Everything Is Not As It Seems

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The ad says Femdom looking for malesub. Must be willing to follow all my instructions. Call xxx-xxx-xxxx for consideration. Well I answer the ad and am told to show up at the femdom’s home at 7:00.

I arrive at the front door and am greeted by a beautiful woman. She’s wearing a low cut blouse that shows her rather small but nice tits, and a short black skirt that shows off her beautiful legs and ass. She says from this point forward you will not speak. Do you understand? I shake my head yes.

She leads me down to her basement where there are various types of chairs, poles and devices. She leads me to the center of the room where there is a chair that has the legs removed and is attached to a frame that has it tilted at about a thirty degree angle. On the back of the frame is a pole that has a triangular wood piece at the top hanging about waist high over the back of the chair. The triangular piece is in the shape of a V. I’m a little nervous, but this girl is so hot my cock is tingling and getting hard just wondering what is going to happen.

She says is this your first bondage experience? I shake my head yes. She says are you willing to do as I say? I again shake my head yes. She says get undressed. I bend over to remove my shoes and she slaps my ass and reaches around and grabs the front of my pants. If my cock wasn’t hard already it sure was now. I pull my t-shirt up over my head, then reach down and pull off my shorts and underwear all at once. I’m standing in the middle of the room completely naked in front of this beautiful woman. She reaches out and takes my seven inch rigid cock into her hand and says you look excited. I shake my head yes. She bends over and kisses the head of my cock, while also moving her hand down and squeezing my balls. My cock feels like it’s about to explode. She says don’t you dare cum.

She releases my cock and says sit. I get down in the chair. My legs are sticking straight out in from of me and I’m leaning back. She straddles me with her ass in my face and takes my legs and pulls them over to the edge of the frame and restrains them with some Velcro straps. She then turns around and kneeling over my with a leg on either side she says put your arms behind the back of the chair. I do. She stands up and leans over me and somehow restrains my arms in this position. While she is leaning over me her nicely shaped tits are right in my face.

She stands up and notices my cock is still rock hard. She kneels next to my and takes my cock in her hand and starts stroking it. Don’t you dare cum she says again. She then leans over me and puts my cock into her mouth. She strokes my cock with her hand and slides her head back and forth up and down my shaft for about a minute. She stops and looks at me and says have you ever had your cock sucked like this before. I shake my head no. She says how about like this and she leans down taking my whole cock into her mouth completely. Then she pulls her head up and sucking as hard as she can she goes up the full length of my shaft until it pops out of her mouth.

She stands up looking down at me and walks behind me in the room. She comes back and she’s holding a cock shaped dildo in her hand. She says have you ever sucked a cock before. I shake my head no. She holds the dildo down in front of my face and says open up. I open my mouth and she puts the dildo into my mouth. She moves it in and out of my mouth. She looks at me and says good, but suck it harder. Try to take it out of my hand. She moves it deeper in and out of my mouth and I suck on it harder trying to do as she says. She pulls it back so the head is in my mouth and says now work it with your tongue. Strangely I’m getting into it. I’ve had never even thought about doing anything like this before. She says I think you’re enjoying this.

Open your mouth as wide as you can. You’re going to take this whole dildo just like I did to your cock. I open my mouth and she pushes the dildo to the back of my throat until I just start to choke. She says relax. I try and relax the back of my throat like she said. When I stop gagging she pushes it in further. I choke a little, but less this time. She says good are you ready to try the whole thing. I shake my head yes. I take a breathe and she pushes the rubber cock into my throat. Surprisingly I don’t choke. She holds it there until she can see I need a breathe and she removes it.

She looks down and my cock is still hard. She says good your still excited. She drops the dildo and reaches up and undoes her blouse. She removes it and then unbuttons the front of her bra and lets it fall to the floor. Her tits are beautiful, full and round. I would says about a 32B or C. Her nipples are erect. I want them in my mouth. She leans over me, but not close enough for me to touch them with my tongue.

She walks to the back of the room again and comes back with a tube of lube and a condom in her hand. She opens the condom and slips it over my cock, then opens the lube and puts some of it on my cock. She greases it up real good. She then stands over me with her back to me and squats down. She still wearing her dress and I can’t see her ass or pussy at all. She then reaches down under herself and takes my cock in her hand and guides it into herself. It goes in, but it doesn’t feel like it’s in her pussy. She slowly lowers herself completely down onto my shaft with a moan. She slowly starts to slid herself up and down. She moves up and down going faster and faster with each stroke. She says you can cum if you need to. I’m glad she said that when she did because I was about to explode.

She moves even faster and I explode. I can feel myself cumming deep inside of her. She pushes me completely inside of herself and just sits there grinding her ass against me. She says I can feel you trying to pump your cum into me. She stands up and turns around, leans over me and removes the condom and takes my semi-flaccid cock into her mouth and sucks all the cum off of it. She looks up at me and says I hope your ready to return the favor.

You’re going to suck my pussy now. I can’t wait. She reaches around behind herself and unbuttons her dress. I’ve been wanting to see this beautiful woman naked since the first time I say her. My cock is getting hard again. She looks down and sees it and says I’m glad you’re excited. Her dress falls to the floor. I can’t believe it; this drop-dead beautiful woman has a dick. I’ve been tricked, but she’s so beautiful I don’t care. She stands over me and says are you still ready to return the favor? Curiously I’m still excited and I shake my head yes. She stands over me with a leg on either side of the chair frame. She puts her hands on the V-shaped piece of wood over my head and leans forward putting her dick against my lips. I open my mouth.

She slides her cock into my mouth and I start to suck on it. It’s not as big as the rubber cock she put in my mouth earlier. She holds it with the head on my tongue. I roll my tongue around it while continuing to suck it. I can hear her moan. She then leans forward pushing herself deeper into me. I easily handle it after the training she gave me earlier. She then starts to get more excited and starts to push herself completely in and out of my mouth and throat. I can’t believe I’m not gagging. This goes on for about five minutes until she finally thrusts herself into me and holds herself there. I can feel her cum pumping into my throat. She pulls herself back a little and some of her cum gets into my mouth before she pushes herself back into me. She then stops. I can feel her dick getting soft in my mouth. I suck all the cum off of it. It’s salty, but not bitter. She finally pulls her cock out of my mouth and stands over me.

She says you can talk now. I look up at her and say I can’t believe this just happened, but I’m not sorry. She looks down at me a smiles.

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