Cabbie and Chick with a Dick

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Part One…
When I get bored I usually end up doing something totally insane or incredibly brilliant…either way it always turns out to be…interesting. So it was on such an occasion that I found myself set to drive a cab temporarily. The oppurtunity presented itself unexpectedly…and was actually a dare more than anything else. But when I took the bait…there was no backing out…so that set the stage…so to speak.
I am a single…well to do female. At 35 I am considered
…shall we say…”desirable”… and I won’t lie…I know this! I am bi-sexual and am quite comfortable with my sexuality. Having lived in the city all my life I am familiar with the jungle…
For the most part fares are business…people just wanting to get from point A to point B… with small talk ranging from the weather to sports to everything in-between. And it was the latter that caught my attention.
I stopped for the fare…And as I looked in the mirror I saw the face of a beautiful woman. As she gave me her destination I noticed full lips stained in berry and highly glossed. Her make up flawlessly complimented her ivory skin…her eyes were sky blue and her black hair only intensified her gorgeous good looks.
When I affirmed her request she realized my gender…and openly stared…caught herself
…blushed…smiled and looked away.
I proceeded to work unto the traffic stealing glances in the guise of checking the roadway behind me and each time I caught her looking at me.
“My is Jenna…are you new to our fair city?”
She leaned forward her cleavage threatening to escape from the confines of her top…she replied “Yes. I am here visiting friends. I like it here and I am thinking about staying.”
As she spoke and I watched her lips form each word I couldn’t help but imagine those lips sucking on my hood
…grabbing the attention of my clit. My lips sucking on the nipples of those ample breasts. I shifted in my seat…that familiar heat welling up and catching fire between my loins.
“Oh! and I’m Jasmine.”
“It’s a pleasure to meet you Jasmine.” We were chatting about common interests when she shyly said…
“You are very beautiful and I can’t help but wonder why you are driving a cab” her cheeks blushed giving away her embarrassment.
I pulled over so I could turn to face her then said…”Well it was a dare actually and a long story. If you are free this evening I would be happy to share it with you…say…over dinner and drinks. And YOU are absolutely stunning Jasmine.”
Jasmine smiled and said “Yes I would love to but this might be a problem”…as she spoke she hiked up her skirt…untied her package and a perfectly formed cock instantly grew to a thick 10 inch wonder. I creamed my jeans…Wow!…a chick with a dick! There’s no way I am going to pass this up. When I finally could speak I said…”So… does 7 o’clock sound about right?”
As she straightened out her clothes she smiled and said
(Since I’m pretty sure no one wants to know about dinner…
we will go straight to desert)
This was going to be something special so I set out flowers…candies…oils…toys…silks…velvets…leathers…well you get the picture…and yes…I am into sex…obviously!

We were both relaxed and laughing as we entered my apartment and I lead her directly to the bedroom. Jasmine gasped…the bed is on an elevated platform and three walls are glass…with a huge sky light. What can I say!
I put on some music…little mix of blues and jazz and strip as I walk over to her. I ask that I might undress her and she nods blushing. As I remove her dress red pasties shaped like stars come into view followed by a matching thong and as I let her attire fall to the floor her long tanned legs complete the vision. She is absolutely breath taking. She looks every bit a desirable woman. I reach down and gently pull on the tassels…toying with them…but it is my lips that crave to suckle the hidden prize and remove the obstacle and take one sucking until I coax out her erotic button. Moving to its mate I do the same. I wait for her response and it is explosive…she thrusts her hips…pulls me tight against her body…her breathing deep and mixed with throaty moans already laden with desire. How easy it would be to succumb to the mere wantonness of our desire…but the night is young and there are far greater pleasures to be had. I back away and let it tame the moment I reach down to remove her thong but she holds my hand stopping it and whispers “please not yet” and I kiss her in compliance.
She takes the lead and moves to my side. She rises above me and drinks me in which her hungry eyes. Her tongue guickly darts at each of my already erect nipples…then teasingly blows on them…causing them to grow even more. She wastes no time taking my clit into her mouth…her tongue whirls around it…then alternates sucking gently then rough…she takes it in one strong grip and pulls on it until it is almost too much to bare…the starts all over with the whirl of her tongue. I have never had my pussy sucked this good but asked her to stop. She seemed confused…but I told her I just wanted to prolong it…she was more than game.
I asked her what she would like for me to do for her and when she got up walked over to the table and then motioned for me to follow she picked up a strap on…lube and handed them to me. She turned walked back to the bed
moved the thong so only her cock was bound up and positioned herself at the edge of the bed. She was on her knees…ass raised chest and head resting on the bed. I have never seen a more erotic…sensual display of the human form in my entire life. I don my instrument and begin by annointing the sweet rim with my tongue. She jumps from my unexpected attention and it is obvious that she enjoys it. I find it very erotic and bring my fingers up to prepare her to be entered. One…two…three fingers slide in and out of her…making ready for me. I put the head just barely at her hole…she feels it and pushes back taking it all the way in until her cheeks are flush against my pelvic bone…I am surprised by her boldness and incrediably turned on as well. In unison we begin thrusting. The Tickler in the cup of my strap-on is right on mark and I have to will my self not to cum. I lean in and undo her sling. Her cock springs hard from its prison. Laying on her I use one hand to stroke her member and the other to tease her nipples. I sense she is close…so I stop right where I am. She lets out a sigh of frustration and was about to protest when I said…
“Just give me a moment…you won’t be sorry.” I moved about getting a steady stance…clicked the power to the strap-on grabbed her cock and balls and fucked her…liked she ain’t never been fucked before or since…she screamed in pleasure wanting me to go faster…harder…deeper…her cries pushed me over the edge and with each explosive wave…another followed…our juices flowing until the air around us had the unmistaken aroma of raw sex.

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