Cathy's Fantasy Chapter 2

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I, an outwardly straight guy, had been secretly cross-dressing for the past year while traveling on business. But it was only recently that I became a cocksucker.

My wife Mary said nothing after she discovered my pretty transvestite things in a little sports bag among my fishing gear in the storage closet. I was unaware of her discovery.

One day when I came home from work, she confronted me with my bra, heels, makeup, wig, dress, etc. and said she would only forgive me and stay with me if I showed her how I looked all dressed up. I hurriedly complied by slipping into a pair of sheer black pantyhose and a t-shirt dress, heels and wig – trying not to show too much proficiency. But I secretly regretted my lack of makeup, lipstick and earrings.

“Oh how cute, honey,” was her reaction. My large hard-on now raging in my pantyhose did not go unnoticed. She teased, “Honey, don’t cum in your pantyhose – that wouldn’t be ladylike. When I told our neighbor Joan about your secret, she told me that you were gay but I told her ‘No way.’ Lesbians like Joan usually know those things. She told me how I could find out easy enough. In fact that must be her now at the door. She said she would be coming over to see for herself.”

“Hi Mary,” Joan said entering and taking a glimpse of me. “Is this your gay husband?”

“I told you he wasn’t gay,” Mary replied. “I’m going to prepare some dinner.”

As Mary left for the kitchen, Joan came and sat next to me and said that I never interested her as a man since she preferred women, but in drag she found me attractive. “You have very nice legs,” she said. As she was telling me this, her hand rested on my sheer nyloned thigh and slowly slid up toward my erect penis.

“Doesn’t the sheer nylon feel so nice on your cock?” She was caressing my cock through the sheer pantyhose, and I was in quite some pleasure when unexpectedly I could no longer hold back and began an enormous climax of cum right into my pantyhose!

She began to laugh uncontrollably and finally called out to Mary who was still in the kitchen. “Mary, you’re husband’s gay.” As Mary entered Joan said, “Look at your perv husband over there–she came in her pantyhose! Sure as shootin’ she’s a homosexual.”

Mary looked both angry and upset. She looked at me and said, “Joan is right. You’re a queer, no denying it. You came in your pantyhose even after I warned you not to. That’s a sure sign of homosexuality. Face it. You’re a transvestite sissy. Just because you’re in drag doesn’t mean you’re gay. When I saw how excited you got wearing pantyhose I had my suspicions but dismissed them because I reasoned that a guy, not used to wearing nylons would naturally get an erection just from the exciting, new feel of them. But when you just now came in your pantyhose I knew you were gay. You failed the test that Joan and I agreed would prove it. By coming in your pantyhose you showed real sexual gratification and climax as only a true transvestite would. You valued more the sexual gratification than you did your own pretense of manliness. From now on everything between us is different. To me you’re not a real man. You may as well be called “Cathy” for all I care now.”

Joan giggled, “Oh yes! Let’s call her Cathy. Cathy Nylons since she looks so good in nylons with those beautiful legs and high heels.”

Mary was furious. She threw my little sports bag with all my pretty things in it at me and screamed, “Get out! Get out! Get out of my sight you sissy fairy! Joan, get this pervert out of my sight!”

Joan hurriedly ushered me toward the door and across the hall to her apartment consoling me with, “You can hang out at my place until she calms down.” I heard the door of my apartment slam shut behind us as we left together.

Somehow I knew that this was not the end of it, and that I would be hearing more about my once-secret hobby.

That’s how all this started…

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