glens ride

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My story starts today with an aged man named glen. glen would walk from his house to the road everyday to get transport to go to work. he was a very strange man. a lot off ppl thought he was gay. some thought he was crazy. every time he walked by and i was outside my house, he would wave and smile to me.
me on the other hand, i always like to show my body off in public, a real exhibitionist. i loved to cross dress a little in my lingerie and walk around the house in them. some times i would take a drive wearing just my lingerie to get rush out of it.
i always wondered what it would be like to show off my body for glen. So i decided to go for a jog everyday and pass by his house to see if he was around, maybe i could talk to him a little. so the first day i passed and he wasnt home. i did this for a week and nothing. i was disappointed and totally gave up. one day i was coming home from work when i saw him at the side of the road, waiting for transport to get home. i offered him a ride. as we drove home, we talked and i made sure i smiled a lot with him. i wasnt sure if he was gay or not. so while in traffic, i rested my hand by my cock and rubbed it a bit through my pants to see if he would watch. he did that exactly. so then we spoke what we did in our spare time. i told him i partied and went out with friends. i told him i like to hang out with a lotta guys. i dont hang out with girls that much. he said he didnt hang out much
so as i dropped him off at his house, i told him i would be on holidays for a week in case if he wanted a ride to work in the morning. he said yes. i told myself that this would be it. i would use it as an opportunity to show him my other life. the first day, i picked him up and i wore a small tight short pants with a thong under worn like a whale tale and a short t shirt. wen he sat in the front seat, i stopped and i leaned over to the back seat making sure my ass and thong were fully exposed. i sat down and i dropped him. i told him i could give him a ride again tomorrow. the next day, i wore an identical outfit, except everything was much smaller :) i once again leaned over to the back seat to get something again exposing my ass to him. the next day i picked him up, i wore a pink thong, with a pink see through boy shorts and a pink little top. i once again did my routine and showed him my ass. everyday i drove him to work i knew he watched me and i loved it!
On the fourth day, i wore a black thong with a black lace cami top. wen he came in the car, i had on a black jacket that covered it all so as i took off and i drove , i said i was feeling hot if he could help me slip this jacket off.i unbuckled by seat belt and let him help me take it off. i could feel his hand touch shoulders and back as he took it off. this time as i wore the outfit, everything could be seen including my hard cock.
as i dropped him off, i told him that the next day would be my last day home and that i hoped he enjoyed the rise i gave him, then i correct myself and said oops, ride i mean :D
afterwards, i told myself that i had to make the last day amazing. i wore a red teddy. under the teddy, i had my butt plug shoved into my ass. this time as i picked him up, i wore normal clothing over it and made it look normal. i took a risk but as i pulled off, i pretended like i made a call and acted like i should get home 1st before i drop him. i told him i need to make a quick stop home if he didnt mind. he said we walked into the house, i told him i need to go upstairs and said he should cum too as he would be alone. he walked behind me and i went upstairs. every step i made, my pants fell an inch until i reached the top and it was off. i acted normal with him.he sat on the chair facing my room and i undressed. i took off the t shirt exposing my teddy. i was making eye contact with him all the time til i started to slip it off while bending over exposing the plug in my ass.i pushed it in and out in front of him as i stroked my cock too. this time he couldnt help himself. his big black cock was outside as he stroked as well. i never thought i would be in this situation with him, i pulled out the plug and went over to him and sat on his bare cock and rode him. i rode him til i could feel his cum shoot up my ass. it was amazing. he maybe 50 but wow he fucked good. for the time being we’re in a mini relationship. i’m his little bitch as i crossdress more for him in more ladies clothing and a wig. now we go out in public together. he and his gf jen (thats me)

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