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It was now 10:22. She had told him 9:50. Shawn sat on a wooden
bench on the corner or Smith and Walnut. It was not the most
desirable day to be sitting outside waiting, it was cold and a
drizzle had just started. He began to hum softly, stopping every
time a stranger would walk by. He glanced at his watch again…
10:23. 33 minutes.

He watched the city bus ease around the corner and stop in front
of his bench. The doors folded open, and out stepped out Sarah,
Shawn’s girlfriend of one year. She gave him an “I’m sorry” look
as she walked towards him. She looked gorgeous, as she usually
did. Shawn stood to give her a hug, but she walked right past and
sat on the bench. Shawn paused in confusion and returned to his
seat. He glanced over to her; she was looking down reading her

“Are you going to talk to me?” He asked.

“Shhhhh…” She replied without looking up.

“I’ve been waiting for more than a half hour for you.”

“Well we still have to wait, so just relax.”

“Why?” He whined. “It’s raining.”

“Oh calm down, we still have to wait awhile.”


But she wasn’t going to answer, she was reading. Shawn already
was confused about this day. Sarah called him at 8:00 in the
morning and told him to meet her at this bus stop at 9:50. When
she called Shawn was just happy to hear from her, they had been
in a lot of arguments lately, and he was sure their relationship
was nearing the end. He looked over to her again; she was still
ignoring him, just reading. After 10 more minutes another bus was
creeping around the corner. Sarah looked at her watch.

“Okay, this should be it.” She said.

“What?” Shawn asked.

“This is our ride.”

“To where?”

“Just come on.”

The bus slowed to a stop, and Shawn followed Sarah on. She picked
out a seat and sat down, Shawn sat next to her. The bus ride was
long. What made it even worse was Sarah still paying no attention
to Shawn’s presence. After 30 minutes of riding the bus came to a

“Alright, here we go.” She said.



“Sarah, could you please just tell-”

She lightly tapped him on his face with her folded paper.

“Calm down.” She said.

Shawn stepped off the bus after Sarah, and looked around. It was
a neighborhood he was familiar with; he even had a few friends
who lived around here.

“So now what?” Shawn asked.

“It’s just a little walk, don’t worry.” She replied with a smile
on her face.

The little walk, turned into a 20 minute hike, all the while
Sarah humming, still not speaking to Shawn. It wasn’t the cold
shoulder though; Shawn knew that, this was something different,
when he tried talking to her, she just cheerfully told him to
“calm down.”

They eventually ended at a two-story brick home. Sarah walked to
the doorway and lifted up the welcome mat, she picked up a brass
key and inserted it in the door handle.

“Sarah? Who lives here?” Shawn whispered.

“Shhhhh… Calm down.”

She eased the door opened, and motioned for Shawn to follow.
Shawn entered and looked around. A typical suburbia home, he
could see the kitchen, a stairway going up, and a living room.

“Take your shoes off.” Sarah exclaimed.

Shawn slid the shoes from his feet.

“Come on.” Sarah said with her finger wiggling.

She walked into the living room and sat in one of the two blue
recliners. Shawn stood in the entranceway, was still un-easy,
being in a house and having no idea who it belonged to.

“All the way Shawn, come on.” She musically said.

He walked to the other recliner and sat.

“So whose house is this?” He asked.

Shawn had barely seen the rope go around his chest before he felt
it tightly pull him against the recliner. Then he felt the duct
tape wrapping him to the chair. When he looked back to Sarah she
was already lunging at him cramming a wad of her newspaper in his
mouth, then duct tape sealing it in.

“Okay.” She said, backing up.

Shawn watched a person walk out from behind his chair and stand
next to Sarah. It was… Ethan Price? A classmate of Shawn’s from
school. Shawn looked for a moment and tried to talk, it only came
out as muffled moans.

“Okay Shawn, it’s time for me to explain all this.” She said,
sounding very warm. “I am… letting you go. There. I guess you
could say I’m dumping you. And I guess you could also say that I
think we really need to meet other people.”

Shawn looked over to Ethan, who was sitting in the other chair.

“Yes, like Ethan. I am now seeing Ethan. I have been for two
weeks now, so now you know, it’s in the open. Now, as for all
this, tying you up and such… I’ll do my best to explain…
We’re over, I know that. But I don’t think you’re the type of
person who will know that for a while. So instead of you being
hurt and wanting me back all the time, and instead of me feeling
bad for rejecting you all the time, I’ve decided to do something
so that after it’s done you won’t ever want me back. Now, I know
you would want me to talk to you more and explain this in better
detail, but we don’t have that much time here right now, and
nothing’s going to change my mind. So that’s it. Goodbye Shawn.”

This was a lot of information to hear in such a small time frame
for Shawn. He felt so angry, so pissed off at Sarah, and at
Ethan, but he couldn’t make himself struggle, or even try to
yell, he just could sit, too mad to even move.

