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I suppose I was the one that first mentioned porn to Nikki. We’d been chatting on a girls’ night out and laughed abut how I’d never found any porn in the house. She giggled and said I was bound to find some sooner or later – all men had some, somewhere.

A few days later, I’d completely forgotten our drunken conversation and so when Nikki showed up at mine after you’d gone out with your friends, I was surprised when she mentioned it. We’d both had a few glasses of wine at that point and when the talk turned to sex, it was a small step to make to chat about porn.

We were screeching with laughter when she told me she had some porn that belonged to her roommate at university. Becky, she told me, loved to dominate her lovers and film the whole scene on her laptop’s webcam. She’d swapped a lot of music with Nikki – and while browsing the files, Nikki had discovered the video folder.

As I poured more wine, she produced a memory stick. She turned on your Xbox and plugged it in. Browsing through the files, she hit play and sat back as the movie started.

The room was a pretty tidy place, given it belonged to two students. There was one large bed in the centre of the wall, with a desk and a wardrobe on either side.

“We pushed the beds together soon after we met,” Nikki said, blushing. I knew she was bi… we’d had our fling when we first met as teenagers. My nipples stiffened, and I suddenly wondered whether she was trying to seduce me. It was certainly turning me on, the thought of watching porn with my gorgeous friend.

Into the room came two girls, both perhaps eighteen. One was slender, with an hourglass figure, a bob haircut dyed bright pink, wearing a short pink satin dress which clung to her curves and ended at the hem with ruffles of white marabou. Her long legs were clad in sheer pink stockings which ran down to a pair of pink ankle socks topped with a marabou ruffle. The pink sandals were high and thin. A pair of elbow-length pink opera gloves ran to her elbows. She was made up to look like a doll, with a pale, almost white face that made the pink eye shadow and lipstick leap out. I had the oddest feeling she looked somehow familiar, but I couldn’t put my finger on who she was.

The other girl followed her in. She was more muscular, with wide hips and large breasts. She was head to toe goth, with a black tight leather dress, jet black hair, wearing stiletto knee boots, accentuated by black fishnet stockings. Her dress was short enough to allow her stocking tops to peek underneath the hem. Her face was severe, her long black lashes curling up towards her eyeliner and eye shadow. A small mouth with plump lips was a blot of bright red.

“Becky,” said Nikki, with a hint of wistfulness in her voice.

As I watched, Becky said: “Get undressed, bitch.”

The girl in pink reached behind her back and unzipped the dress. It slipped to the floor in with a soft rustle, leaving the girl in just her expensive-looking underwear. She wore a pink waist-nipper which clinched her tightly between a row of white marabou at the top and bottom. Her lacy suspender belt matched, as did her bra – although she had very small breasts. Her knickers were thin see-through lace briefs, and with a shudder I realised this girl had a cock.

My nipples crinkled as they threatened to pop through my blouse, and I felt a sudden wetness between my legs as I saw the stiff pole in its gossamer hiding place. It was stiff, and clearly defined as it pressed against the crotch. A small wet patch at the very tip betrayed its owner’s – the girl’s – excitement.

Becky began undressing too. As she unzipped her dress, it whispered from her shoulders, and her large breasts were unveiled pushed up high by her metal-boned leather corset. But the dress didn’t reach the floor. Instead, it gathered at her hips.

She reached down and pulled the calfskin from her. In doing so, she allowed a thin black strapon cock to spring free – the dress had caught on it. Her knickers were soft black leather, the perfect pairing to her corset.

The boy girl, meanwhile, had gone to the bed and knelt on it. A cute bottom pointed towards Becky as the femmed boy presented two pert lace-covered buttocks. He – or she – looked like a startled doe, caught in Becky’s predatory headlights. I marveled at how smooth his skin was, and wondered how he must feel, to submit this way to such an obviously demanding and dominant woman. I could see the slippery cool feeling of the lingerie and stockings was awakening something in him.

