Cathy's Fantasy Chapter 7

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“The Privileges of Membership”

After such a humiliating bit of discipline I ran out of the dining room and into the living room as fast as my high-heeled feet could carry me. As I stood in front of the air conditioner cooling my burning buns from the severe spanking I had just received from Denise the biker dyke, I could overhear the conversation in the next room.

“Thank you, Denny, for spanking Cathy. She is a bit out of control and I appreciate your efforts,” Joan was saying.

“Oh, don’t mention it, Joan, I enjoy interacting with sissies.” Denise replied.

“You know, Denny, I think Cathy really was afraid of you from the look on her face. Go easy on the girl. She’s new.” Cindy added.

“It’s good for a transvestite to fear. Fear keeps her penis soft and prevents those unsightly bulges in the front of her dress.” Denise laughed with glee and asked Joan, “Where in the world did you pick up this wild tranny anyway? She’s totally wild. I mean, untamed. She’s unplucked, unwaxed, unpolished, and completely untrained.”

Joan answered, “Cathy belongs to my one of the neighbors. Cathy’s wife Mary found out today that Cathy is a closet gay tranny and threw her out of the house, so she’s staying with me until Mary returns. I’m just sissy-sitting.”

Denise replied, “Oh well, if Mary ever needs to give Cathy some training I’d be glad to help.”

“I’ll be sure to let her know.” Joan said.

As I listened further I learned that Denise was a construction worker who owned her own contracting business with a few employees. (That explained the jeans, the boots, and the muscles.) Joan was reminding Denise that she had promised to install the new carpet in the living room but hadn’t yet gotten around to it. Denise said, “Well, Joan, tomorrow we have a small job early in the morning but since it’s Saturday we could stop by here after that to lay the carpet.”

Joan said, “That’s great Denny. For sure now – Don’t forget.” Joan continued, “Cindy, the guys will be here any minute. Why don’t you take Cathy into the bedroom and lend her a pair of nylons and touch up her eye shadow and mascara.”

Cindy came into the living room and led me by the hand. In the bedroom she found a pair a very sheer off-black nylons and told me to put them on and to be careful not to put a run in them or Denny would put me over her knee again. I was very, very careful putting on the stockings. Cindy touched up my eyes and we returned to the dining room. I could hear men’s voices and suddenly was overcome with anxiety. No man had ever seen me dressed this way. Cindy reassured me when she said, “Don’t worry. Both of them are gay. Rodney is the President and Alan the Vice President of the Gay,Lesbian, BiSexual, Transgender local Club. Everyone’s here for the monthly Executive Board meeting.”

As we walked in, Alan looked me up and down and Rodney said, “Who is this lovely little princess?” Joan interjected, “Gentlemen, this Cathy. She’s my temp and you’ll be surprised to know that Cathy is a boy.”

Alan looked completely shocked and said. “My God, she could have fooled me. What fabulous legs she has! Sexier than most women’s. Women would die to have legs like that.” Cindy said, “That’s why she wears high heels all the time.” Rodney chimed in, “Yes and those heels put her cute little ass on display so nicely; elevated and perky, very nice.”

Later I learned that Alan was in the advertising business with a big agency on Madison Avenue, and he produced and directed television commercials and photo ads. He is English, married, very handsome and his wife doesn’t know he’s gay. Rodney is a rugged-looking cowboy type with an insatiable sexual appetite. He works as a Master at one of the S&M dungeons downtown.

Joan spoke to me. “Cathy, go in the kitchen. Prepare coffee and serve it to us when it’s ready. We are going to begin our meeting now.”

I left and went into the kitchen and got to work. I was standing in the kitchen at the sink rinsing out some cups with my hands all wet when someone entered. It was Rodney. He came up behind me and began caressing my ass. He then whispered in my ear, “Cathy, I’m gonna make you my pussyboy. Maybe I’ll make you my wife for the weekend.” A voice from inside called out, “Rod, come back in here so we can finish.” Rodney left.

As I entered with the coffee and returned for the cups, Rodney said, “Any further business?” There was no answer. Then he said, “Any new business?” Denise replied, “I nominate Cathy for membership.” Cindy and Joan seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously. Then, Cindy made a motion to waive the fee and initiation. There was some discussion. Opinions were split between waiving the fee and raising money for the club. They decided to vote. Cathy and Joan were out-voted by the two guys and Denny. Rodney spoke to me. “Cathy the membership fee is $200 and you will have to be interviewed by the Executive Board. I understand that Joan, Cindy, and Denny have already interviewed you.”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well Cathy, go into the bedroom now. Alan will be in shortly for your interview.” As Alan and I left I overheard Denny ask Rodney, “Are you planning to exercise the Presidential prerogative?” Rodney responded, “Absolutely. It is one of the best perks of my office. Executive privilege extends to both the President and the Vice President.”

In the bedroom I was laying on the bed with Alan. He was very attentive and was caressing my thighs. He made me understand that he wanted me to suck his cock. I began sucking and licking it. He thrusted it deep into my mouth once, twice, three times and then rolled onto his back. I was kneeling above him sucking like a real whore when the door opened and Rodney burst in. “Oh how pretty!” he exclaimed and with that, pulled down my panties, unzipped his pants, got behind me and plunged his cock brusquely and roughly into my boy- pussy.

There I was with two men–sucking one and getting fucked by the other–feeling like a real homosexual. Joan walked in and laughed saying, “And to think that just a few hours ago you said you weren’t gay. Look at you now!” She turned and left. Then Denny came in. She enjoyed watching what was going on and began to whisper in my ear, “You are a cock-sucking fairy pussyboy now. Your wife will never want you back again. Look at the way you suck cock. Look how you are taking all of Rod’s hard nine inches up your ass.”

Suddenly Alan began to cum in my mouth. I was very careful to swallow every drop and even licked my lips. A second later Rodney began to come in my ass. Then, as suddenly as it all started, it was over. Both men zipped up and left the room. Denny also left. I lay there feeling completely ashamed of myself with my head still spinning. After I gathered my composure I returned to the kitchen. Everyone was gone except Joan.

She looked at me and said, “You know Cathy I didn’t want to interrupt you when you were having so much fun. I only came into the bedroom because your wife Mary was on the phone.”

“What?!” I responded.

“What did you say to her? Where is she?”

Joan replied, “She was calling from the island of Jamaica. After she ran out of here, she went to a bar where she met a guy who, on the spur of the moment, invited her on one of those last-minute weekend getaways. She said he’s a hunk and that she was having fun and would be back Sunday night or Monday.”

“Did she ask about me?” I queried.

Joan replied, “Yes, I told her you were in the shower because I figured you wouldn’t want me to tell her the real reason you couldn’t come to the phone–that you were busy being fucked by two gay guys.”

“Thanks,” I responded, “Anything else?”

Joan said, “Yes, she said she wants me to prepare divorce papers so she can get rid of you. I told her not to do anything rash and that she should think it over and discuss it with me when she returns.”

I didn’t know what else to say except, “Thanks.”

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