Cruise to Fantasy TV Island

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My friend of several months took me on my first cruise. We had been living together for a month. The reason I moved in with, besides his huge cock, was he wasn’t a jealous person and he enjoyed watching me have sex with multiple partners.
Well we boarded the ship several hours before our cruise would begin to Mexico. We were in our stateroom and I was getting into a sexy mini skirt outfit which Bob love me to wear. He liked me to look like a slut. All the sudden he pulled out his cock and wanted me to suck it, which didn’t take anytime before I shoving it down my throat, I wasn’t able to take the whole thing since he was so huge, but I loved to make it gag me, especially when he would gush his load when the tip was pressing against the back of my throat with the majority of he shaft in my mouth. Usually when this happened, i’d gag and he’d pull it out and then finish fucking me. This time a dark Jamaican porter was bringing our bags in and suddenly he was fucking me with another 10 inch cock. After he fucked me Bob had me lick him clean. Bob knows how much I love to suck a cock after it’s fucked me, especially if I’ve fuck more then one guy. It’s something that really gets me hot. As I’m sucking him off and he’s growing in my mouth, Bobs telling him to get some shipmates of his together and come back and gangbang me when he gets off duty. Then Bob fucks me.

So were off to the high sea’s, since I love seman, I’m in heaven. The next morning, Bob introduced me to the Captain and he mentioned that several stewards had told him they all fucked me last night and I was an extremly hot piece. Then he invited me to sit at his table at that nights dinner. Then he mantioned that the ship was putting on a sexual olympic event and if I interested in any of the four events, 1. Blowjob Queen, most cocks sucked in an hour. 2. Gangbang Queen, most fucks. Bukakke Mama, most cum collected in hour, only bummer here is you can’t swallow it, guys cum on you and it must first go on your body and then you collect it in measuring cup. and 4. Hottest Live Sex Show. Then the Captain ask what I’D be interested in, I told him i’d like to try each event if my lover would let me , I knew he would since he loves watching me with other guys, after he always fucks the shit out of me. The Captain said he couldn’t wait. AS I was fondling his cock I told him he didn’t have to as I was getting so hot feeling how big he was, seconds later his ten inch shaft was gagging me, he then pulled my head up and said he wanted his first load in my man pussy, so we went to his cabin where he gave me 4 loads before I Went back to my cabin and my Bobby had me tell him everything and then he finished me off for the night. I told him I need to train for the Olympic where I wanted to win 4 gold dildo’s. to be continued.

Well it was the 2nd day of the cruise and the first night of the Sex Olympics. It was Blowjob night and my first event was the 10 Cock Dash. This event required that you suck 10 cocks in the fastest time. The rules are to suck a cock, have them cum in your mouth and then don’t swallow the cum and spit it in a glass. Once you’ve sucked the tenth cock you chug the glass of cum. Time ends when the glass is empty. There were two other t=girls that made it to the finals. I won the first two qualifying rounds where you had to suck 5 guys in the fastest time and you swallowed each shot, but had to show the judge that the guy was shooting his load. The key here I thought would get the guys as hard as possible. So I dressed as slutty as possible, which was normal for me. Many of the guys were crew members and each contestant had to round up their own guys to suck. That was’nt very hard for me since I fucked four crew members the first night. So after the first two rounds I was in first place by over 3 minutes, but I WAS getting full since several of my guys were big gushers. I hadn’t remembered sucking 10 guys in such a short time and now I had to suck 10 more to win. Plus I hadn’t even been fucked during the event. The ship had been boarded by the Mexican Coastguard and I found out the next 10 guys were sailors and I was going to get 10 new cocks to suck. This really turned we on. All ten were huge and fresh and really gushed mouth loads, by my tenth cock i had over a 16 ounce glass of cum collected. I was so hot that while drinking the glass I begged several guys to fuck me while i was chugging the cum. Of course I won my first GOLD DILDO

It was the third night of the cruise and last night I had won my first gold Dildo as Blowjob Queen. Here I’m on a cruise with all this food and all I ate yesterday was over 20 cocks, well maybe a few more before and after the competition. I wasn’t hungry at all and I was becoming a celebrity. I even had to turn down some offers to my gangbang team for tonights competition for most fucks in an hour. Due to my growing status I’ve been able to select some really hung guys to gangbang me. My boyfriend said I’m the favorate to become the gangbang Queen tonight. He should know he really pounds me after watching a bunch of guys fuck me. One of tonights judges had come to my room to go over the rules, he demonstrated how the guys had to pull there cocks out of me to shoot their cum in my face to prove they were cumming, then they could go ahead and finish fucking me. He forgot to pull out the first time he fucked me so i had to lick him up for a second fuck. He also explained that each fuck was one point and each blowjob was a half point. I scored 2 and a half points during his demonstration. When I was interviewing for my team I said to each guy that they had to be able to give me 2 or 3 loads in an hour and if they were able to fullfill me that they could fuck me anytime during the rest of our 7 day cruise plus I’d give them my number. I was just getting so hot that tonight I was getting non-stop cock for at least an hour and all my team members had the biggest cocks on the ship. It’s funny I knew I would be gettting alot of fresh meat when my boyfriend booked this cruise but I had never realized in my wildest dreams that I would get this much and we’re only on day three. Will I took a nice long bath and dressed in a sexy waist cincher garterbelt any sexy black lacy nylons and some hot six inch platform heels. Then I put on a lacy see through mini dress, I knew that was cumming off right away when I went on stage with my team. They were all naked and I got 5 minutes to get them hard. The winner would get the most points in a 45 minute fuckfest. I told the audience that I would take on extra’s if I had enough time and I had fucked out my team. An hour later I was the gangbang queen and annnounced to the audience that I was so hot and turned on that I would fuck
anyone that wanted me. I had won my second Gold Dildo with 15 and a half points. Then scored another 10 points celebrating. To be continued.

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