An old friend stops by

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It was almost ten pm; I had just finished getting ready. I still wasn’t sure if I was going to the adult cinema or a local club for cross dressers. I was wearing my favorite purple micro mini dress. Matching lace black bra and thong panties. Black tights and my favorite three and a half inch spike heels with ankle straps. I have natural shoulder length brown hair that I style myself.
I had just finished putting my lip stick on, when I heard the doorbell. Who could be here at this time of night? I walked into the kitchen to peer through the window, Oh my god it’s Jeff! I haven’t seen him in years; when we were younger we would experiment. Jeff was always more of a top, tall, strong, take charge kind of guy. Being almost six foot he always toward over my five foot five small frame. He wasn’t bad in the looks department either, not drop dead gorges but not bad on the eyes.
My heart was racing; ok I thought he has seen you like this before. I slowly walked to the door, took a deep breath and opened it. Hi Jeff what a surprise. Jeff smiled as he looked me up and down, I see you still dress; wow some things do improve with time. Would you like to come in? Sure is all he said. Let me get you a beer. We went to the living room, he sat on the couch and I sat right next to him, crossing my legs as I tried to pull my mini dress down.
We made small talk, as he sipped on his beer. Then he said well why don’t you be a good little slut and put those lips to work? Uncrossing my legs and leaning back away from him, I said what do you think I am some kind of cheap cross dressing whore? That the first site of that bulge in your jeans I’ll be on my knees sucking your cock? Then I smiled, I thought you would never ask me. I slid to the floor onto my knees, I couldn’t get his jeans open fast enough, oh my god he is going commando, his cock either got bigger or I forgot how big he was. His soft semi hard cock filled my hand; I slowly slid my tongue up his shaft, till I reached his large head. Then sliding my lips down his shaft taking all I could. I could feel him growing harder in my mouth as my head bobbed up and down. Jeff leaned forward as he slid his belt off, and then folded it over. So Slut you still like having that sexy little ass beaten? Without removing my mouth from his cock I tried to get out a yes. Just then I felt his belt land on my almost exposed ass. I let out a moan, then another smack and another. Then he set the belt down, get up Slut lay on the couch on your back, my head was hanging off the couch as Jeff stood over me. Leaning down he guided his hard cock into my open mouth. His other hand holding the back of my head as he rammed his cock all the way in. causing me to gag, sometimes he would hold my head there, forcing me to gag on it. I could hear him laugh you will learn to take it just like a paid whore! It wasn’t long before he was pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, like he was fucking me. Then I heard him grunt as he said take it all Slut swallow all my cum. He filled my mouth; I was swallowing as fast as I could.
I have got plans for you tonight slut, get up lift that dress up around your waist. Doing as told I stood in front of him pulling my mini dress up. It was as if this rage was taking over him, he became more demanding than I ever knew him to be. He pulled up this wooden chair, and I was told to kneel on it leaning over the back, ass out and fully exposed. Jeff rubbed my ass then let his fingers rim my bottom. My heart was racing now, Jeff then spanked me hard then again. He leaned down and said to me every time I spank you whip you give you any kind of punishment you will say thank you, do you understand? Yes Sir is all I could say. Jeff then picked up the belt and I felt the first sting, your no fucking princess, you’re a fucking dirty little whore. And that’s how ill treating you from now on.
Now I love being spanked and I love bondage, but I had never been spanked or whipped like this before. It was bringing tears to my eyes, I was actually screaming out each time he whipped me, trying to get out Thank you every time.
Then he started rubbing my bottom, that’s enough for now, now get your ass in the bedroom slut. I walked slowly down the hallway holding my sore and I am sure very red ass. As I walked in he grabbed my hair, do you have any lube slut? Yes it’s in the night stand. Get on the bed ass up in the air slut. He went to the night stand and opened it, oh my god he will see my dildo’s and my hand cuffs too, all my sex toys are in there. Well what do we have here slut, as he pulled out my hand cuffs and my ball gag. No please don’t use those on me please I begged. Within minutes there I was gagged and cuffed to my own bed. Jeff had the lube in his hand, and was now naked. God I couldn’t help notice how in shape he was, his chest was just ripped. Jeff was on his knees between my open legs, my ass fully exposed to him. Then I felt his hot tongue as he rimmed my ass, then felt him shove it deep inside me, all I could do is lay there and enjoy it, his tongue fucking my ass wiggling around deep inside me. Then came the lube, I felt his hand on my hip. This is going to feel so good, your nice tight ass wrapped around my big hard cock. Oh my god he is going to rip me open. I then felt the head of his cock press against me, then he slowly worked it in, then he just rammed the rest of it in me. Fucking me harder, and harder, his cock ramming into me. I felt my cock grow as it was being grinded against the bed; Jeff fucked me like a man possessed.
God all my fantasies coming true, being tied up and gaged being taken forcefully, oh god I am coming I could feel the bed as it got wet beneath me. Then hearing Jeff grunt I felt his cock spasm in my ass. Filling me with his hot sticky cum. Jeff then got dressed as I laid there cuffed and gagged, as he undid the cuffs he aid I’ll be back tomorrow night, be ready by eight. I just laid there feeling abused and happy.

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