Cathy’s Fantasy chapter 9

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Joan didn’t return for several hours and I remained alone in the apartment thinking about the events of the day and admiring myself in the mirror–decked out in that sexy red dress, high heels, and makeup. Denny and the crew were long gone but the taste of those men stayed with me. When Joan returned around 6pm she really liked the new carpet and asked me if I had taken care of the crew and offered them any refreshments, to which I replied in the affirmative. Joan told me she had done a lot of work at her office preparing to meet a client on Monday and drawing up a legal action. She told me to set the table as she would be ordering some dinner from a local Chinese restaurant. She then went inside to change.

The doorbell rang and Joan told me to go answer it. As I looked through the peep hole I could see it was Denny. She was alone.
Joan soon came into the living room and said, “Oh Denny, the carpet is fabulous. I love it. Was Cathy a good girl while you were here today?”
Denny replied, “Was she ever! She gave blowjobs to my entire crew. She’s a natural at musical chairs. The men each paid her twenty bucks. Here’s the money, Joan.” Joan was stunned. “Musical Chairs?!” she repeated. I wouldn’t have thought her ready for that yet.” The girl certainly has potential. If Mary only knew!” The mention of my wife’s name brought me right back to reality.

Denny said that she had plans for the evening and would be leaving. Then she said, “Joan, here’s the bill for the carpet installation. I gave you the usual discount. Here is the guaranty on the carpet and here are those other documents you had asked me about.
Oh, and before I forget, here is your camera phone back. I didn’t make any calls, just a few pictures.” Denny left, but not before pinching my ass.

Joan told me that she was proud of me for earning sixty dollars but that I still owed her money for my membership dues and for the nylons I had ruined and that I should be thinking about how to earn the rest.

That evening, after dinner, we watched some chick flick on television and went to bed early. Before retiring, Joan told me that we would be having a few close friends over on Sunday to watch the football game. Somehow the thought of football was the furthest thing from my mind as I headed to the couch in my high heels and changed into my princess tee shirt.

The next day beautiful Cindy arrived first looking as gorgeous as usual although dressed simply in jeans and a tee shirt. Joan greeted her with a wet deep kiss on the lips. Joan was also wearing jeans and was barefoot. About two o’clock the “close friends” arrived–two young associate attorneys who worked in Joan’s office. During this time Joan told me to dress in the outfit she had laid out on the bed in the bedroom and to put on my make-up. It was a simple black dress, the type a waitress would wear. There were also tan pantyhose and black pumps.
While getting dressed I was trying to figure out whether the two young lawyers were gay or straight. When I entered the living room my question was answered as I caught a glimpse of the two of them kissing.

Joan introduced me. “Guys this is Cathy. She’s my slave.”
Cindy was sitting next to Joan. Joan spoke to me saying, “Cathy, Cindy here needs a fresh coat of nail polish on her toenails. Why don’t you pull up the stool and paint them for her?” I dutifully complied. There I was with my back to the television screen painting Cindy’s toenails while the two guys watched the football game. I could hear all the commentary but not see the game. It was the playoffs which I normally would have been watching under other circumstances. Joan said, “Cathy
football is for men, which you obviously are not. When you’re done painting Cindy’s nails you may paint mine.” The two guys were completely oblivious and engrossed in the game. “Now, Cathy, we need a blow-dry, so kneel down and blow on our toenails until the polish
dries.” I was thoroughly humiliated doing this while the two attorneys watched the game. When the toenails were dry. Joan said, “Now Cathy I want you to suck Cindy’s toes and mine.” I did this too.

As I finished sucking toes. One of the guys said, “Well, it’s half time. How about a drink?” Joan dispatched me to the kitchen to prepare drinks for the men. When I returned with them Joan told me that since it was half time it was the best time for me to give the men blowjobs since it wouldn’t distract them from the game. I first began sucking the blond guy and when he finished coming in my mouth. I began to suck the other guy. Joan was commenting to Cindy about how accomplished I was becoming at cock-sucking when the guy I was sucking said, “Hurry up bitch. Suck me good before I miss the kickoff.” He came in my mouth soon thereafter and pushed me aside quickly to focus back on the game.

