Cathy's Fantasy Chapter4

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“Afternoon with the girls”

Joan opened the door and proceeded to lavish Cindy with juicy, wet lesbian kisses on the mouth as I looked on from a distance. The way they kissed really got my attention. As they broke apart, I was stunned by the awesome beauty of Cindy. She was a babe: Miss Universe caliber nymph. Her hair was blonde, eyes of blue with exquisite makeup, flawless skin, and had moist, glistening lips that begged to be kissed.

As I caught sight of her, she noticed me at the same time and said, “Joan, this must be the sissy you told me about.” Being referred to as a “sissy” by a beautiful woman shocked me back to the reality that I was dressed as one and was in very unstable and unpredictable circumstances.

As Cindy confidently strode toward me in her strappy high-heeled sandals, she looked me in the eye and added, “She certainly is precious; lots of potential there, Joan. Give me an hour or two with her and you’ll have a princess you can take to the Ascot Races or the Embassy Ball.” Joan came over and said, “Cathy, stand up and let Cindy have a look at you.” I stood up. Cindy walked around me, sizing me up and down.” She then said, “Cathy, I love your pumps. Can I borrow them some time?” I simply smiled, blushing, I’m sure.

Joan now spoke to me saying, “Cathy, why don’t you go make Cindy a drink. Vodka tonic I believe.” I went into the kitchen to prepare the drink and could overhear their conversation. Cindy was saying, “Joan, this is a cute little sissy. Let me do her makeover.
She’s pretty; too bad she has a cock.” Joan replied, “Go ahead, have fun. I don’t know what to do with her anyway.”

When I returned Joan said to me, “Cathy, Cindy is going to re-do your make-up, do your nails, and generally fine-tune and improve your appearance. I want you to cooperate and do as you are told as if it were I who was telling you. Do you understand? You are to obey her as you obey me. If there’s the slightest problem I’ll throw you out.”

Cindy then began the activity: taking out brushes, pencils, bottles, tubes, and all sorts of mysterious girly things. Joan had disappeared into the bedroom. As Cindy did her work she talked about how pretty I was going to be, how all the men would want me, how even lesbians would be fooled. Time stood still and when she was done my nails, hands and toes were painted a bright red/pink glistening color which matched my lipstick. I had on lots of eyeliner and mascara and looked a lot younger than my 35 yrs. She had done up my hair to look sexy and wild and lent me the big gold hoop earrings she had been wearing. I really looked hot and beautiful.

Joan opened her door and emerged dressed in black leather (pants, not skirt) and was wearing mannish type black motorcycle boots. “How are my girls?” she asked. She looked at me and said, “Wow Cathy, you’re quite the sexy chick. You look good enough to finger-fuck.” Cindy interrupted, “Cathy, coming from Miss Dyke that’s a big compliment.” Joan retorted, “Don’t think I didn’t mean it.”

She then walked behind me, pulled up my skirt, pulled down my panties and found my boypussy and forcibly pushed her finger into me. “Look at you, pussyboy, getting poked by a woman in front of another woman. You are my slave, aren’t you?” I said nothing. “You heard me girl. You’re my slave aren’t you?” “Yes Ma’am” was all I could think to say. She continued, “Now go kneel over there in front of where Cindy is sitting and thank her for your makeover.”

I did as I was told and knelt at Cindy’s feet and said, “Thank you, Cindy.” Joan strode over, bent down, and again plunged her finger into my boypussy and said, “The way you thank her is by kissing and licking her toes while you masturbate.” I couldn’t believe I heard that right. I hesitated until she shoved her finger deeper into me and I remembered that one of the cardinal rules was to masturbate on command.

So there I was licking and kissing Cindy’s toes while jerking myself off in women’s clothes as a butch dyke fingered me up the ass. I began to shoot and squirt all over Cindy’s pretty feet while Joan shouted, “You out-of-control little slut! I didn’t give you permission to come! You’ll be punished for this. Now lick Cindy’s toes clean. And do a good job!” The phone was ringing and she marched out of the room.

I continued licking as Cindy cooed up above me, obviously enjoying the experience and only interrupted to say, “Cathy, be careful not to run your beautiful nylons kneeling down there.”

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