Cathy's Fantasy Chapter 5

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“Taking One for the Team”

Joan returned to the living room and announced to Cindy and me, “That was Denise on the phone. Her motorcycle got a flat and she will be a little late, as usual, but she already ordered the pizza which should arrive before she does.”

“This poses a problem,” Joan continued, “because since sissy here caused me to change my plans, I didn’t get a chance to get to the bank. I only have six dollars. How about you Cindy?”

Searching through her purse Cindy gathered her money together, counted it and replied, “I have four dollars and ten cents.”

Joan responded, “Well, that’s enough to cover the pizza but not enough for the money we owe from neither last time nor the tip.” A brief silence ensued which was interrupted by Joan.

“The only solution I can come up with is, if it’s delivered by the young guy, Tony, then perhaps he would accept a blow job in lieu of the tip and balance we owe. Cathy could suck him off.”

I immediately protested, “I am not doing that. No way!”

To which Joan replied, “Oh yes you will, or I’ll throw you out. When the pizza guy leaves here you can leave too.” Cindy, trying to console me added, “C’mon Cathy. We can’t very well give him a blow job. We’re lesbians, but you on the other hand…” I interrupted, “I’m not a cocksucker.”

Joan said, “Listen, that’s enough of this arguing. Cathy, you will suck his cock and that’s it. No more discussion. I’m sure your wife Mary has given you hundreds of blow jobs. You should know how it’s done. If you know how to get a blow job you should know how to give one.”

The doorbell rang; it was the pizza delivery guy. He was young, about 19 or 20, obviously the one they called Tony. Cindy and I were in the kitchen, and Joan was talking to him at the door. As she returned to the kitchen she said, “He agreed. I told him to drop his pants and sit on the couch and that my cousin Cathy would be right in. Now Cathy go out there and be a star.”

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I went into the living room and smiled at the young, handsome Italian guy. Immediately, not knowing what else to do and not wanting to engage in conversation or look him in the eye I knelt at his feet. His cock was already hard and just waiting for me. I reached up and touched it. It was the first time I had ever touched a cock which wasn’t my own. I couldn’t believe I was doing this.

Then I began licking it from bottom to top a few times as Tony groaned with pleasure. Finally I put the throbbing cock in my mouth as deep as I could. Remembering what my wife has done, I began swirling my tongue around his cock head and he groaned again. I began bobbing my head up and down as I had seen Mary do so many times to me.

Tony was moaning in pleasure and before I knew it he began to cum in my mouth. I was surprised at how fast this happened and instinctively pulled away and felt his cock squirt on my cheek, forehead and all over my face. Bells were ringing. It was actually his cell phone which he immediately answered. “Yes, ok, I’ll be there right away,” he said. It was the pizzeria calling telling him to get back right away. Tony stood up, zipped up, thanked me and quickly departed. I was left there kneeling in the living room not believing what I had just done and somewhat in a daze.

Joan and Cindy rushed in and before I knew what was happening Joan was screaming at me. “You little bitch! That’s cum dripping down your chin! You didn’t swallow his love juice. How could you? You have embarrassed me! We’ll probably never get another pizza delivered here again. You’ll be punished for this you little slut!”

“Now get into the bathroom and wipe that cum off your face. Fix your makeup and get back in here so I can punish you as you deserve. Cindy and I are going to eat some pizza.”

I did as I was told.

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