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I read the article in the paper and seen the advertisement
On the local tv stations as well as national advertisement so I thought I would give it a try
All you had to do was make a wild request and whom ever they decided would be selected and if they did what was requested by WWTV,
to make the request come true they would be awarded a million dollars after taxes
I didn’t really think I had much of a chance compared to some of the other individuals .
One guy asked for a bigger dick,one woman asked for bigger tits,someone wanted to lose 100 pounds in two weeks etc
I asked to be tranformed into what I always wanted to be a beautiful woman.
It wasn’t like I had too lose a lot of weight and I already had the build and longer hair along with my blue eyes.Plus a less then male voice
They asked me first to agree to dress as a woman and go out with a man on a blind date which I agreed to.
It really went well better then I requested till he wanted to have sex but I was able to fend him off in that category
I told him I was on my period so he decided I could give him head instead of fucking me.I was relieved as I could have lost the contest.
For each time I was successful on a date WWTV would do something in the line of making me a beautiful woman I would have four tests I passed test number one
So the next day I had surgery along with a bottle of pills to give me a more femine appearence The surgery altered my voice completely so I had the voice of
a very seductive voice and the pills were breast enhancing pills so my breast would be larger by at least one size
On date number two I thought I would have trouble because this guy ould not take no on the sex part he pulled my panties part way down
but apparently he was only interested in anal sex as he rimmed me very hard then told me he feared making me pregnant and shot his load in my mouth. test number two was done.
I went back to the doctor and this time they performed major surgery on me removing my balls splitting my penis back and making it into vagina and it looked very much like one as well.
Test number three took quite some time but it came I had another date this time the guy fucked me over and over he must have fucked me 4 or 5 times
I loved it and each time when he was ready to shoot a load he did it in my face.
I passed test number three quite easily I looked every bit and felt every bit like a woman
Test number four I had to enter a beauty contest I was worried a former ms America was in it as well but I won it as well
And I collected my million dollars and now live lose and free

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