Dog-walking part two

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Dog walking part two.

Yesterday I told you how I came to be my mother’s friend’s dog-walker.

Well, I really got to liking the underwear Marie wore, and started to look at my sister’s underwear too, but she wore those sensible Marks and Sparks passion killers.

After  a few weeks, Marie and her husband said they were off for a ten day cruise, and if possible, would I stay over, and look after their dog.  I was still attending school at this time, and Marie’s house was closer to the school than home, so mum said if I agreed, I could. I would still go home for my evening meal, then go back, walk the dog and sleep in ‘my’ room at Marie’s.

I got more adventurous with the underwear. This trip, Marie had put all the dirty washing in the basket in the bathroom, intending to wash it with all her cruise clothes when she came back.  They were delicious and soft and sexy. And they smelled divine of Marie’s fanny.

I used to dress up in her silky stocking and suspenders, wear her soft satin bras panties and petticoats and walk around the house as if I was the woman of the place. All the time I’d be rubbing myself silly.  It didn’t matter if I cum in the panties as I had time to wash them.

After their cruise, Marie started to look at me in a funny way. I wondered if she knew what I had been doing while they were away.

After a couple more weeks, her husband Tony went to Ireland for a conference, and she said she was going to stay with her sister until she was better.

On the first night alone in the house, I was dressing up, and looked into Marie’s wardrobe.  There was a clothing case there, and I took it out and on unzipping it I saw it was Marie’s wedding dress.  It was of course white, with lots of lace and netting under the skirt making it stand out. The top was satin with puffy sleeves. I was wondering if I dared to wear it, and decided I would not make any cum stains, so put it on.  I had stuffed the bra with silky panties, and in the wedding dress, I felt as if I really had tits.

I lay down on their bed and was gently rubbing myself, when I thought I heard the front door, then thought it must be the dog moving around in the kitchen.  I was in ecstasy when suddenly the door flew open and there stood Marie!

“I thought there was something going on”, she said, “You little pervert.  I hope you haven’t got any of your cum on that dress”.  I was so shocked at having been caught, I nearly burst into tears, but I assured her that I hadn’t done that.

She shouted at me to get undressed and never come back. She stood watching me as I stripped off her underwear. As I was standing there in just her bra, panties and stockings, she said, “Stop there. You look quite good in that.  How long have you been doing this?” I said that I saw her lovely bra and knickers one day and it started then, with her being away.

“My, you are very big for your age. Did you know that?” I said I hadn’t ever compared myself to anyone, so I didn’t know. She walked to me, took my penis in her hands and started to stroke him very gently until he became very hard. I was on the point of cumming when she stopped and said, “We mustn’t waste this, must we!” She pushed me backwards and I fell onto the bed, when she started to put her mouth over my penis. I have never had anyone before do this, as I said, I was very naïve. The feelings I had were fantastic. I was about to cum, and she realised this, so she took her head away, and I came into a tissue I had already prepared by the bed.

“Well”, she said, “What are we going to do about you, eh!”  I was petrified she would tell Tony and my mum. “I should not have done that to you, as you’re still young. I could get into serious trouble. Are you going to tell on me?” I of course told her that I wouldn’t do that to her. I kept saying I was sorry for dressing up in her clothes and that I wouldn’t ever do it again, and she said, “Oh yes, I think you will, but just for me”.

I shall tell you next time what happened in the following years.

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