“Alright Ethan hold him down.” Sarah said over her shoulder.

Ethan stood and walked to the front of the chair, he gave Shawn a
wink and placed his hands on his shoulders. Sarah had crept
around behind Shawn and was cutting the tape from him. As soon as
the tape was free from the chair, Ethan rushed Shawn to the
floor, pinning him. Ethan was much stronger; Shawn couldn’t budge
his legs or arms. He felt Sarah unbutton his pants, and felt them
slide from his body, his boxers following. Then quickly felt a
new pair of much smoother underwear move up his legs. Shawn
caught a glimpse of what Sarah was doing; she had a pile of white
female underwear next to her, and was putting them on Shawn. He
now found his anger and began to yell into his gag very loudly.

“Shhh… Calm down.” Sarah said.

Next he felt a pair of stockings being placed over his legs.
Followed by shoes strapped to his feet. She then moved up his
body to his outstretched arms, and with her and Ethan moving in
an extremely coordinated fashion, a white corset was lowered over
his body. The stockings were then attached to the garters and
Shawn felt himself being flipped over onto his stomach. He felt
the wind being squeezed out of him as Sarah closed the corset,
yanking on the strings with both hands, and her foot pressing on
his back.

Shawn was then flipped again and saw Sarah ease a mass of ruffles
up his legs, she made sure the petticoat was in place and moved
to his head, everything moving too fast for Shawn to even begin
to think of what was happening. He saw Sarah now squeezing a thin
line of glue from a bottle onto the inside of a blond wig. Shawn
tried to yell again, but she just looked down and smiled as the
wig was placed on his head. She pressed the glue firmly to
Shawn’s scalp while reading the back of the glue bottle. A smile
broke out on her face and she giggled softly. She displayed the
bottle to Ethan. He read over the back quickly and smiled.

“Holds for five days?” He asked Sarah.

After a minute of holding the wig to his head, Sarah pulled on it
a little, making sure it was securely fastened.

“Okay, this is going to be tricky, just keep his mouth shut when
I take his gag off, and hold him tight.” Sarah said to Ethan.

The tape was removed from Shawn’s mouth, but before he could say
or yell a word his jaw was pressed shut by Ethan, and he could
not move his head an inch. Sarah worked quickly, she applied
base, and blush first, then moved to his eyes. She painted them
dark, applying lots of eye shadow and several coats of mascara.

“Water-proof!” She said happily as she brushed his eyelashes.

After eyeliner, she made sure his lips were painted red.

“Okay, hold him there for a minute.” Sarah told Ethan.

She left the room and returned with a Polaroid camera.

“Hold him just like that…” She said.

Shawn saw the flash and heard the picture being spat from the
camera. Sarah took a few more pictures then moved down to Shawn.

“Now, we won’t have to hold you anymore, you say one word, just
one, and we kick you outta this house like this, and these get
mailed to your house tomorrow. Not one word. Okay?”

Shawn knew from her tone she meant it. He nodded.

“Okay.” She said.

He felt Ethan loosen his grip as he climbed off of him.

“Now, stand up.” She ordered.

Shawn rose to his feet, slowly, and wobbly due to the heels.

“Hands over your head.”

He lifted his arms. Sarah walked to a plastic bag hanging in a
doorway and pulled it off to reveal a large white bridal gown. It
looked strangely familiar to Shawn. White spaghetti straps,
slender top, and a very full bottom. Shawn stared at it a moment,
in disbelief of all that was happening.

Sarah was never like this, they had a normal relationship, sure
they had fought, but he had never done anything that bad to make
her do something like this to him. And Ethan? Shawn was brought
out of his pondering.

“It’s your mom’s.” Sarah said. “The wedding dress, it’s your
mom’s. I took it last week, I used the spare key you gave me.”
She giggled.

Shawn wanted to yell, to tell her to stop, but he was too scared
of what might happen if he said anything, or didn’t go along with
all this. Sarah swiftly moved the huge dress over Shawn’s arms
and smoothed it out over his body; he felt the zipper sealing it
to him, and the large bow being tied around his waist. Sarah
placed a wedding veil on his wig and messed with his hair until
she was satisfied. A pair of white elbow length gloves were slid
down his arms.

“Okay now, flowers.” She said.

A bouquet of white roses was shoved in Shawn’s hands.

“Alright, it was a fast job, but I think she looks good.” Sarah
said as she smiled.

She snapped a few more photos of Shawn. Then turned to Ethan.

“Do we have time to show her how he looks?”

“Sure, but quickly.” Ethan replied.

Ethan pulled Shawn in front of a full-length mirror. He slowly
looked to his reflection. All the confusion that was already in
him was shadowed by the bewilderment he now felt. He didn’t see
himself, he saw a young blond woman, looking like she was about
to be married. Shawn had to stop himself from yelling.

