Dog walking

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My story starts when I was young.  I was very naive and had only ever kissed a girl in games like ‘kiss-chase’, and they weren’t what you’d call kisses.  My mother was very friendly with a couple that owned a large dog, and the wife, Marie, asked my mum if I would like to dog-walk the brute.  Actually he was a sweetie; did his business in the woods then ran wild, and came to me when I called him.

Marie’s husband was a little bit older than her and was always travelling the country and the world, so mum and her became best of pals. I would take the dog out two or three times a week, and get some pocket money for it.

One day when we were at Marie’s house having tea, I had to use the toilet, and in the bathroom was a laundry basket.  As I stood peeing, I could see something pink and shiny in the basket.  I finished peeing and looked at what was in the basket, and there was a very pretty shiny pink brassier. My mother wore some old fashioned white cotton ones with circular stitching around the cups.  I lifted the bra out and sniffed it. It smelled nice, all perfumed and sweaty at the same time.  I was just at that age when you feel arousal, and this happened then. My penis started to grow bigger, and get hard. I had heard the boys at school talk about getting a ‘hard-on’ and this was happening to me. I reached into the basket and found some silky underpants for ladies; very soft and sheer.  I took my penis out and rubbed the panties over it. It was sublime the feeling that I got, and some clear liquid was coming out of the end of it.  I worried about getting it on the panties, and stopped.  I could see some stockings and other women’s underwear in the basket, and would have loved to sniff it all, but I was taking too long and hurried back to the drawing room, where we sat and drank more tea.  No coffee in those early days.

During the summer holidays, Marie had to visit her mother who was sick, and asked mum if it would be alright if I stayed at her house and looked after her dog. Her husband was away on business somewhere.   She said that the kennels were very expensive, and she would pay me some pocket money too, and leave all the food I would need.

I packed up a few items and my toothbrush and went to her house, about 15 minutes walk away.  She showed me my room, and took me into the kitchen showing me the food in a refrigerator, a feast for any boy.  She was to be away for the weekend and maybe Monday too.

I settled in and played some records on her radiogram, reading some of her women’s magazines. I liked the underwear adverts. I went to the bathroom, and there in the basket was a lot of Marie’s clothing; blouses, skirts, dresses, bras, girdles and stockings as well as panties and petticoats.  I took them all out and took them to my room. I undressed and rubbed the silky clothes over my whole body, while smelling the panties.  They had a lovely lady smell.  This made me have a hard-on and I stroked the petticoat over my penis making it harder.

I decided to try the underwear on. I don’t know how women do it, but to put the bra on, I had to fasten it at the front, and then move it round and put my arms in the straps. Then a girdle, and then some brown stockings, trying to work out how the fasteners worked. I then put on the smelly panties and petticoat, rubbing myself all the while. I decided to wear the blouse and satin skirt. All I needed now was shoes, and Marie had a good selection, and they fitted me too.

Dressed like this, I walked around the house.  I found a Marshall Ward clothing catalogue, and immediately went to the underwear pages.  It wasn’t long before I was ‘wanking’ as it was called then. I didn’t know what to expect but it wasn’t long before I squirted thick white cream from my penis, over the panties. I panicked and took all the clothes off, and went and washed the cum off the panties, drying them with Marie’s hair dryer.

I did this a couple more times that weekend, even daring to go into Marie’s bedroom and look through her drawers at all the lovely underwear she owned.  I did not use this to wank as I didn’t want to have to wash it in case Marie noticed.

Nothing was mentioned about the clothing in the basket, so I thought it went unnoticed.

I shall tell the tales of my further adventures at and with Marie, later.

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