A Sissy Gets Caught

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This is the story of how I got caught all dressed up by my wife Beth. I was all alone at home doing the house work as I had been for the last 6 months; I usually dressed up after doing the work, but this day things felt different so I found Beth’s wedding dress and tried it on and to my surprise it fitted so I changed out of it and got into the under where of corset, panties, petticoat and stockings and now the red wig and applies make up to my clean shaven face and finally I dons the wedding dress and I realises I have not put my but plug in that day so I finds it quickly and puts it in place I then stets about doing the housework.

I quickly finish it and find my bondage gear and heads up to Beth’s and my room and sets the bondage gear out on the bed no sooner the front door goes and I start undressing as You head upstairs moving up the steps…opening the door to O/our room…stopping at I see a figure in white in front of the mirror…looking into it…I gasp
“What the…..”
“Hi hunny your home early”
“Yeah…so I see…what are you doing in my wedding dress…?
Beth moves closer and starts touching the perfectly arrange hair and looking at my made up face
“Experimenting hunny, do you disapprove of it”
Beth looks harder at me
“Looks as though you’ve done this before…the make up and hair are well done…your kind of pretty that way, baby”
I giggle
“I have done this before I do the hair and make up every day when you’re at work, but this is the 1st time I’ve donned your wedding dress
“Hmmmmmmmmmmm” at this point Beth lifts up the back of the dress…up over my shoulders and looks beneath it* what you got on under it, baby?
“A but plug and frilly panties and petticoat hunny”
“Butt plug”
Beth lets the dress drop and moves to the armchair by the window…seating herself
“Let me watch you walk around the room, baby”
I walk about the room like a lady
“I have been dong this since I got fired and became the house husband I’ve even used the
“I had no idea you were interested in cross dressing, baby…what else have you been hiding from me? “
Beth grins and pulls out a harness and large latex Cock from the bottom drawer of the chest beside her
“I often wondered what you would say if I came out of the bathroom wearing this [chuckles] now I think you might not mind “
“To tell the truth I hoping would ask me to dress”
I kneel at her feet
“As you can see I’m submissive”
“I long suspected that, love…but we’ve never discussed the lifestyle at all.”
Beth’s fingers caress my chin…sliding up to my pretty painted lips her other hand strokes the thick long Cock on her lap
I takes her hand and kisses it
“Why didn’t you ask me, What do you think I got fired for babe?”
“You got fired on purpose, are you submitting to me, baby?
“No no I got fired looking at BDSM porn and coming to work in unsuitable attire and I am submitting to you”
Beth lifts each of her feet as she puts them into the harness, and she lifts her ass from the chair to arrange it in place before fastening the straps securely and then sits again with hand around the balls beneath the big Cock
“L/let’s see how good you can suck MY Cock then, my little subbie princess”
I suck your cock fast and deeply like a slut as if I’ve been doing this for years
“Mmmm pretty good mouth action there, [growls softly] boy, I’ve wanted to fuck your ass almost since we got married, I’m going to do it tonight”
“please do I’ve been wanting to tell you of my kinks since our 1st date, you asked for secrets well on that date I was in panties and fishnet stockings”
“Ohhhhhhh you kinky slut, I wish I’d known then. Now you are my slut though, you will obey everything, meet my smallest whim, I WILL be your Goddess
“Also I wore them on our wedding day along with, may I go and get something so show You Goddess”
“You may”
I runs off to the attic and comes back holding a metal chastity device and kneels before her “I had this on during our wedding day Goddess”
“Mmmmmmmm this could come in handy”
I took it off when I disappeared from the party so I wouldn’t get found out for being a sissy slut pig, Do you wish me to put it back where it belongs and post the keys to You Goddess?
She just shakes her head
“I would have never guessed NOW suck that like you want it”