“Sarah, we gotta move fast.” Ethan said.

“Alright.” She replied.

Shawn was moved back to the center of the living room and looked
at what Sarah was dragging towards him: an extremely large
storage chest. Ethan flipped the lid open to reveal the large
empty interior. Now Shawn was scared.

“Okay, get him in.” Sarah said.

Ethan lifted Shawn into the air and lowered him into the waiting
mouth of the storage chest. Shawn’s mind was racing; he couldn’t
fight them from doing this he would be thrown out into the
streets like this, and those pictures… Before he had time to
struggle Ethan was pushing his legs in, and shoving down on him,
forcing Shawn in the wedding gown to fit inside. Shawn barely
could fit in the extremely confined space, but the lid was
slammed shut. Inside he could hear a padlock being attached to
the chest. He heard their muffled voices.

“We gotta get him to the car.”

“On the count of three… One… Two… Three…”

Shawn felt the trunk lift into the air and move about. He heard
the door open and them step into Ethan’s garage, he heard a car
door open, and felt the chest being set down, and slid in. The
car door was shut, Sarah and Ethan climbed in. Shawn heard the
car start and felt it move away from Ethan’s house.

“My parents should get back any minute now.” Ethan said to Sarah.

“You know the way right?” Sarah asked.


Shawn couldn’t catch up with his thoughts, he was terrified,
locked in this trunk in his mothers wedding gown… What did
Sarah mean when she said she was going to do something so that he
would never want her back… He didn’t know if he could talk yet,
he better not he thought. Where were they going?!

“Hehehe… that’s the fun part.” He heard Sarah say to Ethan.

“It’s fine by me.” Ethan replied.

Shawn couldn’t believe what he heard next, a zipper, a pause then
Ethan moaning in pleasure. He heard him speak, loud and
exaggerated for Shawn to hear.

“Mmmmm Sarah, Jesus! Oh god that feels good…”

Shawn closed his eyes, and tried to block it all out, this was
not really happening. He was not wearing his mothers wedding
dress, he was not locked in this trunk, he was not listening to
his girlfriend of the past year give another guy a blowjob. He
kept these thoughts running loudly through his head until he felt
the car come to a stop, and heard the engine cut off. Shawn was
now physically shaking in fear.

“Alright, let’s do this fast.” He heard Sarah say.

Shawn heard the car doors open and close, he felt once again the
chest being lifted and carried. He heard their feet walking on a
sidewalk. He felt them stop, and heard a doorbell.

‘Where was he now?’ he thought. And then he heard it.

“Oh, hi Sarah!”

The voice belonged to Shawn’s Mother.

“Hello Mrs. Eves.” Sarah cheerfully replied.

What were they doing here? Shawn began to tremble more violently.

“And who is this?” Shawn’s Mother asked Sarah.

“Oh, this Ethan, he’s a friend of mine and Shawn’s.

“Hello Ethan.”

“Hello Mrs. Eves.” Ethan responded.

“Where is Shawn today Sarah?”

“I’m not entirely sure Mrs. Eves, I think he got called into

“Oh… Okay. Well what’s this?” Shawn’s Mother asked.

“You know Mrs. Eves I don’t know why, but Shawn asked if he could
use my packing trunk for a week. So I’m just running it over.”

“A trunk? Why on earth would he need something like that?”

“I don’t know, he just asked if he could use it”

“It looks heavy.”

“Yeah it’s a real pain to lug around.” Sarah replied.

“Why don’t you just run it up to his room, you can leave it in
there for him.”

“Okay, thanks Mrs. Eves.”

And the trunk once again started moving. He heard them walk up
the stairwell, he heard a door creak open and shut and felt the
trunk being set down. Sarah moved her face close to the lid.

“Alright Shawn, we’re going to leave you now.” Sarah said in a
whispered voice. “We didn’t put your gag back in, because you’ll
eventually have to yell for help to get out of this trunk. Won’t
your mom and dad be surprised to find what’s inside! Okay Shawn?”

Shawn, now terrified beyond his knowing, found the ability to

“Why Sarah, why do all this to me?” Shawn croaked.

“I’ve already explained this… I’m not doing this to get back at
you in any way, and it’s not because I’m upset about anything.
It’s just for the best. But we gotta go now. Goodbye Shawn.”
Sarah said.

And he heard them leave his room. After a long pause, he heard
the car outside speed away. His mind was now racing. He couldn’t
even move one of his arms or legs to try and push open the lid.
He was hot. He was sore from being crammed in this tiny chest. A
thousand thoughts ran through his head. He couldn’t believe this
was happening. How would he explain this to his parents. And
while wearing his mom’s wedding dress! My god.

“Okay… Okay…” Shawn said extremely softly. “Just calm

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