boyfriend had followed her. My husband and I had gone to our bedroom. The bathroom that my friends were using was connected to our bedroom with the door open, and we saw them fucking each other, and they both were moaning, and they made my husband and me very hard. My husband and I had started making out. I started pulling off my clothes, and my husband started sucking my hard tits, making them harder than they were. He had suddenly mad me cum in my panties! When he took off my panties, he had seen what he got me to do and stuck my sexy panties to my hard pussy. When I asked him what he was doing, he had told me that he was putting the cum to my pussy so he could taste some. He told me it was fucking sweet. He started to deep throat my pussy. My pussy felt better than ever. He made me cum some more, but I knew he liked it. It said oh you fucking bitch, you are so fucking yummy. While he was deep throating me he stuck his finger up my butt, and I said oh fuck, I was moaning more than my friends were in the shower. That thought reminded me to look up and they were almost done, Liz was deep throating Mitch’s huge what looked like an 8 and ½ inch dick. My husband started taking off his clothes; I said oh my fucking g-d really loud, my friends looked up into my bedroom and saw my husband taking off his clothes and fucking me, I didn’t say anything to my husband. My friends got out of the shower, but we didn’t hear them because we were too caught up in the moment. My friend came into the room with Mitch and they stared at us for a while and we stared back, they said, “you know you could’ve asked to join us!” so they came over to the bed where we were and the opposite sex of us started kissing us very kinky like. Then my husband’s dick started getting really big. I had asked if they could come closer to Mitch and I, and I started licking my husband’s big 9 inch dick. She joined in with me, and licked my husband’s balls. My husband started moaning, and saying oh fuck harder as I started stroking him, going up and down faster and faster with my mouth, licking the tip of it every time I had started slowing down. Mitch started licking my pussy, and fingering his girlfriend’s pussy. My husband said he would cum, and I took his dick out of my mouth and let it go on both me and Liz. I continued sucking on my husband’s dick. Mitch made me say fuck, and made me bite down on my husband’s dick. Then my husband said shit, and he said do that again, but lighter, and going up and down. I asked Mitch to try doing it to my pussy, and it had made me cum, and then he did to his wife, and I made her cum, he said gosh these girls cum taste sweet. In about ten more minutes, we changed positions, my husband had putt his dick in my wet and hard pussy, and Mitch put his dick in my but, and they started fucking me slowly, while Liz sucked and licked around my pussy and their dicks. My pussy started cuming again, and my husband’s had cumed too. Liz tasted some of both of our cum, and I started feeling bad cause she wasn’t really getting much. I told her to let me suck her pussy. She sat face forward, and let me deep throat her, and my husband started putting his finger up her ass whole, that kept on getting bigger. She cumed in my mouth and I swallowed it, because it tasted better than my husband’s. My husband tasted some with his fingers too. For the rest of the night we fucked each other a little more, and made our selves tired out. My husband fell asleep with his dick in my friend’s pussy though, and had a wet dream in the middle of the night. My friend woke up went to the bathroom and answered the door that had rung. The rest of us were still asleep. At the door were two female strippers that she had hired. They stood came up in the bedroom, and tied each of us to bedposts. When we woke only the strippers were there. We screamed for help thinking that we were about to be shot or something, but they just started striping. First they stuck there tongues out and started making out. Then one came and started licking my pussy. Her tongue was pierced, so it felt better than it had the night before. Her piercing was making me want to cum so I did. She said mmmmm want to taste mine. She forced me to lick her pussy. She cumed, and her cum tasted surprisingly good. My hatband enjoyed being fucked by a stripper, especially one with a pierced pussy. Mitch was watching, and started spanking the stripper on top of my husband. Liz came up, and started kissing Mitch. She told us that they were just strippers, and untied us. My husband kissed me and said I want to fuck my wife this morning, so he did. Mitch and Liz enjoyed the fucking and the pussy, dick sucking, while my husband and I had a romantic moment.

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