I suck her she cock as I crave it as I do so my clitty starts to erect and lifts up the panties and petticoat with the dress the dress I move my head faster hoping I’m going to get raped by you soon
“Do you wish me to put it back on and send the keys through the post back to you the slowest way possible Goddess?”
I suck faster at the thought of her going to work on me
“Wonders about what you said” “do You wish me to put it back on and send the keys through the post back to You the slowest way possible Goddess”
“Mmmmmm you are such a slut boy”
“My chastity device and I deserve to be treated as such even whored out Goddess”
“ahhhhhh you are…and perhaps we will do that with the device soon”
I smiles and continues sucking
“NOW suck…this needs to be very wet…or its going to hurt you”
I stop sucking for a second “I want it to hurt Goddess”
“[Chuckles] get over the edge of the bed then, those panties off…and that dress up over you head”
I gests how I’m told and shackles my wrists to the bed and waits for you
She watches me shackling a wrist and then shackle the other as I cant can’t reach it ….then roughly spreads my legs…shackling them to the legs of the bed…having you held securely and wide open to whatever She decide my fate is*
“mmmmmmmmmmm” as I’m bound helpless
She then moves behind me, and spreads my ass cheeks, and just drives the thick dry cock into my ass right to the hilt. She starts grinning as I buck from the pain*
“Please abuse me Goddess it’s I deserve Goddess”
She pulls out and rams right back in the knowing how the dry fuck is hurting me so good
I bits my bottom lip as you rape me my clitty hardens to the point of cumming, she continues fucking me hard and fast. My cries of pain and your moans driving her on*
“Please please make it stop I can’t take it any more Goddess”
Hearing my pleas, she fucks me faster. Her thighs slapping hard on my ass cheeks and thigh backs*
“Please please please I really can’t take any more”
I cry like a girl & pre cum oozes out of my clitty
I keep crying like a little girl
Hard She-cock ramming into my tight ass, more and more as she is ignoring my cries*
I cry more in between the burst of tears I scream loud “HELP ME!”
“CUM now”
I shoots my load onto the bed and continues crying
Her fingers in my hair ease, and her hand sliding down my back gently…feeling as well as hearing your sobs…slowly pulling the thick cock from me
“Whose little slut are you now, baby?”
“I’m Yours Goddess”
She Un-straps the dildo from her hips, dropping it beside my head on the bed…and moves back across the room to the chair…seating herself…watching…
“Put that in the sink to soak and make Me a drink then, My girlie boy”
I try to move from the bed but cant as still shackled to it I watch her and sniff away the tears
She moves to the bed…unlocks my ankles first…then crawls up over my body to reach my wrists…straddling my waist…
“Have you always been a sissy, dear?”
“Many years My Goddess”
“hmmmm funny I didn’t have a clue the whole time we dated”
“I’m good at hiding it my, what would you like to drink my Goddess”
“A glass of wine. white…to celebrate your submission to Me”
*minces to the bathroom and places the strap on in water to soak and heads down to the kitchen and gets You a large glass of white wine and brings it back to You upon a tray with the bottle & curtsies* “Your wine my Goddess”
She takes the glass “good girl”
I places the tray beside her
and kneels at her feet
“Now take off my dress and put it in a bag for the dry cleaner”
I stands and strips off Your dress with care and places it into the bag for the dry cl
eaner and hangs it on the back of the door & curtsies in just the under where of corset, panties, petticoat stockings and shoes
“Am I to dress as a girl 100% of the time my Goddess?”
“No, I still like the guy I married and want to see him now and then”
“What about female under where when dressed as my male self my Goddess?”
“Only when we go out when I want My husband…I want all male”
“How many male things am I to own my Goddess?”
“What you have now is fine. We work on getting you more girl stuff that fits better”
“ohh a shopping trip [giggles] may I kneel at Your feet my Goddess”
I stand with my hands behind my back my clitty cock erecting again
“What is this?”
“What is what my Goddess”
I kneel at her feet legs parted for inspection and her eyes move over me…critically

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