cocktail lounge part 2

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As I took that beautiful mushroom head into my mouth,I tried to remember how my wife did the things she did to make me squirm with pleasure.I slowly licked the head likean ice cream cone and gently stroked her cock up and down. It wasn’t long before I was rewarded with a few drops of sour sweet pre-come.I flicked it off with my tounge.Not too bad I thought to myself.Then just like I had been sucking cock all my life I devoured as much of her meat as I could and really started sucking.She was really enjoying it as she was tweaking her own nipples with her own hands.I wondered if she was going to make me swallow her load. What if I gagged or ebven got sick? She must have reading my mind, becaause she pulled her cock out of my mouth and shot a big hot load all over my chest. I groaned and fell back on the bed covered with her juices. She took my cock in her hands and stroked me until I unloade the biggest come shot of my life right on top of hers.We both got cleanedup,drank some more,and the she said she was ready for seconds. I didn’t need no invitations this time. Down on my knees I went taking that nice cock in my mouth. I was so busy sucking her hard again that I didn’t even hear the door open. There stood Jack,the guy I was rooming with for the week,with a good looking blonde with huge tits. From where they stood they couldn’t see that I was sucking a cock. They thpught I was just giving this girl some good head.

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