at the hairdresser

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it was a thursday night and most of the stores were still open when i left the office at about 8:30. i knew i needed a haircut and was surprised when i saw that my regular hairdresser shop was still open. i went in and there was a bit of a line waiting and two hairdressers were on duty. one i had seen before, a real bombshell with tits that just about popped out of her tight uniform and a nice shapely butt. the other one was new to me, but still a total knockout….one of the reasons i liked coming to the shop was to check out the staff.
so, i was the last to arrive, and just after i did, the new girl flipped the sign around from “open” to “closed”. slowly they worked their way through the line of guys waiting or their haircut. every couple of minutes though another person would try the door, only to see the “closed” sign, then move on.
i finally got called up to my haircut. as i sat down, lisa (the hairdresser) asked the previous guy (who turned out to be the store manager) to draw the blinds to stop people from trying the door. the she turned to me and asked, “so, regular cut?” and i gave the standard reply, “yep….straight-across number 1 thanks.”
i really liked the way that lisa would rub herself against me when she cut my hair. this time she had on a dress with a zipper that went right down the front. when she was pressed against me so that i could see the outlines of her nipples pressed against her dress and i thought about resting my cock between her soft mounds and watching her flick her tongue across the head of my dick.
i was almost cumming with all of this dreaming and my cock was so hard making a tent in my pants that was easily visible under the cape.
lisa just smiled at me and continued to move the clippers over my head.
just then the manager walked across after closing the blinds and turning off the outside lights.
“looks like we have a satisfied customer here.” he said looking at the tent that i was pitching. “maybe we can help some more.” he continued with a grin. he moved behind lisa and took her fabulous tits in his hands and did a slow grind into her ass. lisa enjoyed it and played with his cock. bill did too, and pulled out his cock and slid it between lisa’s ass cheeks. i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. lisa finished up with the clippers and was getting the fine set to finish the square cut around the back of my neck and the ears.
again, she leaned over in front of me, just as bill (the manager) grabbed the zipper and pulled it down. lisa wasn’t wearing a bra, so her tits just fell out, right there in front of me. by now, knowing that they were playing with me, i started to stroke my stone-hard cock under the cape.
lisa’s uniform fell away, and she was naked in front of me asking if i needed anything else finished of with the clippers. i looked at her body and noticed that she had a shaved pussy and thought “what the heck” and moved the cape aside, and dropped my pants to show my stiff cock and asked to have my balls shaved.
just then, the new girl came back in. i had totally forgotten about her. she looked at the display and grinned as well.
“here teena, i think you might like to help this gentleman out.” lisa said as she passed the clippers across. “i think he would like a nice smooth finish here.”
teena took the clippers in one hand then slid the other over my hard cock and lifted it to expose my firm ball sack.
when she touched my cock, i almost spurted everywhere, but the way teena pressed just under the head of my dick and streched down, stopped me. she took the fine clippers and started to shave under my balls and around my cock. this was an unbelievable feeling. then she had me stand up and spread my legs for better access. she gently massaged my cock for me while moving the clippers around, then i felt a moist finger playing with my butt hole. i closed my eyes and groaned in ecstacy. when i opened them i saw bill and lisa fucking, bill behind her sliding his cock into her moist cunt and massaging her tits.
the finger around my ass slide in and i gave a short gasp as i felt some lips and warm moist mouth cover my cock.
teena bobbed her head on my cock as i watched bill and lisa. bill had a wicked grin on his face as he looked over at teena’s attention.
he moved away from lisa and removed teena’s uniform, which was the same as lisa’s.
i saw it drop to the floor and bill moved behind so i couldn’t see. teena obviously liked it, because she started to moan and started going harder on my cock.
lisa came to me and fed me one of her fablous tits. i sucked on the big nipple and grabbed her other breast in my hand.
i was starting to cum again and teena could sense this. she stopped and squeezed my balls and the top of my cock to slow me down.
i turned around and got the surprise of my life. teena was more than “she” appeared. bill was sucking on a good 6″ of hard meat while he played with his.
open invitation i thought, so i took his 8″er into my throat.
lisa moved over to teena and started to kiss and lick her face while she stroked my cock and slid a finger into my ass.
bill then took his cock away from me then fed it into teena’s ass. as he slid it in teena’s cock pulsed and i could see pre-cum dripping from the head. both lisa and i took turns in licking it and sucking deeply. teena then exploded cum, it didn’t seem to stop. it covered my face and lisa’s face and tits.
that was it for me. i stood up and jerked on my cock, while bill was fucking teena with his long hard cock into her ass, and lisa licking dripping cum from her tits and teena’s body.
i sprayed my cum over the three of them then just as i finished, bill pulled out of teena’s ass and sprayed his cum around as well.
i hadn’t ever seen that much cum in my life.
all of us licked and slurped and cleaned each other.
that was one hell of a visit to the hairdresser. i could hardly wait for my next visit.

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  1. creameater

    thank you for that story, i love the surprise cock of Teena’s and all the sex play.

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  2. want it

    Nice sexy story!
    The big tits and surprise cock is my dream!

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