Cathy's Fantasy Chapter 8

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Part 8: Musical Chairs
(Author’s Note: If any readers like this story I would love to hear from them.)

Joan told me she was going to bed. “You can sleep on the couch. Here’s a blanket, pillow, and t-shirt I never wear.” It was an oversized tee shirt with the word “Princess” emblazoned across the front.

I was exhausted from the day’s activities and fell right asleep. When I awoke, it was 11 a.m. the next day, and at first I didn’t realize where I was. Then, it all came back to me. The apartment was quiet but there was a note on the coffee table.

It read:
I didn’t have the heart to wake “sleeping beauty.” Yesterday was quite a day for you; one I’m sure you won’t soon forget. I left an outfit for you to wear on my bed. Shave closely and put on some makeup. Look pretty for me when I return. I have gone to the office to draft a few documents I need for a case on Monday. I should be back by noon. This afternoon Denny and her crew will be coming over to lay the new carpet. In the event I am late in returning, let them in. Offer them coffee or something to drink, and stay out of the men’s way. Denny will be in charge. Obey her as you would obey me. (If you don’t she’ll spank you again.)

I did as directed. After a close shave, I looked on Joan’s bed and found a slinky red dress, a matching black bra and panties, and a new pair of off-black pantyhose. Also there was a pair of gold hoop earrings, clip-on type, and red pumps with spike heels. I dressed and then sat down to put on some make-up when the doorbell rang.

Looking through the peep hole I could see it was Denise. She was alone and I let her in. “Hi Cathy. Don’t you look sweet! I came on the hog, but my crew will be here shortly with the van. You had better put some make-up on so you look cute when they get here. I’m going to take some photos of the living room so we remember where to replace all the furniture we’re going to move.”

I went back to the bedroom and started to put on my make-up. I heard the men enter and then heard furniture moving around. I was in no hurry to return to the living room to allow men see me dressed like a girl. When I heard Denny calling me, I knew I had to make my entrance. As I entered the living room she snapped about four pictures of me with the phone camera she was holding. I knew that I would regret those photos some day.

Denny said, “Cathy, say hello to Johnny, Mike, and Tom. Guys, this is Cathy. Would you like something to drink, guys?” They nodded affirmatively and Denny continued, “Cathy run into the kitchen and grab some sodas for my guys, please.” I did and returned with the drinks. Each man thanked me politely. I could tell that they were all giving me a good looking-over.

They worked quickly, and in about fifteen minutes the new carpet was installed. Denny was directing and said, “Guys go and get three chairs, the coffee table and the stereo first and bring them back in.” The men left to do so. While they were gone Denny said, “Cathy, this is your lucky day. We’re going to play musical chairs.” I was puzzled.

When the men returned Denny said, “Guys, Cathy wants to play musical chairs with you.” They all smiled and each sat down in a chair. Johnny was in the middle and Tom and Mike were facing each other just in front of Johnny. Denny said, “Cathy, I am in charge of the music. You will kneel down in front of Johnny. Guys, lower your pants now. Cathy I want you to take Mike’s cock in your right hand and Tom’s cock in your left hand and when the music starts begin to jerk them off. Johnny will place his cock in your mouth and you will suck it while bobbing your head up and down in time with the music. When the music stops, you stop everything. Understood?”

“Yes Denny,” I replied.

The music started and so did I: a cock in each hand and a third in my mouth. After about thirty seconds the music stopped. The men stood up and changed seats. The music started again, and now I was sucking on Mike’s cock while handling Tom’s and Johnny’s. This continued for two more interludes. Then Johnny was back in his original seat and the music didn’t stop. His enormous cock began to explode in my mouth with a hot stream of cum.

At the same time Tom and Mike began squirting respectively on my left cheek and right cheek. My face was full of cum and my mouth as also full. Denny was laughing uncontrollably. “You’re quite the cum-slut Cathy!” she chortled with glee. Denny kept talking, “OK guys, fun’s over. Let’s put all the furniture back now.” I was still kneeling on the floor. The men got up from their chairs and as each pulled his pants back up each one dropped a twenty dollar bill on the floor near me.

Denny threw me a dish towel saying, “Wipe that cum off your face, slut, and go fix your make-up. You just made sixty bucks. Not bad for a rookie. Of course, I’ll have to give it to Joan, since you owe her money. Now go fix your face.”

I went back to the bedroom. When I emerged they had all left. Joan had still not returned. I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me. Denny had called me a “cum slut,” and I guess there was no denying it now. In less than twenty-four hours I had gone from a happily married heterosexual to a cock-sucking tranny slave girl cum slut.

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