Cathy's Fantasy Chapter 6

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“Cathy Gets a Spanking”

Looking in the bathroom mirror, I realized what a slut I had become. My lipstick was a mess and Tony’s cum was glistening on my cheek and dripping down my chin. I was carefully wiping it off with tissue when I was interrupted by a knock on the door. A voice said, “Cathy, open up, it’s Cindy.”

I opened the door and she entered. Like two chicks gossiping in the ladies room she asked, “So how did it feel to have a man’s cock in your mouth?” Were you surprised when he squirted? You know, you’re going to have to learn to swallow if you’re going to dress like a girl.”

I didn’t know what to answer first, but Cindy just kept talking. “Let me fix your make-up, there’s still a droplet of cum sparkling on your lipstick. Denise just arrived and Joan wants you looking your best. Denise is a bull-dike, biker gal. She’ll try to intimidate you but just be a good sport and play along. She’s really harmless.” I was getting nervous.

As we exited the bathroom and walked into the kitchen, I caught my first sight of Denise. She had to be the most unattractive female I had ever seen. Even in my spike heels, Denise towered over me. She must have been at least 6’2″. She had short hair – a crew cut, no make-up and was wearing dirty jeans and construction boots. Her physique, however, was incredible. She was wearing one of those short football jerseys that revealed her midsection. You couldn’t help notice that she had six-pack abs but the most unbelievable thing about her were her biceps. She had arms like a weightlifter – all muscle and even a tattoo. I really wanted no part of Denise. I’m sure she could beat the crap out of any man I knew.

Joan addressed me, “Cathy say hello to Denise. Denise, this is my new girl Cathy. Before you get any ideas I must tell you that Cathy is a boy.”

“Hello Denise,” I said.

She replied, “Hi Cathy dear, you can call me Denny. Everyone else does.”

We all sat down at the dining room table. Denny sat next to me and started the conversation. “So, Cathy, I assume you’re a cocksucker, right?” I was dumbfounded and didn’t answer but she pressed on. “Hello girl, I’m talking to you. Are you a cocksucker?” I never thought of myself as a cocksucker, so I was hesitant about how to answer.

Denny persisted. “This isn’t rocket science, prettyboy. Have you ever, even once in your life, sucked on a man’s cock?” Remembering Joan’s rule about always having to tell the truth and remembering that I had just given Tony a blowjob I softly murmured, “Yes Denny.”

She continued, “Well it’s settled, then. If you sucked a man’s cock that makes you a cocksucker, doesn’t it?”
“Yes,” I replied.

She then said, “Let’s hear you say it then. Say it proudly so you get used to it. Say, ‘I am a cocksucker.'”

I complied, “I am a cocksucker.”

She wouldn’t relent. “Say it again, prettyboy.”

I repeated, “I am a cocksucker.”

Denny laughed and said, “Yes you are–a cocksucking fairy!” I’m sure I was blushing and, I was getting very nervous.

Denny turned to Joan and said, “You know Joan, you must be getting all soft and lenient lately. I wouldn’t have expected your sissy to behave like this.”

Joan, puzzled, asked, “What do you mean Denny?”

Denny responded, “Well, I can tell you one thing. If Cathy here was MY girl, there’s no way she would dare appear in front of company with a run in her nylons!”

“What?!” Joan screamed. “A run in her nylons? Cathy, stand up and show me your nylons.” As I stood up Denny pointed to the back of my leg and said, “You know Joan, this is real insolence. If a tranny of mine ever ran his nylons I would spank him until he cried and if his tears made his mascara run I would have him pegged or butt-plugged immediately.”

Joan was livid and began to rant. “You know, Denny, I am just about fed up with this bitch. She has been here only a few hours and has already tried my patience. First she came without permission. Then she came in her pantyhose. She failed to swallow when giving a blow job and now she has ruined some very expensive nylons! You’re right she needs to be taught a lesson. I won’t tolerate impertinence. Why don’t you spank her for me?”

Denny took over. “Cathy, come here and lie across my lap,” she ordered. I obeyed immediately. Denny the lifted my skirt and remarked, “Oh what precious little pink panties.” She pulled them down and before I knew it…whack…she spanked my ass very hard (and it hurt) and said, “That’s for coming without permission.” Then, whack, whack…She said, “Girls do NOT cum in their pantyhose.”

Whack, whack, whack, she continued to spank me and said, “Cocksuckers always swallow.” Whack, whack, whack, whack…”This will remind you that ladies do not run their nylons.” As she pulled my panties back up my ass was stinging. She looked in my eyes and said, “At least the fairy isn’t crying.” I was too sore to sit back down…

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