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Up until the mid 90s, 42nd Street in New York was one of the last major places to find porno and live sex shows before the big development took over. Bob Vinton,a software engineer for a major computer firm, caught some of the action at a place near 8th Avenue that featured peep shows, books, magazines, novelties, live girls, etc.. That place also featured transsexuals. There was one, considered to be a star attraction, named Danielle; a tall, long-legged, black, brown-complexioned beauty. Upon entering the second floor where they were, he spent a few dollars in the peep-alive, then noticed Danielle, with her athletic legs crossed. Needless to say, he got in her booth and started talking with her. She wore black, fishnet stockings along with a black body suit and Gold high heels.
“Hi,” he said, sitting back. “How ya doin’?”
“Just fine,” she said, slumping down.
“What’s your name?”
“Pretty name.”
“Been here before?”
“No, this is my first time.”
“Like what you see so far?”
“Yeah, as a matter of fact I do.”
She put her legs up, criss-crossing them and he grew a hard-on.
“Let me see that,” she said, pointing to his crotch.
“Your Dick.”
“Okay. What the hell.”
He undid his pants to show his Dick to her.
“Mmm, it’s a nice one.”
“Yeah, and you have very nice legs.”
“Thank you.”
“You ever give foot pleasure?”
“Sure. That’s some of my best work.”
She slipped off her shoes and put her feet up on the glass, crossing them and he became very aroused.
“Like them?”
“Oh yeah,” he said, standing up to get a closer look, putting a few more bills in the slot. “They’re nice.”
He noticed skin that was peeled from her toes, which was probably due to the wearing of high heels for so long as she rubbed her feet together.
“I take it you like fishnet stockings, huh?”
“I do.”
Danielle stood up and showed her hot body off with Bob getting increasingly excited to the point of moaning.
“So you like this ass?” she asked, wiggling it suggestively.
“Yeah, that’s a nice, fine ass.”
Then she showed her nice, big tits, shaking them “Elvira style”.
“Oh yeah,” he said. “Those are hot. Can I touch them?”
“No, not here.”
“I understand.”
She had to go to the peep-alive and dance and he used that opportunity to take a break and get something to eat, having already spent $250.00 on her already.
“Comin’ back?”
“Of course.”
“Good, ’cause I got a surprise for you.”
“You’ll still be here?”
“Yep. Now you go get something to eat and come back,” she said, stepping out of the booth. Bob went out and was gone for about an hour, returned, but Danielle was busy with another customer at the time. He wasn’t permitted to stand around unless he was in the peep show, or talking with a girl in a private booth so he went to the peep-alive and saw a girl lying on her stomach with the the carousel turning. She had very nice legs, wearing a blue piece of lingire. That girl was equally beautiful and he spent ten dollars on that show before she had to leave and another girl came in. Within twenty minutes, he was back with Danielle.
“I’m back.”
“Now, you said you have a surprise for me?”
Danielle slumped down, spread her legs, and showed her big, thick, nine-and-a-half inch Dick, with swinging, sagging, fuzzy balls.
“Damn!!” said Bob. “You are really big!”
“Like it?”
“It’s beautiful.”
She began stroking and fondling it, squeezing her balls.
“This is one of my greatest, if not the greatest, asset.”
He marveled at the site.
“So tell me, you ever wrestled a guy?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean did you ever wrestled and pin a guy to the ground, say, in an actual fight?”
“Mm hm.”
“Then what?”
“I just pin him down and beat the shit out of him,” she said, squeezing her Dick harder.
“Would you pin for pleasure?”
“How would you do it?”
“Simple. I would pin his shoulders down, then shove my big, fat Dick down his fuckin’ throat and make him suck it ’til I come. Then I flip him over, jam my Dick in his ass and fuck his brains out, and he’ll say Oh! Oh! Oh!. But I’ll show no fuckin’ mercy whatsoever.”
“That’s something.”
“And after I’m finished pile-driving his ass, it’s gonna hurt.”
“That’s something. Do you use a condom?”
“Sometimes. Want me to do that shit to you?”
“I don’t think you can.”
“After work I can do what the fuck I wanna do,” she said, taking a bit offense. “I’ll give you an experience you’ll never forget.”
They made secret arrangements for a date at the motel she was staying at a few blocks away, and later, around 9PM, they entered the room.
“Wait a few minutes until I change,” she said. “You might as well get ready to.”
Bob undressed and, in a few minutes, Danielle, came in, wearing the same outfit she did at the 42nd Street spot.
“Oh yeah,” he said, lying back.
She leaped on top of him, arm-wrestled him under her thighs, and sat on his chest, looking down at him.
“So how you like me now?”
“You’re something!”
“And that’s only the half of it.”
She whipped out her big Dick and jammed it into his mouth.
“Take this big Dick in your fuckin’ mouth,” she demanded, “and suck every motherfuckin’ inch of it!!”
He gagged while trying to suck her Dick.
“I should choke you to death,” she said, pumping it in and out of his mouth. “But I’m gonna be nice.”
She pumped and pumped while he tried to suck on it for about twenty minutes. Then, as she said in the booth, with a show of brute strength, flipped him over on his stomach, ripped off his boxers, and jammed her Dick in his anus, fucking him hard and fast, while moaning loudly. She fucked him with all deliberate speed, moving side to side and up and down, then she snatched it out and ejaculated all over his lower back with globs of semen squirting like oil, gushing from a well.
“Oh!” she moaned.
“That was quite a thing,” he said. “My ass hurts.”
“You’ll get over it,” she said, getting off him. “Now get your ass up.”
He tried to raise up.
“Oh, my ass hurts, and so do my legs! What the hell did you do?”
“What I said I was gonna do. Wanna spend the night?”
“I don’t think so,” he said, limping up. “By morning you’ll have my ass split in half if I let you do that again. But it was well worth it. I never had an ass-fuck like that before. You’re the best—Oh.”
“That’s why they call me the star attraction.”
She gave him a hundred dollars for his time and trouble and he left.

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    very HOT story and very lucky guy

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