Chapter 1 Wife's Boyfriend Helps Train Sissy

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There I was, wearing a lace-trimmed black satin waist cincher with matching bra and panties, ultra sheer black nylons and spike heels; kneeling at the foot of the bed sucking and licking my wife, Mary’s toes while watching my next door neighbor Robert fuck her. As they moaned and made noise I knew they were coming. Then as Robert rolled off her, she said, “Oh Robert that was so great. It was so nice to be had by a real man.”

She looked down at me and said, “Cathy, Robert has really pleased me, and I think you should thank him.” I looked at Robert and said, “Thank you for pleasing my wife.” He looked at her and said, “Is this the thanks I get?”

Mary got up from the bed and walked over to me and said to me, “Earlier today you begged me to let you taste my pussy juice, and I wouldn’t let you yet. Well, now you may. Robert’s cock is full of my pussy juices and you may start licking it off right now.”

I knelt down before Robert, who was sitting on the edge of the bed, and began licking his cock. Mary interrupted, “Cathy you’d look so cute with a cock in your mouth, why don’t you now begin sucking it.” There I was sucking the cock of the man who had just fucked my wife.

I felt like a real slut when Mary began tauntingly, “Cathy you’re a real cock sucking transvestite princess. You little cocksucking fairy…and such a cock teaser! Look at how you have gone and gotten Robert all hard again. Can’t you feel that long boner growing in your mouth?”

She put her hand on my ass and probed me until I felt her put her finger in me. She laughed “Look at you–sucking my lover’s cock while I fingerfuck you. What a sissy you are! You can’t leave Robert all hard like that. He’s going to have to fuck you now. Lay down.”

I laid down and Robert got right on top of me and began to sink his bone slowly and deeply into me. Mary came around and squatted on my face and simply said, “Lick my pussy, slut.” There I was, licking my wife’s pussy as her lover fucked me.

How did it get to this? A week ago this would have been unimaginable yet, now, I’m practically my wife’s slave…

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