Joan addressed me. “Good girl, Cathy.” Now watching football really isn’t an appropriate activity for a tranny princess. Come with me.” She took me into the bathroom and said, “Here is my lingerie hamper. You will hand-launder my stockings, panties, and other delicate washables. When they are done, you will hang them here.” Then she left and returned to join the others in the living room.

While every guy in America was watching the football playoffs I spent my day painting toenails, washing lingerie, and sucking cocks. After the game the men left and Cindy and Joan retired to the bedroom where I could hear squealing, moaning, and laughter.
At one point Joan came out of the bedroom and said, “You better get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow is a big day for you. Mary is coming home.” The very idea of facing my wife, Mary, after all that had transpired gave me chills down my spine. I was ready to apologize and do anything to make things right again.
The next morning I was sleeping soundly on the couch when I was awakened by Joan’s conversation with Cindy. “Cindy I am a bit late for the office. Please have Cathy at my office by ten o’clock sharp. Try to make her look like a man. There are some jeans and other pants in my closet.”
Cindy went into the bedroom and came out with an assortment of clothes, unlike what I had been wearing for the last 2 days. I was given a choice between some womens’ trousers which zipped up the back or jeans with a rhinestone butterfly on the back pocket. The jeans, except for the butterfly, looked the most masculine so I chose them and Cindy gave me a pull-over sweater, color lavender. She told me to wear pantyhose under the jeans and she would try to find some shoes. A few minutes later she came out with some powder blue running shoes. In this outfit I looked really gay and drew some looks when we arrived out in the street.
We were off in a taxicab to Joan’s office. The receptionist greeted us and told me to go right in as Joan was waiting.
As I entered her beautiful mahogany-panelled office Joan began talking. “Listen, Cathy, Mary will be here shortly so let me explain what is going on. She’s divorcing you and I have prepared all the papers. Here’s your copy; you can look them over later. First the complaint says the grounds for divorce are that you are a transvestite homosexual and that you hid this fact from Mary which is mental cruelty. Second that you have been using the marital address for illegal purposes running a prostitution business. There are several exhibits attached. The affidavit of Tony, the pizza delivery guy saying that you performed oral sex on him. There is also the notarized statement of Rod saying that you are a member of his gay organization. Also, the affidavit of Denny saying that she took the attached photographs which show you looking sexy in a red cocktail dress as well as several photos you didn’t know she was taking while you played musical chairs with her crew. There is also her affidavit saying that each man paid you 20 dollars for oral sex. Do you have any questions?” She continued, “Cathy, you are really screwed. Once I file these papers the lawsuit becomes a matter of public record. I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the tabloids picked up the story–it has everything necessary to sell papers. Wife sues husband for divorce when she learns he is a tranny callboy.”
I was blown away. I didn’t know what to say and then asked, “Joan, I can’t bear this. Is there any alternative to this messy divorce? Can’t we settle out-of-court? Mary can have everything. I will do anything she wants to avoid a public divorce and humiliation. Anything she wants.” Joan said she would pose the question to Mary but that Mary was so angry that she doubted it would work but that she would try.” Joan then said, “Mary is here. You had better leave now and wait in the law library.” The receptionist came in and escorted me to the library where Cindy was already waiting.
About a half hour later, Joan came into the library. She said, “Cathy, you are one lucky girl. Mary agreed to an out-of-court settlement with certain conditions. She had a date with her new boyfriend so she has already left. She told me to bring you around to her apartment this evening at six o’clock to sign all the papers. She was quite shocked when she reviewed the papers and pretty disgusted with you when she saw the photos. I will have to draft up a settlement agreement this afternoon. Cindy, take Cathy back to the apartment now. She can take off those jeans and sneakers and slip into something more appropriate for a sissy for this evening’s meeting.”
We returned to the apartment and Cindy helped me get all dolled-up in a very sexy dress, heels, makeup, etc.
When Joan returned that afternoon she told me how lovely I looked. She changed into jeans and a t shirt and said, “Let’s go see Mary.”

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