I glanced at Nikki, who sat entranced by the scene on TV. One hand unconsciously sat over a nipple, rubbing it through her top and bra, whilst the other dug between her thighs. She was flushed, and breathing rapidly through her mouth as she licked her lips hungrily.

As her eyes were glued to the screen, I slid a questing hand over my breasts gently, teasing my nipples. Instantly, I was wet. My clit was throbbing, demanding my attention.

I returned my gaze to the TV, where Becky was now rubbing lubrication over her dildo. The thin plastic member was humming, and I realised it was a vibrator. As she smoothed lotion onto the length she squirmed and turned slightly, showing the camera the ribbed nub that ground against her pubis. I heard Nikki moan softly as both she and I fantasised about how the dildo would feel as it maddened our clits. And for a second, I imagined reaching around to grasp a hard, hot cock in lace.

“Head down, bitch, I want to see that pretty arse of yours,” said Becky, and the femmed boy was quick to comply. His face lay on the bed looking at the camera, and again that feeling of familiarity stole over me.

“Mmmm, what a lovely arse you have,” said Becky, “Push it right up for me to fuck.”

The boy obeyed, and Becky leaned over to place her cheek against his knickers. Looking straight into the camera, she stuck out her tongue and began to lash his buttocks with it. He moaned, and his face was a mask of helpless desire. Becky smiled, her piercing green eyes looking into my soul as she went back to work with her tongue.

My fingers were pressing into my jeans, seeking the fierce pulse that tortured my clit. Nikki was obviously turned on too – she was rolling her nipples roughly between her fingers – and I wondered what was making us so horny.

Was Nikki imagining the scene I was? Did she wish herself towering over a boy’s trembling backside? Was the idea of having a slutty boy ready himself our strapon dildos making her wet? That’s when I realised – our dildos. I wanted to watch her fuck a coquettish male’s arse while I pounded his lipsticked mouth.

My fingers clenched tight around my groin and I tried to increase the friction on my clitoris. Onscreen, Becky and her cock moved in behind her pink lacy victim. I held my breath. He was about to get fucked, that much was obvious, and what was even more obvious was the look of shivering lust on his face.

“Ready to lose you virginity, girly?” asked Becky. The sexy boy kitten on the bed breathed his assent, and his face suddenly it up in pained surprise. His glossy lips and heavily made-up eyes made perfect round circles as he squeaked with the sudden intrusion.

“There you are, there it is,” cooed Becky, “Your first inch. How does that feel, sissy?”

The boy’s face told the story. The shock of penetration, of having the shrilly vibrating cock inside him, of being pierced. The joy of overcoming the pain and feeling the vibrations against his inner walls, flowing through to his cock. The humiliation of having a woman fuck his arse, of the soft caress of the outrageous lingerie she’d made him wear, and – of course – his own eagerness. His need was obvious and urgent, as were the thrills provided by her fucking.

Becky thrust her hips forward, and in a long slow movement she leaned in until her hips were pressed hard against his soft buttocks. He let out a delighted and indignant squeal which Nikki echoed. I turned to her, to see her hand down her jeans. She was frigging herself vigorously.

I joined her frantically, my probing fingers pushing through the wetness and heat to find my clit. As I found it, my whole body tensed as the shock of an orgasm rippled around my tingling skin.

Nikki looked at me as I grunted bestially, and my display triggered her orgasm. She moaned as she turned back to the screen, and my gaze was drawn again to the face of the girly boy who was getting the full length of Becky’s cock.

He was panting and exclaiming in high-pitched tones as Becky found a rhythm and slammed her cock into him unmercifully, deep, even strokes that pushed high inside him. Squirming and clenching the bedsheets, he arched his back to allow her to plumb his deepest, hottest depths.

I wondered how she felt at that moment – powerful, in full control of the squirming crossdresser kneeling before her buzzing cock. He had given himself to her, and the desperate look on his face told the story. His eyes were screwed shut, whilst his lips were open. He squeaked in perfect time to her rhythmic pumping. His glover fingers clutched and released the bedding each time she found the secret spot inside him.

