Devil with a blue dress

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I had the whole day alone and so I decided to get dressed to the nines. After a fragrant bubble bath with body oils I began by painting my nails a pretty pinkish red and putting on my sexy little silver anket. Next my favorite black satin garter belt and a brand new pair of very sheer off-black stockings. They felt so smooth and sexy on my legs getting me quite aroused. I was getting hot already and my black nylon panties had a noticeably large bulge in the front. I was attaching my matching black nylon bra and caught a glimpse of the hot girl in the mirror. It was I. With my long hair and half-dressed I’m sure nobody would mistake me for a man even though I am one. Well, not a real man, just a sissy t girl. I was really enjoying the experience.
Next I decided to really take my time with my make up and go for a very glamorous look. Heavy on the black eye liner, some sexy blue eye shadow, and three coats of mascara.
I chose the shiny blue shift dress that hugged my curves and was short enough to reveal my stocking tops when I sat down. Sitting there in front of the mirror my temperature rose every time I crossed my sheer stockinged legs. I put on a gold choker necklace and some long dangly gold earrings. Now the best part was to put on my bright pinkish red lipstick and gloss.
I stood up in front of the mirror to admire my handiwork and was very impressed.
I looked good enough to kiss and hot enough to fuck.
I didn’t know what to do next. Certainly I couldn’t go out of the house like this and risk being seen. I could of course play with myself until I came but then what? I decided to see if I could actually take the vibrator I had bought but had never used. I grabbed some vaseline and before you know it was dildoing my self with the vibrator. I couldn’t believe I was actually taking it all up my tranny pussy. I then realized that I was actually enjoying it, very much in fact. I started thinking maybe I’m a faggot. I like taking it up the ass and wondered if I could ever actually do it with a guy. But common sense prevailed and I assured myself that I wasn’t gay at all. After all, I never sucked cock or even had the desire to do so.
But the more I looked in the mirror the more I started wondering about what it would be like to have some guy shoot his juice into my face. I wondered if I would like being fucked by a guy with my legs in the air like a slut or on all fours taking it from behind. My imagination was running wild. Could I do 2 guys at the same time? My emotions were torn between lust and shame. But the sight of me in spike high heels and nylon stockings made up like a hot chick was too strong to resist so I began fondling my cock through my sheer nylon panties until I decided to write this all down and post my fantasy.
I still am wondering what I should do next and, just like a chick, I can’t make a decision. So I am accepting suggestions. Perhaps you can suggest what I should do next.
Should I find a guy and try giving a blow job. Should I surrender to a hot guy in bed? or maybe 2 guys? Do you have a fantasy I could play a part in? If you do, send me a message and I will write our story and post it here. Bye for now, get in touch.

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  1. 987CS

    Very sexy story I became aroused at your words and imaging what you looked like dressed Would love to see pictures

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