A hot time with a TV

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My first time with a TV

This happened many years ago in a small town on the coast in Baja Mexico, I was 20 or 22 at the time.
I knew a very hot and very passable TV she was about 5 9′ had green eyes and big round boobs, full lips and a soft girly figure. She was always at a bar I went to, we never did anything but did enjoy each others company often dancing. She liked to dirty dance with me making me blush with embarrassment! I was after all a big tough ‘straight’ guy.
She loved dancing and kissing with unknowing American tourists and fishermen. We always talked and drank together to the point tourists {thinking we where a couple} would ask me if I was alright with me to ask her to dance. Well one slow night we along 2 other locals drank until closing time we where all nicely buzzed.
She asked for a ride home witch was not uncommon, I said ‘sure’ as soon as we got a block or 2 away she put her hand on my leg and said ‘I could use some fresh air let’s lay on the beach for awhile’ in a short time we were laying next to each other on a blanket she had one soft smooth leg bent so it was touching mine I began to get aroused but didn’t move away so she moved to her side facing me. Up to this point we never fooled around so this was all new for me.
I was getting more aroused by the second and adjusted myself she saw this and said ‘let me help you’ without waiting for a response she reached down and began to lightly massage my rapidly harding cock while kissing my neck when she tired to kiss me I turned my head away she quietly said ‘don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about this’ with that my reluctance crumbled {the alcohol helped} she kissed me with those big soft lips and wow she was a great kisser!
We continued this for awhile she had removed her top pushing her boobs against me and pulled my shorts down she was slowly stroking and running her long nails up and down my hard dick needless to say I was very turned on so I turned on my side to face her and started to grind against her she responded by doing the same to me, I reached down to grab her ass a slid my hand down her shorts she said ‘this might make it easier’ and unbuttoned and slid her shorts and panties off. She turned back to me I reached down and felt her large and thick cock it was at least 7in and shaved smooth! I had slid my shorts completely off so now we pressed our naked bodies together while kissing and grinding against each other.
Our cocks felt like they where on fire as we held each other tight, she pushed me to my back and kissed her way down to my cock, she gently grabbed and began to stroke me while lightly kissing and licking my rock hard cock and teasing my asshole with her nails,god she was good!
She finally took me into her hot mouth and began a long slow blow job, I could feel her boobs rubbing against my legs. She was keeping right on the edge it was unbelievable! I kept thinking is ‘she’ really a guy? Her soft smooth body made me think about it until I saw her stroke her big dick {bigger than mine} all this quickly {too quickly} pushed me over the edge and I started to fuck her face to a fantastic orgasm shooting cum into her wet hot mouth, she continued to suck until I was soft then came up to give me a long kiss I could still taste my cum on her lips. I reached down to play with her, she moved around so I could lick her while she played with my still soft cock. I tried my best to make come but unfortunately failed, she said ‘don’t worry’ it was because of the hormones she took. She rolled on her back and said ‘I need to do it myself’ I kissed her as stroked herself to a squirting orgasm.

After we softly kissed for a little while longer then cleaned up and I drove her home, it had been a fantastic night so I asked if we could meet the next night? She smiled gave me a kiss and said ‘I hope so’ She again promised not to tell and saying with a smile ‘I’d hate to ruin your ‘macho’ image’ and she never did tell. Unfortunately it was four long months before we had the chance to get together again but well worth the wait!

She was the only TS I’ve ever been with.

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