My fingers slid easily over my clit and into my wet cunt as I began to feel an orgasm creep towards me. The pressure in my loins was urgent and red-hot. I glanced at Nikki in time to see her shudder through a climax, her breath ragged and needy.

Becky began to spank her lace-covered submissive’s buttocks, and each slap elicited a sharp gasp from him. As I watched, her other hand snaked around him, gently rubbing his lingerie. As her fingers found the stiff pole behind his pink knickers, he cried out with pleasure.

As I imagined myself impaling him, forcing him to helplessly enjoy his predicament, a wave of delight hit me. I moaned a deep, guttural rasp which seemed to startle Nikki. She rose from her seat, walked to me and knelt between my legs. I barely noticed her as an orgasm crashed through my electrified body. She unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down as I watched the precious little sissy grunt and twitch under the onslaught of Becky’s cock.

Nikki’s tongue found my clit easily, and as she lapped at my wetness I spread my thighs wide open to receive her. But my mind wasn’t on her, it was firmly on the erotic scene in the student bedroom.

“Isn’t this what you wanted, sissy boy?” taunted Becky, “You wanted me to give you a hard fucking didn’t you? You wanted to be my sexy little boy-girl didn’t you? You could barely wait for my stiff cock.”

He murmured his assent, and she spanked him again. The sharp sting of it opened his eyes wide and the high-pitched shriek of delight set off another orgasm which rushed through me.

Becky’s hand reached into his knickers as she wrapped her painted nails around his engorged member. She pressed against his bottom, jamming the cock deep inside him. I pictured myself teasing his prostate as I rubbed his cock – the cock that symbolised his masculinity. The cock he would have been so proud and boastful about, had it not been wrapped in pink lace and subjugated by the insistent dildo that hummed in his arse.

Could I…? I tried to suppress the thought but it was tool late. As I wondered how you would take my strapon cock, dressed in frilly lingerie, I came again – and this time the pleasure wracked my body. I stretched and tensed as Nikki’s mouth worked magic on my clit and the tableau of Becky pounding her shemale’s tight hole worked magic on my mind.

I couldn’t stop thinking of you, knelt before me, sucking my cock at my command before obediently taking it. I saw myself in flashes, forcing my length into you, rubbing my sensitive nipples on your back as I filled your passage. I was rubbing your satin-clad arse and stocking tops, reinforcing your submission, driving the vibrator over my hot love button as I stroked your cock.

The video file showed Becky doing her best to drive her lover over the edge. The hand inside his knickers moved quickly now, and her breathing was shallow as her orgasm approached. Suddenly, she cried out as in pain – but her eyes revealed the truth. She was vocalising her triumph as he came too. His knickers wettened suddenly as he unloaded into them, adding to his humiliation. She had fucked him until he came, and I was unbearably eager to experience what she just had.

I cried out again, a new wave of pleasure causing me to spasm as I flooded juices over my friend’s face. I needed to dress you up as my frilly little sissy and fuck you – feel you squirm under me as I fucked an orgasm out of you. I wanted to force you to admit you enjoyed feminisation at my hands. And I wanted Nikki to help me do it.

But would you allow me to give you that pleasure? I didn’t know. We were adventurous in bed, but this would mean taking our sex sessions to an entirely new level.

As my eyes cleared, I looked at the screen. The femmed boy had collapsed on the bed, Becky’s cock still inside him. His wig had slipped from his head, and I gasped as yet another orgasm coursed through me, surprising Nikki. My internal muscles clenched and rippled as I realised.

It was you. That’s why I felt a twinge of recognition. Becky had just fucked you.

There was no mistaking your face – my boyfriend, dressed in frillies, fucked in the arse, taped, and loving it. I came again, and fainted as I realised you’d be home soon – and I could force my fantasy on you.

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