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out just hanging out and he comes up to me and ask what my name and i told him i am kym and wassup with you he said dam.. with all that ass and that sexy body i would nt mind gettin to know you better i told him i was a t.s. and a escort he couldnt belive it he want it and want to see more very curious about what suppose to happend next he pay to see more and when he saw that 9inch pipe he was so shock he started to play with it and know lie it felt so good how he begin to stroke it i just explode all over dam.. baby dont stop do whatever you want to do awwwww baby you WHAT!!! you want to put it up in my assO.M.G. LOL… he did it was so warm it felt like the first time i been fuck … ooooooo baby you really enjoying yourself .. he started to lick my neck from the back and just begin to stroking me soooo god i can feel all of it in my stomach dam …baby he said so he just holding minds while he up in me… dam baby he said it again!! baby let feel a little bit of that pipe !!! oooo u for real yes so he slowly pulls out of me … i begin to massage him down begin to lick him all over even in the asshole DAM BABY HE SAID I NEVER HAD THAT DONE DAM!!! DONT STOP!! DONT STOP!! so i beging to go all the way up in there shhhhhhhhhh awwwwwwwwwwww baby!!! oooooooooooooo baby!!!!!! it feel soooooooooo good dont stop! dont stop!!! and i didnt stop either i begin to keep going until my pipe was so weak until i bust all up in him 2 times back to back it felt sooooo good ..after then i beging to get up take a shower and put my clothes back on stuck my secert away and begin to put my make-up on and my high heels 5inch and begin to walk out the house like i was america next top model lol i beging to look back at him and tell him thank you for a wonderful evening ..he said u welcome we must do it again i said sure give me a call and we go from there baby bye!!!!

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